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Playlist for 5-20-11: 100 Proof

New music this week from the Cynics, Personal & the Pizzas, Songs the Hideout Taught Us - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 2 and more.

Download the entire show or stream it right here.

100 Proof – The M-80’s
100 Little Women – Mark Sultan
100 Dollar Car – Liquor Giants
100 Gallons – Hamper McBee
Hwy. 100 – Couch Flambeau

Zombie Walk – The Cynics
Tom Waits for No One – Chargers Street Gang
Mystified – The DT’s
Left in the Dark – Mondo Topless
Crawl – The Cynics

Any Day Now – The Vertebrats
Joanie – Personal & the Pizzas
Black Rainbow – King Louie’s Missing Monuments
Don’t Look For Her – Games
Can’t Hide – Title Tracks

Banana Beat – Quintron
Daddy Rocking Strong – The Dirtbombs

Local Lunchbox
Shake – The Exotics
Invaders – The Exotics
Sandoway – The Exotics

Washing in the Blood of Rock & Roll – The Professor & His One Man Dirty Rhythm and Blues Explosion
Hazel Holly (Please Come Back) – The Boss Mustangs
School is for Donkeys – Will Crum
Ready for Action – Mexica…

Playlist for 5/13/11: Cause I Love and I Live Primitive

Lots of new music this week, including a batch of releases from Oxford, Mississippi’s Big Legal Mess: John Paul Keith, Paul Collins and Henry Dunkle. Also new singles and albums from the likes of Jack of Heart, the Movements, the Love Me Nots, the Cute Lepers, the Ugly Beats, Gardens, the Fred Wolf Combo and more! In addition, Will Johnson (Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel, Funland) stopped by to talk and perform in the first hour.

Download or stream the archived show right here.

Primitiv – Jack of Heart
It’s Time to Go – The Movements
She’s Nothing Like Me – The Love Me Nots
Damaging Acts – The Cute Lepers
Maximum Bumble – The Ugly Beats

Never Could Say No – John Paul Keith
With a Girl Like You – Paul Collins
Tom Karman – Henry Dunkle
Anyone Can Do It – John Paul Keith

Will Johnson, live in the studio/interview

White Vinyl – The Silos
Good Times, Bad Time – Peter Case

Local Lunchbox
Pushin’ My Luck – The Hussy
Herbie - The Hussy
Drinking Song – The Hussy
Ghost Hunter - Head on Electri…

Playlist for 5/6/11: Woo ee ah ah! It's 25 years of Norton Records

Three hours (minus the Local Lunchbox) of nuthin’ but Norton Records in celebration of the label’s 25th anniversary! It was the final day of the pledge drive, but you can still donate at

While you're listening, check out the Q&A I did with Miriam Linna and Billy Miller over at Sonic Diet, WMSE's blog. After that, grab the latest copy of Ugly Things for a 20-plus page feature that will enlighten you on all things Norton.

If you still need more, I did a roundup of a bunch of Nortonrific links the last time I paid tribute to the great label. Yeah, I'll probably do it all again in another few years! Why not?

Download or stream the show right here.

She Said – Hasil Adkins
Jump, Jive and Harmonize – Thee Midniters
Friday at the Hideout – The Underdogs

16 Forever – The Dictators
Psycho – The Sonics
What's A Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This? – The Lyres
Vietnamese Baby – The New York Dolls

Teen-age Jump – T. Valentine
I Got You (I Feel Good) - King Us…