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Playlist for 8/26/09: Norton Records, The World's Greatest Sinners

New York City’s legendary Norton Records got the I Love My Label treatment this month. For the first time, I dedicated a whole show to one label, and with a catalog like this (look for the link at the top), Norton truly deserves much more than that. I did sets dedicated to the new I Still Hate CD’s Vol. 2 digital-only comp, the 5-LP Benny Joy retrospective, the A-Bones, who have their first new album out in over a decade, and the one-and-only Hasil Adkins, who I appropriately began and ended the show with.
Regrets? I didn’t play nearly enough Link Wray, Andre Williams was recognized only through a Church Keys sample, and I left out T. Valentine, the Flamin’ Groovies and Doug Sahm. There will be a next time. Perhaps when Norton turns 25 in 2011.
For a great interview with Norton co-founder Billy Miller, look here. Miriam Linna, the other half of the Norton dynasty, Miller’s wife and A-Bones drummer, has an excellent blog, Kicksville 66, detailing her wild and wacky experiences after landing in New York City from Ohio in the mid-1970s. Norton also has its own blog and has begun a podcast. Need more Norton? The Hound has great and nutty unreleased Hasil Adkins recordings, here’s the latest news about Norton releases, here’s another interview with Billy Miller from 1996 (I think) that’s interesting despite being apostrophe-free, and check out an interview with the Haze from 1995. Finally, big thanks to Miriam for the extras she put in my recent order after I told her about the show.

Download or stream it right here.

I Love My Label special - Norton Records, New York, NY

The Hunch - Hasil Adkins - Out to Hunch
The Rock-Around - Esquerita - Vintage Voola
Born Bad - Jack Starr - Born Petrified
Drag Strip - The Fender Benders - Some Kinda Nut
Go Go Ferrari - Untamed Youth - Untamed Melodies
Wild Guitar Trailer - Arch Hall Jr. & The Archers - Wild Guitar

I Still Hate CD's: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection, Vol. 2
Go Go Go - Del Tinos
Let's Dance - The Excels
Trick Bag - The Artesians
Study Hall - C.J. & The Casuals
Railroad Jag - The Jaguars

Vendetta - Link Wray - Hillbilly Wolf - Missing Links, Vol. 1
Ale Up - Church Keys - Work With It!
Feelin' Fine - The Alarm Clocks - The Time Has Come
Come on Up - The Jinx - Fort Worth Teen Scene, Vol. 1
Shortnin' Bread - The Ready Men - Get Ready

Gino is a Coward - Gino Washington - Out of This World
You Shouldn't Oughta Done it - Night Owls - The Rock-A-Round
Black Bottom Blues - King Coleman - It's Dance Time
Fishin' Pole - The Mighty Hannibal - Hannibalism
7" Six-Pack
Congratulations I'm Sorry - King Khan
Voodoo Woman – Gene Maltais with the Flat Duo Jets
Witch – Stud Cole
A Certain Guy – Mary Weiss
Button Nose – Benny Joy
Rockin' Satellite – The A-Bones

She Sure Could Hypnotize – Not Now
Little Egypt – I Was a Teenage Zombie OST
World's Greatest Sinner – Daddy Wants a Cold Beer
Time Machine – The Life of Riley
Darlene – Free Beer for Life
Cat Nip – Not Now

Benny Joy
Wild Wild Lover - Crash The Party (The Benny Joy Story 1957-61, Vol. 1)
Rebel Rock - Wild Wild Lover (The Benny Joy Story 1957-61, Vol. 4)
Night Owl - Rollin' To The Jukebox Rock (The Benny Joy Story 1957-61, Vol. 2)
Don’t Boo Hoo Mary Lou - I'm Gonna Move (The Benny Joy Story 1957-61, Vol. 3)
Love Zone – Love Zone (The Benny Joy Story 1957-61, Vol. 5)

Wild Weekend - Jon & The Nightriders - Stampede!
Wild Little Willie - The Hesitations - Go! Go! Go! To Surfing School
Eaffin & Surfin' - Ron Haydock - 99 Chicks
Tight-Spot - Paul & The Four-Most - Wolf Call! Tall Cool Ones From the Vaults of Golden Crest
Peppermint Twist - King Uszniewicz & The Uszniewicztones - Twistin' and Bowlin'
Firewater - Premieres - Mad Mike Monsters, Vol. 3

Backseat Boogie - The Dictators – Everyday is Saturday
All Kindsa Girls – The Real Kids – S/T
You Get What You Deserve (live) – Big Star – Nobody Can Dance
Going to a Town - Flat Duo Jets - Introducing the Flat Duo Jets
Nobody Knows (But I Do) – Mary Weiss – Dangerous Game
Cockroach - Charlie Feathers – Wild Side of Life: Rare and Unissued Recordings, Vol. 1

Front Porch Entertainers – The Hentchmen – Three Times Infinity
Why Not Knock Yourself Off? - Figures of Light - Smash Hits!
Step it Up and Go - Rudy Ray Moore – Hully Gully Fever
Hot Lips and Swivel Hips - Gene Rambo & The Flames – Kicksville, Vol. 4

Hasil Adkins
Let’s Do Like We Done – Look at that Caveman Go!!
The Slop – Peanut Butter Rock and Roll
Chicken Flop – The Wild Man
She Said – Out to Hunch
A Fool in this Game – Moon Over Madison
Gonna Have Me a Yard Sale – Acky Breaky Ha Ha Ha

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