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Playlist for 10/28/09: Burn She (and He) Devils Burn

It was Halloween and fall pledge drive time on Zero Hour this week. I played lots of devil songs, a few hell songs and plenty of just plain weird ditties. A blast was had by, well, me. If you get a chance to check it out, I wrote a Halloween post for Sonic Diet detailing some of my seasonal faves, most of which made it onto the show. The pledge drive continues next week, so do your duty to freeform radio and pledge.

Download or stream the show right here.

Rockin' in the Graveyard - Jackie Morningstar
Morgus the Magnificient – Morgus & the Ghouls
She's My Witch - Kip Tyler
Bo Meets the Monster - Bo Diddley

I Was a Teenage Zombie - The Fleshtones
Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon - The Cramps
The Phantom - Bleed
Circle in Hell - Golden Boys
Experiment in Terror/Stalkin' - Impala

Take the Devil Out of Me - Tres Chicas
Run Devil Run - Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
The Devil and Me - BR549
There's A Devil on the Loose - Mavis Staples
Lurking in the Shadows - Los Straitjacket…

Playlist for 10/21/09: Rags to Riches to Rags

A new documentary on HBO about New York City’s Garment District, Schmatta: Rags To Riches To Rags, is well worth your time and was well worth serving as my opening theme this week. Director Marc Liven tells of the decline of the fashion industry in America with a particular focus on the Garment District and its workers. Schmatta casts the fall as a symbol of many things wrong with American business and the economy. Perhaps the key stat: 95% versus 5%. The former is the percentage of American clothing made in the United States in 1965. The latter is the percentage today. Cheery theme, I know.

Paid tribute to NRBQ founding member Steve Ferguson, who passed away Oct. 7 of cancer, and Captain Lou Albano, who went to the big wrestling ring in the sky Oct. 14. “Ned Beatty’s in Love” by Seattle-based power pop supergroup The Tripwires is not only my favorite song about a former member of Homicide: Life on the Streets (until someone pens an ode to Daniel Baldwin, aka, Beau Felton) but one of …

Playlist for 10/14/09: On Boozy Bloating & Baseball

Better late than never I suppose. The baseball playoffs (the opening theme for this episode of Zero Hour) and grading papers have kept me busy – and then there’s the whole laziness factor to overcome. Greg Cartwright, bad man and onetime WMSE guest DJ, was saluted in my Zero $ Quartet feature. I’ll try to post this week’s playlist tomorrow or at least not wait until next week.

Download or stream the show right here.

The Death of Big Ed Delahanty - The Baseball Project - Volume 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails (Yep Rock)
Rain Delay – Marah - Let's Cut the Crap and Hook Up Later On Tonight (Phidelity)
TV Party Tonight - Black Flag – Damaged (SST)
Personality Crisis (live) – New York Dolls – Manhattan Mayhem (Jungle)
Stukas over Disneyland - The Dickies - Stukas over Disneyland (Restless)
Harvey Haddix - The Baseball Project – Live at Cat’s Cradle 9-26-2009 (

Let it Die - The Dutchess and the Duke – Sunset/Sunrise (Hardly Art)
I’ll Be Your Lover (But I Can’t Be Your Baby) – The Et…

Playlist for 10/7/09: In Praise of Like

For some reason, while listening to a new vinyl acquisition, From the Vaults of Duke/Peacock, Vol. 2, “I Like It” by Clarence (Carter) & Calvin (Scott) made me think of all the songs with “like” in the title. I decided it was worth the first hour of my show to explore. By gosh and all, it’s a thinking person’s show, see. New music this week from Vic Chesnutt, Mission of Burma and Exene Cervenka. I started a new feature that I’ll call the “Zero Dollar Quartet” or something along those lines. Essentially, I’ll take a somewhat established performer, or at least one with four albums, and play a song from their latest release and three older songs. I went with those wacky and cuddly folks from Hoboken, Yo La Tengo, this time around. I have to keep myself entertained, if not the listening audience, somehow.

For some good reading on Lester Bangs, check out this entertaining and informative post from The Hound. For all the free damn Mojo Nixon albums anyone could ever want, go to Amazon.


Playlist for 9/30/09: Merge Records: On the Mouth

I gave Merge Records the I Love My Label treatment this month in honor of the label’s 20th anniversary. My theme to start to the show was covers of songs from the Merge catalog, beginning with what I believe to be the only Butterglory cover in recorded history. The Merge catalog is as massive as it is impressive, with more than 350 releases since 1989. There is a lot I missed, of course, but that’s always the case with my I Love My Label segments. I did an hour-long Merge tribute over the summer in honor of the big, reunion-heavy Merge XX show, so I avoided repeats for the most part.

If you’re looking for information on Merge, there’s an overwhelming amount out there. The new book on Algonquin about the label, Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records, has its own Web site, and it’s very much worth checking out, including a well-done timeline. Coming soon is The Merge Records Companion: A Visual Discography of the First 20 Years. The North Carolina Triangle’s Independent Weekly did a trem…