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4/29/09 playlist

I suppose my first show during a WMSE pledge drive went pretty well except in the it’d-sure-be-nice-to-be-overwhelmed-with-calls-and-raise-lots-of-money-for-the-station sense. Corey was there ready for action, and, alas, action was sorta quiet. The station hopes to raise $125,000 by July, but please don’t wait to donate. Support Milwaukee’s finest purveyor of independent, freeform radio right now. Call 414-799-1917 or pledge online. Thanks again, Corey, for staying up late, providing bucket loads of witty banter and putting up with me playing the music way too damn loud in the studio.
As for the music, I spent a big ‘ol chunk of time playing songs from bands performing at the Ponderosa Stomp, which was held April 28-29 in New Orleans. I know one Rick Cornell was there and I would love to hear a report. In my pledge drive/Ponderosa/grading papers/freelance writing/editing the magazine/Corey’s –so-damn-good-lucking-it’s-easy-to-get-distracted fog, I forgot to mention the Internationa…


It's spring pledge time at WMSE. Your donations, no matter how small, will be a huge help. I'm on tomorrow night from midnight to 3 a.m. Call and pledge and talk to Big Corey, who as one hell of a nice guy will be manning the phones. Lots of goodies can be yours for donating. Pledge online here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Playlist for 4/22/09

Had a bad case of the mumblin'-bumblin'-can't-talk-right-for-nothing-and-can't-read-my-writing-on-the-playlist blues this week, but a fun time was had anyway. New music from Scott Miller, Art Brut (doing a song about the Replacements - yet another to add to the ever-expanding canon), Los Straitjackets and a tune by the Sugar Stems from the local Buzzcity comp. Also worth pointing out is the new Swamp Dogg single "Please Step Back," available as a free download. I first heard about the song at Largehearted Boy; it was created by Dogg for the book of the same name by Ben Greenman. Read more about the book and song and download said free song here. I should also point out that Tobacco-a-Go-Go, Vol. 3, the wild and wacky - and free courtesy of compiler Ken Friedman - collection of North Carolina garage rock from the '60s, can be downloaded here.

Archives are here (my show is under DJ Lemonie Fresh until the schedule is updated).

Go Go Little Queenie - Roy Hall…

4-15-09 playlist

The I Love My Label segment returned this week with a long run of songs from the Twin/Tone catalog, including a whole set dedicated to the Replacements (shown above in all their youthful glory). I decided a Part 2 down the road is definitely in order. Forgot to play "Rain Delay" in tribute to Harry Kalas, but will be sure to take care of that mistake next week. More songs from the fabulous new album from John Paul Keith and One Four Fives, Spills & Thrills, also is guaranteed.

Archives are here (my show is under DJ Lemonie Fresh until the schedule is updated):

You'll Lose a Good Thing - Ida Sands - Ol' Virginia Soul, Vol. 2 (Arcania International)
You're Good Thing (Is About to End) - Mable John - The Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968 (Stax)
It’s A Good Thing - That Petrol Emotion - Children of Nuggets (Rhino)
Good Good Things - The Descendents - Somery (SST)
Tu Te Vas (You’ll Lose a Good Thing) - Los Str…

Playlist for 4-8-09

Highlights this week include a tribute to Duane Jarvis (shown above performing "A Girl That's Hip"), the well-loved singer-songwriter and guitarist who passed away April 1 at the age of 51. Really enjoying the full-length, vinyl-only release from Jail and the new EP from Superchunk. Also had short sets featuring bands from Austin and Seattle, a group of songs from mostly ‘80s indie compilations and a groovy affirmation from the fabulous Sammy Hall Singers.

Archives are here (my show is under DJ Lemonie Fresh until the schedule is updated):

Tonight Tonight - The Anabolics - Anabolically Correct (Self-released)
Night Owl - Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers - Jack-O Is The Flip Side Kid (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
Those Lonely, Lonely Nights - The Royal Pendletons - Oh Yeah, Baby (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
Midnight Hours - Mickey Baker and Larry Dale - Snatch and Grab It! Rhythm & Blues Classics (…

Playlist for 4-1-09

A baseball theme started the show this week. My world champion Phillies start the season with a game at home against the Braves on Sunday on ESPN. Meanwhile, my second-favorite team, the Brewers, open Tuesday at San Francisco. Can't hardly wait (token Replacements reference).

I started a new independent label spotlight segment I'm calling I Love My Label, a name I stole from the Nick Lowe song. This week I featured the excellent Milwaukee label Easter Records, home of Trolley, the Nice Outfit, Heathrow and a few others. My 7-inch Six-Pack selections all came from WMSE's music rummage sale over the weekend. I picked up a great pile of 50-cent 45's and a wacky Christian Folk record with drug needles, dice and whiskey pictured on the cover. Good times await - I plan on playing a song from it next week.

Finally, fans of the Waco Brothers or Meat Purveyors will want to check out Muskego native Dean Schlabowske from the Waco Brothers recently hooked …