Friday, July 8, 2011

Playlist for 7-8-11: Sung Heroes of Zero Hour

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Lollipop Mama – Wynonie Harris
Walking Blues – Amos Milburn
Double Crossin’ Liquor – Stick McGhee
I’ve Got a Rocket in My Pocket – Jimmy Lloyd
Dirty Boogie – Roy Hall
Open Up the Back Door – Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

It’ll Soon Be the Weekend – Wreckless Eric
77 – The Cute Lepers
Only in Your Mind – The Safes
Strictly Biological Heart – The Breakup Society
She’s in Love With Her – The Resonars

Beer – Natural Child
Sunburn – Wax Museums
Bloodshot Eyes – Outer Minds
Subprime Love – High Tension Wires
Do What’s Right by You – The Routes
Make Your Mark - The Downbeat 5
Party Mouth – The Insomniacs
Rain Comes Down – The Million Sellers

Local Lunchbox
Let Me Go – Bleed
Wild, Wild, Wild – Wanda Chrome & the Leather Pharaohs
Private Dick Tipper – Voot Warnings

Teenage Girls – Bad Sports
Hang Around – The Happy Thoughts
No Romance – The Mind Spiders
I Want You Back – Babes on the Beach
Space City – Useless Eaters
I Need Seed – Thee Oh Sees

True Love Ways – Roxy Erickson & The Aliens
The Next Boy – The Satellites
Baby Don’t Look Down – Blues Council
Geraldine – Old Miss Downbeats

Me & My Girls – The Pussywarmers
Over the Edge – Molly Gene OneWhoaMan Band
Fire & Brimstone – James Leg
Down Home Strut – Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

Werewolf with a Tan – The K-Holes
Hungry Teenage Wolfman – The Bama Lamas
I Admit Defeat – The Wrong Words
Swine Flu Blues – The Hussy
All Through the Day – The Dyes

She Won’t Come Home – The Kidnappers
Sister Mary Katherine – The Midwest Beat
I Feel Groovy – The Movements
Don’t Ask Me Why – Thee Butcher’s Orchestra
Living Legends – Los Chicos

Ballad of the Minimum Wage – Peter Case
Let it All Go – The Deadly Snakes
Sound of Things – Light Bulb Alley
One Silver Dollar – Texas Tea
Rachel – The Booze

Livin’ for the Weekend – The Dirtbombs
Jailbird – El Pauling & Royal Abbit
You Weren’t Using Your Head – Rocky & His Friends

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