Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playlist for 4/30/2010: Get Hip

Pittsburgh's legendary Get Hip Records got the I Love My Label treatment on the show Friday. It was incredibly fun to spin nearly three hours of the label's deep offerings of garage, punk, pop, surf and more. Barbara Garcia-Bernardo, Vice President of Get Hip and wife of founder Gregg Kostelich of The Cynics, was even nice enough to do a Q&A with me, which you can find on WMSE's Sonic Diet blog. The prolific (and incredibly nice) Jack Rice, bassist for the Blow Pops, also stopped by to talk about his band's time on Get Hip, being huge in Finland and the pitfalls of drinking with Paul Collins.

Download or stream the show right here.

You've Been Told - The M-80's -7"
Thought You Left - The Mullens - S/T
Black Girl - The Paybacks - Knock Loud
Melvin - Thee Headcoatees - Girlsville
One Ugly Child - Thee Headcoats - W.O.A.H!-Bo In Thee Garage
What I'm After - The M-80's -7"

Weird Beird - Sir Finks - (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas
Ten Dollars - The Subsonics - Follow Me Down
She Got Off - The Bamboo Kids - S/T
Flip, Flop & Fly - '68 Comeback - 7"
Country Man - Gore Gore Girls - Strange Girls
She Said Yeah - The A-Bones - Daddy Wants a Cold Beer

No Way - The Cynics - Blue Train Station
Creepin'- The Cynics - Twelve Flights Up
Making Deals - The Cynics - Living Is the Best Revenge
Girl You're On My Mind - The Cynics - Rock N Roll
Hand in Hand - The Cynics - Get Our Way

Three Times Around - The Resonars - Nonetheless Blue
As the Stars Fade Away - Rainy Day Saints - Reflected
Follow The Shining Path - Donovan's Brain - Carelessly Restored Art

Local Lunchbox
Jack Rice interview
Tuesday Morning - The Blow Pops - Charmed I'm Sure
My Carrie - The Blow Pops - 7"
She's a Runner - The Blow Pops - American Beauties
Jack Rice interview
Spin, Spin 45 - The Blow Pops - Charmed I'm Sure

Robin Zander - The Breakup Society - James at 35
Paco & Juan - Paul Collins - Flying High
Here We Are - The Cynics - Here We Are
Ain't That Old - The Ugly Beats - Take a Stand

Headed for a Change - New Salem Witch Hunters - Grass is Always Greener
Speed - Creatures Of The Golden Dawn - An Incident At Owl Creek Bridge
Shattered - Freddy And The Fourgone Conclusions - Wigged Out Sounds
She'a Blowout -Fortune & Maltese - Konquer Kampus

Hey Guys (Thanks For Believing In Me) - The Chargers Street Gang - Holy The Bop Apocalypse
Can't Dig It - Mondo Topless - Take It Slow
I'm Weak - New Bomb Turks - 7"
You Don't Know - The Miracle Workers - Moxie's Revenge
Maui Confidential - Deep Reduction - 2
Fractured - Electric Frankenstein - Spare Parts

Ya No Puedes Escapar - Los Explosivos - S/T
Dirty Old Man - Os Haxixins - S/T
Cat Got Your Tongue - High School Sweathearts - Passing Notes
Her Blues - M-80's - In a Fury
Waitin' on the Jury - The Mullens - Tough to Tell

Red Eye - DT's - Filthy Habits
Nothing Left Behind - The Chains - On Top of Things
Pay Day - Kravin' A's - Krave On
The Born Losers Theme - Davie Allan & The Arrows - 7"
Lower Expectations - The Breakup Society - Nobody Like a Winner
Boots - Sir Fink - (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas


Will said...

In the words of my 7yr-old, dad that was cool....after listening to the Cynics and the Paybacks.

Andy said...

Always happy to connect with my key demographic!


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