Saturday, September 24, 2011

Playlist for 9-23-11: Here He Was, The Man That Time Forgot

John Paul Keith returned to Zero Hour this week to play a few songs and talk about The Man That Time Forgot, which is duking it out with one or two other albums for my favorite of the year. Brian from Big Rock Candy Mountain wrote eloquently about the great album’s many pleasures. I started with a high school theme in honor of my 20th (really?!!) high school reunion, which took place this weekend in Suffolk, Va., without me.

Download or stream the entire Sept. 23 show right here.

Boppin’ High School Baby – ’68 Comeback
Time Bomb High School – Reigning Sound
High School Confidential (live) – Jerry Lee Lewis
School Work – Dean Carter
Afterschool Special – High School Sweethearts
Why Do I Go to School – The Sixteens

Stuck in the Middle – The Replacements
Teenage Timebomb – Okmoniks
My GTO – Teengenerate
Jokes – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Crusher – Los Explosivos
Let Me Play With Your Poodle – Johnny Buckett

Elevation Time – The Hook Up
I Must Be the Devil – Glambilly
Dirty Sex – The Bloody Hollies

On a Bus – John Wesley Coleman
Allright Tonight – Limes

Local Lunchbox
Coffee Beans (rock) – Annie B. & the Vagabond Company
Cat Girl – Annie B. & the Vagabond Company
These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Annie B. & the Vagabond Company

Living Hell – The Bottle Rockets
Learn to Say No – Lydia Loveless
Last Great Guitar Slinger – John Howie & The Rosewood Bluff
New York City Women – The Booze

Stranger in Town – Light Bulb Alley
Needle in the Camel’s Eye – The Hickoids

John Paul Keith in the studio
You Devil You (live) - John Paul Keith
The Man That Time Forgot (live) - John Paul Keith
Jealous Heart – Jack Oblivian
Rock-n-Roll Will Break Your Heart (live) – John Paul Keith

Chains – The Sorrows
Love is Knockin’ At Your Door – Muck & the Mires
Get Better – The Insomniacs
Something in a Friday Night – The Tripwires
Lend Me Your Comb – Bambi Kino

Beeramid – Fuad & the Feztones
King of the Rocket Men – Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers
Sarah Lee – Esquerita
Scream – The Tumblers
I Wanna Be Your Man – The Wild Zeros

I Ain’t Takin’ You Out – Personal & the Pizzas
Let’s Buy Some Wine – Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads
Planet Foreign/Apt – Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
Crossed Wires – Superchunk
Smile Like a Villian – The Midwest Beat

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playlist for 9/16: Dislocating Your Future

Ponderosa Stomp set to begin and lots of new music, including two brand new albums from Dirty Water Records, as well as a phone interview with Brian Henneman from the Bottle Rockets. John Paul Keith will perform live on the show next week. Also, don’t forget to check out my Q&A with DM Bob on WMSE's Sonic Diet blog!

Download or stream the entire Sept. 16 show right here.

Who Drank My Beer (While I Was in the Rear) – Dave Bartholomew
Big Boy Pete – Arch Hall Jr. & the Archers
Catch This Teardrop – Bo-Keys with Percy Wiggins
Sugar Coated Love – Lazy Lester
I Wonder If You Wonder – Michael Hurtt & The Haunted Hearts
Weak Spot - Bo-Keys with William Bell
Niki Hoeky – Bobby Rush

I’m Tired of You, Satan – The Party Lights
Why Ain’t Bo on My TV? – Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers
One-Eyed Monkey – Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers
I’m Not Drinking More – DM Bob & the Deficits
Best Friend – The Demolition Doll Rods

She Said – Stupidity
People, Let’s Freak Out – The Freaks of Nature
Lover Please – Jack Oblivian
Ooh My Soul – Pretty Boy
Jackie – Midnite Snaxx
Serve the Man – The Revelators
Nautiloid Reef – The Nautiloids

Local Lunchbox
Partay Reggae – Codpiece
Teenage Corpse – Dummy Club
Ballad of a Lady Gunslinger – Dummy Club
Milorganight – Drugs Dragons

Summer on a String – Spider Bags
Empty Bar – Limes
Teenage Kicks – Dead Brothers
Oh Lord, My Heart – The Deadly Snakes
Little Miss Keith Richards – John Wesley Coleman
I’m a Man – The Buckinghams

Get Down With It – Bobby Marchan
Right Arm For Your Love – Swamp Dogg
Cloudy Day – Finis Tasby
I’ve Got to Find Myself a Brand New Baby – Mike & the Modifiers
Meanest Jukebox in Town – Johnny Paycheck

Phone interview with Brian Henneman from the Bottle Rockets
Turn for the Worse – The Bottle Rockets
Kerosene – The Bottle Rockets

Hung Over – The Martinis
Crazy House – Redd Foxx
Mona Lisa – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
Train From Kansas City – The Shangri-Las
Out of Control – LH & the Memphis Sounds

We Don’t Have to Hide Anymore – Muck & the Mires
Running for Your Life – Tommy Keene
Money City Maniacs – Sloan
Dear Donna – Jay Banerjee
Kentucky Lounge – The Liquor Giants
You Devil You – John Paul Keith

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playlist for 9/9: R&R From R&R

Good John stepped in for me while I enjoyed a mini-vacation with my lovely and wonderful wife in celebration of our sixth anniversary. Thank you, Mr. Hope to see you at the Molly Gene One Whoaman Band show at O'Keefe's House of Hamburg on Monday Night!

Download or stream the complete Sept. 9 show right here.

Hello To Everybody - The Sights
Perfect Day - Harlan T Bobo
Switched On! - The Insomniacs
Obsessive Season - Carnival Season
Quarter Love - Copter
Paint It Black - The Feelies

You're So Beige - The Candy Snatchers
Get Over Yourself - Master Plan
Go To The Beach With Cinnamon Girl - The Intellectuals
Moanin' In The Moonlight - Pure Country Gold
Do You Know The Enemy? - Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem - The Successful Failures

Summer Girl - The White Wires
The Losers Win - The Loons
I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas - Andre Williams & Green Hornet
Someday - The Mullens
I Want You Back - The Plimsouls
My Baby Left - The Dyes

Local Lunchbox
Old Lady - Trent Fox & The Tenants
Sounds Fine To Me - Trent Fox & The Tenants
Wrong/Right Take 2 - The Hussy
Pushin' My Luck - The Hussy
Bring The Water - The Midwest Beat
Color Radio - The Midwest Beat

Cut and Paste - Bastards Of Melody
What's In It For Me? - Hoodoo Gurus
Celebrated Summer - Husker Du

The Streets Of New York City - The Bamboo Kids
New York City Women - The Booze

Dark In My Heart - DM Bob & The Deficits
She Said She Said - The Black Keys
Kidnapper - Jack Oblivian
11 Days - Girl Haggard
Let's Get Gone - John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives

Places That Are Gone - Tommy Keene
Nothing Can Change You - Tommy Keene
Adelaine - Pete Molinari
I Knew It - Bloodshot Bill
I Can't Go On Loving You - The Electric Mess

I Keep Waiting - Hacienda
Strange Attracter - Brian Olive
Miss Mary - Sarah Borges & Broken Singles
Do What I Say - The Waco Brothers
Lucy and The Butcher Knife - Two Cow Garage
Kill The Poor - Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear

My .22 - Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
I Need Me A Man - Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

I'm Goin' Crazy Ten Foot Polecats
Drive You Faster John Schooley & His One Man Band
Drinkin' On The Buildin' Reverend Deadeye

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Playlist for 9/2/11: Stick It

Teddy Roosevelt-approved opening set, phone interview with Molly Gene One Whoaman Band (and a new song from her forthcoming album), an especially scratchy 7” Six-Pack, and new music from Stupidity, Glambilly, Michael Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts and more. Good John is sitting in for me next week.

Download or stream the Sept. 2 show in its entirety right here.

Stick Shift – The Duals
Ugly Stick – Ronnie Self
Bike + Stick – The Goodnight Loving
Get On the Stick – The Replacements
Sticks & Stones – Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

Reddy Teddy – Little Richard
Scratchin’ & Whammin’ – Fred Wolf Combo
One Too Many Mornings – The Hitchhikers
Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Bambi Kino
Say Goodbye – The Wrong Words
Stormy Waters – Beach Patrol

I Wanna – Stupidity
I Wanna Feel Something Now – The Master Plan
Bee Line – The Ugly Beats
Dose of You – Nick Lowe

Sizzlin’ Hot – Dean Carter
Sexi Ladi – The Midwest Beat
Peace Bro – The Hussy
Pushin’ My Luck – The Hussy

Local Lunchbox
Back to Mono – The Midwest Beat
Blind Flower Girl – The Midwest Beat
Sister – Tim Schweiger & The Middle Men
Perfect Time – Tim Schweiger

Going Back to Miami – The Unchained Mynds
Buckeye – Johnny & the Hurricanes
I Need Some Kind of Something – Billy & Betty
He Thinks I Still Care – Connie Landers
Welcome Home, Elvis – Billy Joe Burnette
Guitar Boogie Shuffle – The Virtues

Memories – Glambilly
Bite the Bed – Glambilly
Can ‘O Worms – Churchwood
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow – The Hickoids
Days of Denton – Bad Sports

Red Dress – Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Waitin’ - Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Interview with Molly Gene

Don’t Give Me Nothing – DM Bob & the Deficits
The Cat That Never Sleeps – Mama Rosin with Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers
Crazy About the Girl – Bloodshot Bill
My Hamtramck Baby – Michael Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts
Anyone Can Do It – John Paul Keith
Old Folks Boogie – Jack Oblivian

Let’s Get Happy – The Buddies
Steve Earle – Lydia Loveless
Derailed & Doublecrossed – The Booze

High Life – The Really Rottens
Wolfman Boogie, Part 2 – Wolfman Jack & the Wolfpack
Shirley – John Fred & The Playboys
HR7152 – The Magnolia Quartet


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