Playlist for 4/23/10: Dynamic Duos

Kent Record's fun new Westbound Detroit Northern Soul compilation, which has a couple of (short-lived) duos that went by first names alone, inspired the duo-only theme for the first half-hour of the show. New music this week from The Service Industry and the recently purchased The Complete Goldwax Singles, Volume 3, 1967-1970 and a John Prine set inspired by news of an upcoming tribute album featuring Those Darlins, the Drive-By Truckers and others.

Download or stream the show right here.

Ain't That Lovin' - Denise & Abe - Westbound Detroit Northern Soul
Gee Baby (Baby You're So Fine) - Joe & Ann - Return Of The Mac
Baby - Shirley & Lee - The Cosimo Matassa Story
No Good Lover - Mickey & Sylvia - In The '50s: Hit, Git & Spit
I Can't See Myself Doing Without You - Bob & Harold - Westbound Detroit Northern Soul

Houn’ Dawg - Homer & Jethro - Juke Joint Boogie – 33 1/3 Edition Bear Family Records – Country & Rockabilly Classics
Shorty Shorty - Bob & Ray - Bob & Ray - Hey Baby! The Rockin South
Cannibal Stew - Jerry & Mel - Cannibal Stew (WFMU, Fool's Paradise)
Heartattack - Don & Dewey - Heartattack! 1954-1965: Wild & Crazy L.A. R&B, Vol. 2
Wine Woogie - Marvin & Johnny - Flipped Out

Pretty Lady (Darkly) - The Midwest Beat - At The Gates
Hard Luck Games - Stud Cole - Burn Baby Burn
Medicine Man - William Morgan & The C's - The Complete Goldwax Singles, Volume 3 1967-1970
Isolation - Heavy Trash - Midnight Soul Serenade

Night Might - The Strange Boys - Be Brave
Sparxxx - The Love Language - The Love Language
Overnite - Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy
I Get Nothin From My Girl - Mark Sultan - $
I Can Be a Jerk- Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush to Relax

Local Lunchbox
John the Revelator - Brian Ritchie - The Blend
Bad Daddy - The Frogs - Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise
Way Down in Old Alabam (partial)/Porky's Dad - Killdozer - Last Waltz

The Way Things Are - The Bamboo Kids - The Way Things Are
Suicide Blues - Brimstone Howl - Big Deal What's He Done Lately?
Akron Bureau - The Distant Seconds - Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010
This Town Makes My Skin Crawl - The Service Industry - Calm Down

Told You Once - The Apples In Stereo - Travellers In Space And Time
Paper Moon - Shout Out Louds - Work
Change4Me - Bettie Serveert - Pharmacy Of Love
U N Me - The Watson Twins - Talking To You, Talking To Me
Home - She & Him - Volume Two

Shore Patrol - Chuck Prophet - The Hurting Buisness
God Doesn't Like It - Steve Wynn - Crossing Dragon Bridge
My Lucky Day - Jon Dee Graham & The Fighting Cocks - It's Not As Bad As It Looks
Paradise - Greg Trooper - The Williamsburg Affair

Clay Pigeons - John Prine - Fair & Square
Me & Jiggs - Josh Ritter - Golden Age Of Radio
Glass To You - Those Darlins - Those Darlins
Daddy's Cup - Drive-By Truckers - The Dirty South
Someday - Blaze Foley - Oval Room
All The Best - John Prine - The Missing Years

Bring Me A Heart Again - Graham Parker - Imaginary Television
The Other Side Of Love - Freedy Johnston - Rain On The City
Just Like She Loves Me - Chris DeMay - Bigger Than Small
Let Me Come Home - The Felice Brothers - Mix Tape


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