Playlist for 8-12-11: Rocket to New Jersey

This Village Voice post and Personal & the Pizzas' first appearance in Milwaukee this Thursday inspired my opening set. Look for my scandalous Q&A with Personal & the Pizzas on Sonic Diet later this week.

Download or stream the Aug. 12 show right here.

Dead Meat – Personal & the Pizzas
Brass Knuckles – Personal & the Pizzas
I’m in Love With Myself – The Bad Sports
Planet Failure – The Spits
I Was on (The Bozo Show) – No Bunny
Cruisin’ – Hunx & His Punx
Slime Time – The Mean Jeans
Joanie – Personal & the Pizzas

Potato Chip – The Harlequins
Justine – The Rangers
Jerkin’ the Dog – Mighty Hannibal
Rockin’ & A Boppin’ – Carl Newman and his Nighthawks
Ducken – Hasil Adkins

You Never Say – The Ettes
Sorrows Lane – The Masonics
A Ella – Los Vigilantes
I’ve Got a Dollar – Baxx Sisis
I’m Spent – The Routes

Ain’t Dumbo – The Night Beats
Drunken Angel – The Dark Rags

Local Lunchbox
Old Lady – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Sounds Fine to Me – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Inevitably – Beach Patrol
My Sunny Day – Beach Patrol

Crying Sun – Radio Birdman
Don’t Eat the Stuff Off the Sidewalk (live) – The Cramps
FBI Top 10 – DM Bob & the Deficits
Civilized – Chicken Diamond
Nailgun – Boom Chick

Dragsploitation Now – The Drags
Can’t Change My Style – The Drags
Teenage Invasion – The Drags
Don’t Need You Anymore – The Drags

It’s On Me Now – The Candy Snatchers
Alive – The Dirtys
Ain’t Right Girl – Rocket 455
Hide & Seek – Okmoniks

Fiery Stomp – Willie & the Travelaires
Girdle Up – Andre Williams

Rachel – The Booze
Gravity (live) – The Bottle Rockets
Jesus Was a Wino – Lydia Loveless
1965 King Size Nicotine Blues – Little Jerry Williams

Teenage Heartbreak – The Sorrows
I Want You Tonight – The Sorrows
Firelight Waltz – Fountains of Wayne
Ballad of Bad Whiskey – Boston Spaceships

Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer) – The Westwoods
Bo’s Waltz – Bo Diddley
Pedro Joe – Red Hot Russell
Tonight I Think I’m Gonna Go Downtown – Mudhoney
Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – The Standells
Another Time – Cheap Time
Bad Days – Happy Thoughts
Panchito Blues – Peach Kelli Pop
Mr. Last Week – Harlan T. Bobo
You Have My Blessings – Mary Johnson


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