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Playlist for 12/30/11: Favorites of 2011

Download or stream the entire Dec. 30 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Sweet Dirty Love – The Happy Thoughts
Rachel – The Booze
Step Right Up (Baby, I’m Your Man) – DM Bob & the Deficits
Anyone Can Do It – John Paul Keith
Kidnapper – Jack Oblivian

Bite the Bed – Glambilly
Something for Your Ass – Mighty Fine
Lost My Mind – Left Lane Cruiser
Our Other World – Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds
Home Alone – Lover!

Do What’s Right By You – The Routes
Pretty Boy – The Gaye Blades
Feet – The Barreracudas
Head Over Heels – The Cute Lepers
I Don’t Need a Reason – Muck & the Mires
Maximum Bumble – The Ugly Beats

Local Lunchbox
Mess Around – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Feel My Frustration – Beach Patrol
She’s the Kind of Girl – Trolley
All Nite Long – Midwest Beat
I-94 – Trapper Schoepp & The Shades
Still Cleaning That Same Old Grease Trap – Aluminum Knot Eye

Puppet on a String – The Night Beats
Sexi Ladi – The Hussy
Nothing to do with the ‘60s – Wax Museums
Sweet Sweet Mandi – The…

Playlist for 12-23-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 23 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Trim Your Tree – Jimmy Butler
Christmas in Vietnam – Pvt. Charles Bowen & The Gentlemen from Tigerland
All I Want for Christmas is You – Carla Thomas
Santa Claus – Jerry Clayton
Santa Claus – Sonny Boy Williamson
Christmas Blues – Ralph Willis

Club Delight – Jack Jolly
Ain’t it a Shame – Kings Ransom
Good Rockin’ Tonight – Dean Morgan
Rock My Blues Away – Dean Morgan
Tell Me – The Barefacts
8 Teen - ? & The Mysterians
99 Chicks (alt.) – Ron Haydock

Get Down With It – Bobby Marchan
Wait a Minute – Barbara Stephens
The Gorilla – The Ideals
You Have My Blessings – Mary Johnson
Town I Live In – Thee Midniters
Dragnet – Jesse Allen
Let a Woman Through – Morine & the Zercons
Anyway You Wanna – Harvey

Local Lunchbox
I Can’t Cry No More – Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds
Little Latin Lupe Lu – Joey Gee & The Come-Ons
Hot Tamales – Bobby Hatfield
Come on Everybody – Suns of Mourning

Showdown – Tony Cassanova

Playlist for 12-16-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 16 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

UPDATE: Looks like the archives for Dec. 16 are not available.

Santa Had a Wreck – Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team
Mr. Santa Claus – The Fleshtones
Dancin’ With Santa – The Trashmen
Christmas Stocking – Roger LaVern & The Microns
Christmas Lights – Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire

Lyin’ Girl – Reigning Sound
No Greater Love – The Flat Duo Jets
Cut it Out – Joe Tex
Let’s Do the Ubangi Stomp – The Outcasts
Run, Run, Run/Who Do You Love – The Plimsouls

Watch This – The Havox
Like Long Hair – Paul Revere & the Raiders
Keep Me Posted – The Norvins
Make Me Tremble – Joey Ramone & Andy Shernoff
Cake on My Pants, Baby – Gary “Pig” Gold

I’ll Always Be Around – The Higher State
Needles in the Camel’s Eye – The Hickoids
En Attendant La Fin Du Monde – Curlee Wurlee

Local Lunchbox
Old Lady – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Sounds Fine to Me – Trent Fox & the Tenants

Playlist for 12-9-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 9 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Holiday Cheer – The Martinis
Don’t Believe in Christmas – The Sonics
Will the Coffin Be Your Santa Claus – Rev. J.M. Gates
Christmas Eve Can Kill You – The Everly Brothers
We Got the Eggnog If You Got the Whiskey – The Hickoids

Jealous Heart – Jack Oblivian
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Timmy Thomas
Gimme That Wine – The Rats
Take Up the Slack Daddy-O – The Sabres
Showman Twang Tiki Gods – The Dustaphonics
It May be The Last Time (live) – James Brown

Bad Girl – South Filthy
Surrender Road – Wheels on Fire
Teenage Girls – The Bad Sports
Vendidi Fumar – Churchwood
I Hear Somebody Cry – The Tandoori Knights
Milk Intrigue – Curlee Wurlee
Spazztastic – Johnny Throttle
Choc Ice – Janey & The Ravemen

Local Lunchbox
Ryan King interview
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme – Ramma Lamma
Rock ‘n Roll Lady – Ramma Lamma
Cheatin’ Blues – Rabble Rabble

Meltdown – The Shotglass Killers
Indiana Girls – The Happy Thoughts
You’re So Strange – The…

Playlist for 12-2-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 2 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Mrs. Santa Claus – Nathaniel Mayer
Who Likes Christmas Anyway? – Luis & the Wildfires
Christmas at Montsegur – Knights of the New Crusade
It’s Christmas Time – The Qualities
Poor Mr. Santa – Andre Williams

The Girl Can’t Dance/Look Away – Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Down Home Girl – The Mummies
My Box Rocks – Figures of Light
Get Your Feet Off Of Me – Kavalier
Karate Monkey – The Kongsmen

Handgrenade Heart – The Zeros
Long Island Lolita – Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls
Brain Damage – Personal & the Pizzas
Red Headed Girl (partial) – The Movements
Girl – The Barreracudas

Local Lunchbox
Trolley interview
I Woke Up – Trolley
Till I’m Gone – Trolley

Mom Won’t You Teach Me to Monkey – Little Emmet Sutton
That’s It Man – The Valentines
We’re the One – The Live Ones
Psycho – Nick Curran
Boogaloser – Fuad & the Feztones
I Can’t Believe My Eyes – Del Shannon
Do You Wanna Dance – Del Shannon

Ready to Roar - Mighty F…

Playlist for 11/25/11

Download or stream the entire Nov. 25th show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Cleopatra – The Precisions
Heads Up, High Hopes Over You – The Pharaohs
Caesar – Ty Segall
Queen of the World – Andre Williams
I Couldn’t Spell !!*@! – Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
Little Egypt – The Coasters

Diet, Crime & Delinquency – Personal & the Pizzas
A Guy Like That – Midnite Snaxx
Gotta Have Her – The Penetrators
Gloria’s Dream – The Belfast Gypsies
Baby Jessica – The Barreracudas
Wild – The Gentrys

Friday at the Hideout – Thee Gravemen
Gonna Find a Cave – Mondo Topless
Tarantula – Los Straitjackets
Tura Faster Pussycat – Dustaphonics

You – Stupidity
Cooking With Gas – Red Hot Rebellion

Local Lunchbox
Teenage Monster – The Catholic Boys
Lively One – The Mistreaters
Where Have All the Lovely Ladies Gone – The Catholic Boys
I Won’t Like You – The Mistreaters

See You Again – Johnny Throttle
The Dump – The Ding Dongs
Party Crasher – Mark Sultan
It Ain’t Cheap – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Sister Love Tra…

Playlist for 11-18-11: Back in the MKE

Back from Norton's 25th anniversary and feelin' fine! New music this week from The Alarm Clocks, Bloodshot Bill, Mighty Fine, The Reigning Sound,Figures of Light and lots more! Big thanks to Buzz for filling in last week! Created a Facebook page for Zero Hour if you are interested.

Download or stream the entire Nov. 18 show right here.

Back in the U.S.A. – Bloodshot Bill
Bald Tyre – Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers
When I’m With You – The Alarm Clocks
I’m a Ding-Dong Daddy from Rock-n-Roll City – Jerry “Boogie” McCain
Right on, Sister – The Live Ones

Everybody Loves Somebody – Hasil Adkins
Buzzard Juice – The Naked Heroes
Something for Your Ass – Mighty Fine
Flame Gettin’ Higher, Fire Getting’ Hot – Dave “Baby” Cortez
Watching My Baby – The Reigning Sound
Maybe I Love You – The Jay Vons

Rocket Science – Organs
Come On, Come On – Barrracudas

Tomás Kubínek interviewed

Local Lunchbox
Break Your Teeth – Holly & the Nice Lions
Coyotes – Holly & the Nice Lions
Stop Sobbing – Holly & t…

Playlist for 11-4-11: Do It for Freeform

It was week 1 of WMSE’s fall pledge drive, and Zero Hour featured plenty of new music, including Mark Sultan, Trolley, the Boss Mustangs, Curlee Wurlee, The Barreracudas and more. I won’t be around for the show next week cuz I’m headed to the event of the century happening Nov. 10-13 in NYC. The one-and-only Buzz will be sitting in for me. Last but not least, if you have time, check out my Q&A with Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team over at Sonic Diet.

Download or stream the entire Nov. 4 show right here.

We All Love Peanut Butter – The One Way Streets
Bloodhound – Larry Bright
Sunshine of Love – Etta James

Path Finder – Teddy & the Rough Riders
Roadrunner (live) – Bo Diddley

Ring of Fire (live) – Johnny Cash
FBI Top 10 – DM Bob & the Deficits
Contact High – Ike & Tina Turner

Boss Hoss – Los Explosivos
Betty Lou’s Got a New Tattoo - Creep
My Baby Likes to Boogaloo – Don Gardner
Calloused Hands – Mark Sultan

Little Scream live in the studio

Dead of Night – Wheels on Fi…

Playlist for 10/28/11: Go to Hell, Zero Hour

Decided to go a different route with the Halloween show this year with nothing but songs about h-e-double-hockey-stick. Bed music courtesy of the Orgy of the Dead soundtrack. Enjoy!

Download or stream the entire Oct. 28 show right here.

Gonna Raise Hell – Cheap Trick
Soul Brothers in Heaven & Hell – Andre Williams

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell – Iggy & the Stooges
Hell & What It Is – Rev. Emmett Dickinson
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers – ZZ Top
Hell City Hell – The Supersuckers
Hell – The Sixty-Niners

One Hell of a Weekend – Hank Thompson
Raisin’ Hell – Run-DMC
Hell Yes, I Cheated – Johnny Adams

Snowball in Hell – They Might Be Giants
You Beat the Hell Out of Me – The Motors
Hell of It – Chris Knox

Local Lunchbox
I’m Gonna Burn in Hell, Hallelujah – The Mighty Lumberhorn
Go to Hell – Couch Flambeau
Living Hell – The Spanic Boys

Straight to Hell – The Booze
It Must Be Hell – The Rolling Stones
Hayride to Hell – Hoodoo Gurus
Hellbound Train – The Lumberjack
Hell Raiser – Sweet

Aloha From Hell…

Playlist for 10/21/11: Promised Land Callin'

New 7”’s this week from the likes of Wheels on Fire (Milk n’ Herpes), Organs (Chickpea), the Super Vacations (Sweaters & Pearls), the latest album from the Monsters and a Chuck Berry85th birthday salute!

Download or stream the entire Oct. 21 show right here.

The Witch – Stud Cole
Found Dead – Radio Birdman
Burn in Hell – Rocket Science
I’ve Got the Devil Inside – Delaney Davidson
Demonic Possession – Drive By Truckers

When I’m a Grownup – The Monsters
Mexican Leather – Bantam Rooster
All the Way to Denver – The Candy Snatchers
Get Up & Move – The Live Ones
Whizz Kid – The Hickoids

Green Fuz – Thee Gravemen
Extrano – The Moonstones
I’m Cramped – Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds
For the Love of Ivy – Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds
Primitiv – Southern Culture on the Skids
Back Beat No. 1 – The Fleshtones

Local Lunchbox
Too Late – Beach Patrol
Maybe I’m Wrong – Bleed
Pushin’ My Luck – The Hussy
Girls Like U – Boris the Sprinkler

T.V. Screen – Thee Spivs
Boss Hoss – Los Explosivo…

Playlist for 10/14/11: When Werewolves Attack

New music this week from Thee Gravemen, Scott H. Biram, Vernon Sélavy, Acid Baby Jesus, Spanking Charlene, and a trio of Damaged Goods newbies – The Spartan Dreggs, Thee Spivs and Piney Gir!

Download (only available in AAC this week) or stream the entire Oct. 14 show right here.

2000 lb. Werewolf – The Neanderthals
Bursting Love – The Bloody Tomahawks
My Girlfriend is a Werewolf – Thee Gravemen
Teenage Werewolf – Chicken Diamond
Werewolf Soup – John Wesley Coleman
Werewolves in Heels – Thee Cormans

15 Minutes – Thee Spivs
And Darkness Engulfed His Eyes – The Spartan Dreggs
River Knows Me – Vernon Sélavy
Mud Brown Mistress – The Something Men

Only Lovers – The Shotglass Killers
She’s So Crazy – Mickey
Jesus Didn’t Try Hard Enough to Save My Soul – The Gaye Blades
Walk Through that Door – The Satellites
Everything is Different Now – The Wrong Words
She’s A Rainbow – Davila 666

Here’s Looking at You – Piney Gir
Honest I Do – The Innocents

Local Lunchbox
Love is a Wonderful Thing- Wanderer’s Rest
Alaxander – …

Playlist for 10/7/11: Open the Gates

New music this week from Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team, Beat Seeking Missiles, Mikal Cronin, Thee Cormans and more! It’s October, so the all Halloween-themed openings have begun. And as for the Phillies, um, go Brewers!

Download or stream the entire Oct. 7 show right here.

Open the Gates – Thee Cormans
Ain’t a Ghost – The Night Beats
Creeper – Southern Culture on the Skids
Miss Monster – Modie Bones
Space Monster – Kookie & the Satalites

Step Right This Way (Baby, I’m Your Man) – DM Bob & The Deficits
Stay a Little Longer – Glambilly
Marlboro Country – Charlie Pickett
Dixie Fried – Carl Perkins

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Walk a Mile in My Shoes) – Stupidity
Dr. Strangelove – Beat Seeking Missiles
Caffeine & Alcohol – Dan Melchior Und Das Menace
Shoot First – Jim Jones Revue
Turn Up the Gain – The Shotglass Killers

Dark Eyes – Jack Oblivian
Got to Get Back (To My Baby) – The Bo-Keys feat. Otis Clay
Stone Fox – The Pac-Keys
Baby Bunny (Sugar Honey) – Jerry Williams, Jr.

Local Lunchbo…

Playlist for 9-30-11: Tribute to Cholly

New releases this week from the Gaye Blades, Carl Perkins, the Ketamines, Southern Culture on the Skids, Delaney Davidson, Radio Moscow, Puffy Areolas and more. Plus, a tribute to Charlie Manuel, the all-time winningest manager in Phillies history and a quote machine! Go Phils!

Download or stream the entire Sept. 30 show right here.

All Love All Gone – Charlie Pickett
Mama Oh Mama – Charlie Feathers
Tribute to Charlie – The Cute Lepers
Break Up – Charlie Rich
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Count the Days – Inez & Charlie Foxx
Jukebox Charlie – Johnny Paycheck

Daddy Wants a Cold Beer – Menster Phip & the Phipsters
World’s Greatest Sinner –The A-Bones
I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone – The Parasites
Pretty Boy – The Gaye Blades
You Were With Him – The Gaye Blades
Her Love Rubbed Off – Carl Perkins

Nobody’s Fool – Tyler Keith & the Preacher’s Kids
Girl on the Beach – Jack Oblivian
Teenage Girls – The Bad Sports
Line by Line – The Ketamines
Breathe – Nobunny
Los Angeles – Jacuzzi Boys
Your Secret Face – Scott “De…

Playlist for 9-23-11: Here He Was, The Man That Time Forgot

John Paul Keith returned to Zero Hour this week to play a few songs and talk about The Man That Time Forgot, which is duking it out with one or two other albums for my favorite of the year. Brian from Big Rock Candy Mountainwrote eloquently about the great album’s many pleasures. I started with a high school theme in honor of my 20th (really?!!) high school reunion, which took place this weekend in Suffolk, Va., without me.

Download or stream the entire Sept. 23 show right here.

Boppin’ High School Baby – ’68 Comeback
Time Bomb High School – Reigning Sound
High School Confidential (live) – Jerry Lee Lewis
School Work – Dean Carter
Afterschool Special – High School Sweethearts
Why Do I Go to School – The Sixteens

Stuck in the Middle – The Replacements
Teenage Timebomb – Okmoniks
My GTO – Teengenerate
Jokes – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Crusher – Los Explosivos
Let Me Play With Your Poodle – Johnny Buckett

Elevation Time – The Hook Up
I Must Be the Devil – Glambilly
Dirty Sex – The Bloody Hollies

On a …

Playlist for 9/16: Dislocating Your Future

Ponderosa Stomp set to begin and lots of new music, including two brand new albums from Dirty Water Records, as well as a phone interview with Brian Henneman from the Bottle Rockets. John Paul Keith will perform live on the show next week. Also, don’t forget to check out my Q&A with DM Bob on WMSE's Sonic Diet blog!

Download or stream the entire Sept. 16 show right here.

Who Drank My Beer (While I Was in the Rear) – Dave Bartholomew
Big Boy Pete – Arch Hall Jr. & the Archers
Catch This Teardrop – Bo-Keys with Percy Wiggins
Sugar Coated Love – Lazy Lester
I Wonder If You Wonder – Michael Hurtt & The Haunted Hearts
Weak Spot - Bo-Keys with William Bell
Niki Hoeky – Bobby Rush

I’m Tired of You, Satan – The Party Lights
Why Ain’t Bo on My TV? – Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers
One-Eyed Monkey – Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers
I’m Not Drinking More – DM Bob & the Deficits
Best Friend – The Demolition Doll Rods

She Said – Stupidity
People, Let’s Freak Out – The Freaks of Nature

Playlist for 9/9: R&R From R&R

Good John stepped in for me while I enjoyed a mini-vacation with my lovely and wonderful wife in celebration of our sixth anniversary. Thank you, Mr. Hope to see you at the Molly Gene One Whoaman Band show at O'Keefe's House of Hamburg on Monday Night!

Download or stream the complete Sept. 9 show right here.

Hello To Everybody - The Sights
Perfect Day - Harlan T Bobo
Switched On! - The Insomniacs
Obsessive Season - Carnival Season
Quarter Love - Copter
Paint It Black - The Feelies

You're So Beige - The Candy Snatchers
Get Over Yourself - Master Plan
Go To The Beach With Cinnamon Girl - The Intellectuals
Moanin' In The Moonlight - Pure Country Gold
Do You Know The Enemy? - Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem - The Successful Failures

Summer Girl - The White Wires
The Losers Win - The Loons
I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas - Andre Williams & Green Hornet
Someday - The Mullens
I Want You Back - The Plimsouls
My Baby Left - The Dyes

Local Lunchbox
Old …

Playlist for 9/2/11: Stick It

Teddy Roosevelt-approved opening set, phone interview with Molly Gene One Whoaman Band (and a new song from her forthcoming album), an especially scratchy 7” Six-Pack, and new music from Stupidity, Glambilly, Michael Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts and more. Good John is sitting in for me next week.

Download or stream the Sept. 2 show in its entirety right here.

Stick Shift – The Duals
Ugly Stick – Ronnie Self
Bike + Stick – The Goodnight Loving
Get On the Stick – The Replacements
Sticks & Stones – Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

Reddy Teddy – Little Richard
Scratchin’ & Whammin’ – Fred Wolf Combo
One Too Many Mornings – The Hitchhikers
Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Bambi Kino
Say Goodbye – The Wrong Words
Stormy Waters – Beach Patrol

I Wanna – Stupidity
I Wanna Feel Something Now – The Master Plan
Bee Line – The Ugly Beats
Dose of You – Nick Lowe

Sizzlin’ Hot – Dean Carter
Sexi Ladi – The Midwest Beat
Peace Bro – The Hussy
Pushin’ My Luck – The Hussy

Local Lunchbox
Back to Mono – The Midwest Beat

Playlist for 8/26/11: He Was Rock-n-Roll

One of those wild-and-crazy-beginning-of-the-semester meetings made me late for the show, but fortunately Good John was there to blast away with a bunch of his nutty 45’s (thanks, sir, that makes up for skipping out on Andre Williams!). New releases this week from Bobby Marchan, the Bloody Hollies and Henry’s Funeral Shoe and a tribute to Jerry Leiber, who passed away Aug. 22, leaving behindco-authorship of the rock-n-roll bible. Look for Josh Alan Friedman's excellent Tell the Truth Until They Bleed for essential reading on the great songwriter.

Download or stream the Aug. 26 show right here.

Good John’s 45 Fiasco
Blue Jeans and A Boy’s Shirt – Glen Glenn
Then You’ll Know – Big C & the Galaxies
You’re Running Wild – Ron Haydock
New Orleans – Johnny & the Panty Raiders

Chicken Thighs – Andre Williams
Speedo – The Cadillacs
Long Gone – The Forbidden Pigs

Chicken – Jack Starr
It’s a Lie – King Khan
The Spider & the Fly – Andre Williams & the A-Bones
Dew Drop Inn – E…

Playlist for 8/19/11: Pulling Time With Andre Williams

Other than a few technical difficulties to begin the interview (and a little this-is-really-cool stuttering on my part), talking to Andre Williams was as amazing and fun as I expected! His show at the Cactus Club last night delivered as well. I guess the next time I’ll see Mr. Rhythm is as one of the co-MC’s at this little get-together in Brooklyn in November! Andre wouldn't spill beans on his wardrobe plans for the big event. Last night’s opener Jon Burks also stopped by to play a few songs, and I featured Jack Oblivian’s crazy great new album on Big Legal Mess, Rat City.

Download or stream the entire Aug. 19 show right here.

Humpin’, Bumpin’, & Thumpin’ – Andre Williams
Bacon Fat – Larry Bright
Sweet Little Pussycat – Andre Williams’ Orchestra
Pray For Your Daughter – Andre Williams & the New Orleans Hellhounds
The Way You Dog Me Around – Andre Williams with the A-Bones

Burning the Roses – Andre Williams
The Prayer – Ray Scott
Agile, Mobile & Hostile – The Goldstars

Playlist for 8-12-11: Rocket to New Jersey

This Village Voice post and Personal & the Pizzas'first appearance in Milwaukee this Thursday inspired my opening set. Look for my scandalous Q&A with Personal & the Pizzas on Sonic Diet later this week.

Download or stream the Aug. 12 show right here.

Dead Meat – Personal & the Pizzas
Brass Knuckles – Personal & the Pizzas
I’m in Love With Myself – The Bad Sports
Planet Failure – The Spits
I Was on (The Bozo Show) – No Bunny
Cruisin’ – Hunx & His Punx
Slime Time – The Mean Jeans
Joanie – Personal & the Pizzas

Potato Chip – The Harlequins
Justine – The Rangers
Jerkin’ the Dog – Mighty Hannibal
Rockin’ & A Boppin’ – Carl Newman and his Nighthawks
Ducken – Hasil Adkins

You Never Say – The Ettes
Sorrows Lane – The Masonics
A Ella – Los Vigilantes
I’ve Got a Dollar – Baxx Sisis
I’m Spent – The Routes

Ain’t Dumbo – The Night Beats
Drunken Angel – The Dark Rags

Local Lunchbox
Old Lady – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Sounds Fine to Me – Trent Fox & the Ten…

Playlist for 8-5-11: Her Love Shows Even After She's Gone

Interviews this week with the Bad Sports and Wax Museums, an interview and performance by The Booze, and new music from DM Bob & The Deficits!

Download or stream the August 5 show in its entirety right here.

Trash Talkin’ Woman – The Electric Mess
That’s Cool, That’s Trash – The Allen Oldies Band
It’s Trash – The Cavemen
Solid Trash – Walter Daniels & Chili Cold Blood
Garbage City – The Street Cleaners
Stick Out Your Can – Roscoe Holland

They Call Me Country – DM Bob & the Deficits
Jeepster – DM Bob & the Deficits
Slide Off My Satin Sheets – DM Bob & the Deficits
Always Talkin’ – DM Bob & the Deficits

So Young – The Devil Dogs
He Did It – The Ronettes
Out in the Streets – The Shangri-Las
Girl on My Mind – The Hard Feelings

Mustang – Link Wray
Five & Ten – Link Wray
Holy Rollers Rockin’ in a Killin’ Machine – Bodeco
Back Alley Man – Boo Frog

Local Lunchbox
Sugar Daddy – Alex Ballard
Nocturn Danza – Those X Cleavers
No Brain Needed – Those X Cleavers
Giraffe –…

Playlist for 7-29-11: ... 'Cause That'll Never Happen Again

Still recovering from WMSE's Radio Summer Camp ...

Download or stream the July 29 show right here.

Past, Present & Future – The Shangri-Las
Leave All Your Old Loves in the Past – The Liverbirds
Present Joys – Alabama Sacred Heart Singers
No Future – Rockin’ Sidney
Past, Present & Future – Ronnie Self

Shake ‘Em Up – Slim Green
Just For You – Slim Harpo
Sweet Thing – Jack O & the Tennessee Tear Jerkers
Get Out of My House – Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
Jungle Dreams – Dex Romweber Duo
I’m the Lover Man – Little Jerry Williams

Weekend – The Dictators
All Night Long – The A-Bones
A-Bone – The Trashmen
Baby Gotta Party – Don & Dewey
Summertime Blues – Guitar Wolf

If You Ever Get it Once – The Young Seniors
King Loui Glue – Titty Twisters Orchestra
Twist, Twist Senora – Gary U.S. Bonds
Outta My Mind – BBQ

Local Lunchbox
She’s All Mine – Bleed
Milorganight – Drugs Dragons
Belladonna – The Midwest Beat

You Can’t Take My Boyfriend’s Woody – The Angels
Be My Lady – Mickey
All Night Long – Lover!

Playlists for 7-15 and 7-22: It's Smile or Die, Darlin'

Two weeks of playlists, featuring new music from LOVER!, Missing Monuments, The Juke Joint Pimps, Bloodstains Across Ontario, Midnite Snaxx, Beach Patrol, Dex Romweber Duo and more!

Download or stream either show in its entirety (or subscribe to Zero Hour) right here.

Smiley Yeah Yeah Yeah – Southern Culture on the Skids
Let Those Brown Eyes Smile at Me – Rose & the Maddox Brothers
Near Perfect Smile – Swag
It Only Hurts When I Smile – Liquor Giants
Sister Smile – Flop
Why Don’t You Smile Now – Downliners Sect

Revenge - Kookie Cook
Lost One – The Roots/The Wyld
Skippy is a Sissy – Roy Gaines
I Ain’t No Beatle – Jerry Foster
We’re Coming to Your House – The Three Stooges
Low Class Man – The Four A While

Half Day – The Happy Thoughts
It’s Like XTC – Missing Monuments
Heartbeat – The Kidnappers
Ruby Tuesday – The Gaye Blades
End of the Ramones – Mr. T Experience
Forever Young – The Mean Jeans

1234 Ever – Jon Langford & Skull Orchard
Never Lost the Sunshine – The Silos

Local Lunc…

Playlist for 7-8-11: Sung Heroes of Zero Hour

Download or stream the complete show (or subscribe to Zero Hour) right here.

Lollipop Mama – Wynonie Harris
Walking Blues – Amos Milburn
Double Crossin’ Liquor – Stick McGhee
I’ve Got a Rocket in My Pocket – Jimmy Lloyd
Dirty Boogie – Roy Hall
Open Up the Back Door – Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

It’ll Soon Be the Weekend – Wreckless Eric
77 – The Cute Lepers
Only in Your Mind – The Safes
Strictly Biological Heart – The Breakup Society
She’s in Love With Her – The Resonars

Beer – Natural Child
Sunburn – Wax Museums
Bloodshot Eyes – Outer Minds
Subprime Love – High Tension Wires
Do What’s Right by You – The Routes
Make Your Mark - The Downbeat 5
Party Mouth – The Insomniacs
Rain Comes Down – The Million Sellers

Local Lunchbox
Let Me Go – Bleed
Wild, Wild, Wild – Wanda Chrome & the Leather Pharaohs
Private Dick Tipper – Voot Warnings

Teenage Girls – Bad Sports
Hang Around – The Happy Thoughts
No Romance – The Mind Spiders
I Want You Back – Babes on the Beach
Space City – Useless Eaters
I Need Seed – Thee O…

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I just noticed on the WMSE site that you are able to subscribe to our shows, including Zero Hour, in iTunes. I think this is new, and the station calls it "highly, highly experimental." It's worth checking out. Here are the directions:
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Playlist for 7-1-11: It's all in the caffeine

New music from the Night Beats,Light Bulb Alley, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, the Wax Museums, the Routes and more!

Stream or download the complete show right here.

Homicide – Myron Lee & the Caddies
Superstar Chevrolet – The Neckbones
Help! Murder! Police! – The Insomniacs
Baltimore – Five Chinese Brothers
He’s Frank – The Sneetches

Sexi Ladi – The Midwest Beat
Dial 666 – The Night Beats
Smoke – White Mystery
Pepper Spray – Light Bulb Alley
Makin’ Love – Organs

You Gotta Burn – The Dwarves
Red Dress – Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Scream With Me – Mickey
True Life Stories – Ramma Lamma
Chase Your Shadows – The Wax Museums
Be My Jane – The Routes

Ride Ride Ride – The Happy Thoughts
Bad Days – The Happy Thoughts
Ronald Dean – The Box Elders
I Can’t Wait – The Sneaky Pinks

Local Lunchbox
Don’t Want to Talk About It – Ian Olvera & the Sleepwalkers
Odds & Evens – Elusive Parallelograms
Pestilence in the Flesh – Drugs Dragons

Face Down in the Gutter – Quintron
Pleasure Blimps – Thee Oh Sees
Dead Meat – P…

Playlist for 6-24-11: The Big Cover Up, Pt. 3

Zero’s Hour 3rd annual all covers party!

Stream or download the complete show right here.

We Got the Beat – Eddy Current Suppression Ring (The Go-Go’s)
Sea Cruise – Rude Norton (Huey “Piano” Smith/Frankie Ford)
Burnin’ Love – The Hickoids (Elvis Presley)
You Must Be a Witch – The Lost Sounds (The Lollipop Shoppe)
Bad Girl – New Bomb Turks (New York Dolls)

Funnel of Love – Southern Culture on the Skids (Wanda Jackson)
Palisades Park – Jan & Dean (Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon)
Hard Day’s Night – Los Primos (The Beatles)
Bad Reputation – Guitar Wolf (Joan Jett)
Slippin’ and Slidin’ – Mind Spiders (Little Richard)

Yard Sale – DM Bob & Deficits (Hasil Adkins)
She Thinks I Still Care – Hasil Adkins (George Jones)
Louie, Louie – Otis Redding (Richard Berry/The Kingsmen)
What’d I Say – Hound Dog Taylor (Ray Charles)
Money – Right of Way (Barrett Strong)

Way Over There – The Spitballs (The Miracles)
That’s How Strong My Love is – Chain Gang (O.V. Wright)
It’s Over – Demon’s Claws (Roy …

Playlist for 6-17-11: I Could Just Scream

New music this week from Cheap Time (Cass), Organs (Killer Diller) and more and a salute to Charles Beaumount Parker.

Stream or download the complete show right here.

Charles in Charge – Smudge
Shimmy Doll – Ashley Beaumont the 18th
June Teen – Robert Parker & His Band
The Boy – Shangri-Las
1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero – Bobby Russell
Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow – McHale’s Navy Cast

Another Time – Cheap Time
I Gotta Rock’n’Roll – The Reatards
Trapped in Hell – The Carbonas
Nina – Wau Y Los Arrgs
Mama Rolling Stone – Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire
Nurse Julie – Billy Childish & the Friends of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association
Don’t Mess Up My Baby – The Black Lips

Girl I’m Thinking Of – Organs
Whiskey + Coke – Chicken Diamond
Police Beat – Rob K. & Uncle Butcher
Woman C’mon – Natural Child
Watsui – Heavy Cream
Layman’s Terms – Boomgates
Summer’s Gone – The Wrong Words

Local Lunchbox
Holes – Jonathan Burks
Wages of Sin – Semi Twang
Up Through the Floor – Jonathan Burks
It’s …

Playlist for 6-10-11: Chocolate Drop

New music this week from the Happy Thoughts, Natural Child, Chicken Diamond, Brian Olive, the Useless Eaters and more. Also a tribute to Howlin’ Wolf’s 101st birthday and a set featuring some of Voodoo Rhythm’s latest offerings.

Stream or download the complete show right here.

Chocolate Drop – Howlin’ Wolf
Commit a Crime – Big Foot Chester
Spoonful – Counts IV
You’ll be Mine – The Gories
Backdoor Man – T- Model Ford
Drinkin’ CV Wine – Howlin’ Wolf

Indiana Girls – The Happy Thoughts
This is How It Ends – The Beaten Hearts
I’m Too Square, You’re Too Round – High Tension Wires
Going Away Tonite – Mind Spiders
Big Street Time – Ramma Lamma
Sweet Dirty Love – The Happy Thoughts

Tribute to Charlie – Cute Lepers
Red Light – Sticks ‘n’ Stones
Summer Girl – The White Wires
With a Girl Like You – Paul Collins
Out in the City – The Kidnappers

Local Lunchbox
All Night Long – The Midwest Beat
Little Girl – The Sugar Stems
Sound Guy Introduction – Crappy Dracula
The Computer That Learned to Watch Television – Crappy Dra…

Playlists for 5-27 and 6-3: C'mon Baby, Get On This Plane

Two weeks of playlists for you with new music from Los Vigilantes, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, The People’s Temple, Drugs Dragons, Lover!, the Baxx Sisi’s, the Wild Zeros, the Reatards and more. Plus interviews with Scott McCaughey from the Baseball Project and Tonys Sagger from Drugs Dragons!

Stream or download the complete shows right here.

Playlist for 6/3
Get on this Plane – The Premiers
Asked for Water – Mr. Airplane Man
First Plane Home – Thee Headcoatees
Airplane Song – Hadacol
Let That Big Plane Carry You – Ben Story

Bo Bo Boogaloo – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
I Found a Peanut (live) - Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
Gorilla Rose - Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
I’m Cramped (live) - Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds

(We’re Gonna Do It) Naturally – Pure Country Gold
Keeper of Souls – People’s Temple
Teachers – Gardens
Cadillac – The Renegades
Princess is the Spiders – The Spits
Dead Meat – Personal & the Pizzas

That Dollar – The Dexatee…