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Playlist for 2/26/10: Howlin' At the Moon

Full moon tomorrow night, so with nothing more original in mind, I did a moon set to begin the show. Man, there are an astounding amount of good moon songs – a 3-hour show next full moon? Could be.
New music this week from the Overnight Lows, the Deadstring Brothers, The Goldstars and Eat Skull. Matt Wilson and John Munson from the Twilight Hours were a blast and were more than forgiving when I bumbled questions or announced the wrong song from the first Trip Shakespeare album, Applehead Man, which they seemed to enjoy seeing again on vinyl.

Tune in and feel the radio magic.

Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon – They Might Be Giants - Then: The Earlier Years
Land Beyond The Moon - Untamed Youth - Untamed Melodies
Trip to the Moon – Gary U.S. Bonds – 45
Manakin Moon - Waxing Poetics - Bed Time Story
Throwin' Rocks At the Moon - The VibeKillers - Live At The Brewery

Agile, Mobile & Hostile – The Goldstars - The Race EP
Humpin' Bumpin' And Thumpin' – Andre Williams – Movin’ On

Playlist for 2/19/10: Put Your Paws Up

Inspired by an article in Sports Illustrated about the 1979 Daytona 500, I began the show with a “bear” theme. The story recounts the legendary race, which ended with a fight involving the Allison brothers, Bobby and Donnie, and Cale Yarborough, who tried a little hillbilly kung fu (unsuccessfully) in the altercation. The part that really stuck with me, however, was a quote from Yarborough, who owned a bear named Susie: “Anytime you raise a bear, you’re probably going to [do] some bear wrestling.” Words to live by.

New music this week from David Hidalgo & Louie Perez, Nick Curran, Joe Pug, Kasey Anderson and Will Kimbrough and an eight-song salute to Dale Hawkins. I’ll have the Twilight Hours from Minneapolis on the show next Friday.

Download or stream the show right here (says Buzz's Garage).

Bear Cat (The Answer to Hound Dog) – Rufus Thomas – Sun Records Collection
The Bear Hug - Mr Bear & His Bearcats - In The '50s: Hit, Git & Spit
Grizzly Bear - Rolf Cahn and Eric …

Playlist for 2-12-10: Is it Me You're Looking For?

Made my Friday afternoon debut this week and no listener campaigns to boot me from the air – yet – success! Three hours seemed a lot longer than it ever did during the overnight shift, maybe because times flies when you’re half-asleep and drooling at 2 a.m.? I started the show with a greetings-and-salutations-type theme because I’m just that unimaginative. I interviewed Derek Dunn from the .357 String Band during the Local Lunchbox, and we talked about the just out Lightning From the North and the band’s show Friday night at Turner Hall, which I attended and much enjoyed (thanks for the ticket, Good John). I also did sets of optimistic and not-so-hopeful songs about love and romance for Valentine’s Day and played a long set of Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass Kickin’ Team tunes to salute the Vancouver games starting the best way I knew how.

Download or stream the show right here (says Buzz's Garage).

Zero Hour – The Plimsouls – Plimsouls Plus
Aloha From Hell – The Cramps – A Dat…

Playlist for 2/3/10: I Can See the Light

I said adios to the midnight hour this past week as my show is moving to Fridays noon to 3 p.m. on Feb. 12. It will be nice to actually go to sleep at a “normal” hour on Tuesday night, but I will certainly miss the late night vibe of my show. Nevertheless, I’m damn excited to be moving to my new time slot and the expanded audience. Please tune in. New music this week from the Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet, Jon Dee Graham & the Fighting Cocks and the Watson Twins, a set dedicated to the excellent Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 box set and Percy Mayfield’s “Hit the Road Jack” to send me on my way to daylight.

Download or stream the show right here.

Zero Hour – The Plimsouls – Plimsouls … Plus
Someday You’ll Say Goodbye – Mayflies USA - Summertown
Goodbye Baby – Teenage Prayers – Ten Songs
So Long I’m Gone – Warren Smith – Rockin’ Memphis
She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye – Swamp Dogg – Rat On

The Ghosts That Wake You – Follow that Bird! – Casual Victim Pile