Friday, December 30, 2011

Playlist for 12/30/11: Favorites of 2011

Download or stream the entire Dec. 30 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Sweet Dirty Love – The Happy Thoughts
Rachel – The Booze
Step Right Up (Baby, I’m Your Man) – DM Bob & the Deficits
Anyone Can Do It – John Paul Keith
Kidnapper – Jack Oblivian

Bite the Bed – Glambilly
Something for Your Ass – Mighty Fine
Lost My Mind – Left Lane Cruiser
Our Other World – Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds
Home Alone – Lover!

Do What’s Right By You – The Routes
Pretty Boy – The Gaye Blades
Feet – The Barreracudas
Head Over Heels – The Cute Lepers
I Don’t Need a Reason – Muck & the Mires
Maximum Bumble – The Ugly Beats

Local Lunchbox
Mess Around – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Feel My Frustration – Beach Patrol
She’s the Kind of Girl – Trolley
All Nite Long – Midwest Beat
I-94 – Trapper Schoepp & The Shades
Still Cleaning That Same Old Grease Trap – Aluminum Knot Eye

Puppet on a String – The Night Beats
Sexi Ladi – The Hussy
Nothing to do with the ‘60s – Wax Museums
Sweet Sweet Mandi – The Bad Sports
Another Time – Cheap Time
Toxic Revenge – Shannon & the Clams
Primitiv – Jack of Heart

The Hunt – Bloodshot Bill
Calloused Hands – Mark Sultan
Surfer Hag – Thee Cormans
Tower Block – Spartan Dreggs
Pepper Spray – Light Bulb Alley

I Wanna – Stupidity
Zombie Walk – The Cynics
Eat My Dustaphonics – The Dustaphonics
A Ella – Los Vigilantes
In Another Life – Occult Detective Club

She’s Nothing Like Me – The Love Me Nots
Love by the Die – Shotglass Killers
She Brings – The Insomniacs
Dead Meat – Personal & the Pizzas
Out of My Head, Into My Bed – The Reatards
Girl of the Nite – King Louie & the Missing Monuments
Watching My Baby – Reigning Sound
Dead of Night – Wheels on Fire

When I’m a Grown Up – The Monsters
Another Man’s Eyes – Delaney Davidson
Do How You Wanna – James Leg
Steve Earle – Lydia Loveless
Too Much Information – Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team

Friday, December 23, 2011

Playlist for 12-23-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 23 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Trim Your Tree – Jimmy Butler
Christmas in Vietnam – Pvt. Charles Bowen & The Gentlemen from Tigerland
All I Want for Christmas is You – Carla Thomas
Santa Claus – Jerry Clayton
Santa Claus – Sonny Boy Williamson
Christmas Blues – Ralph Willis

Club Delight – Jack Jolly
Ain’t it a Shame – Kings Ransom
Good Rockin’ Tonight – Dean Morgan
Rock My Blues Away – Dean Morgan
Tell Me – The Barefacts
8 Teen - ? & The Mysterians
99 Chicks (alt.) – Ron Haydock

Get Down With It – Bobby Marchan
Wait a Minute – Barbara Stephens
The Gorilla – The Ideals
You Have My Blessings – Mary Johnson
Town I Live In – Thee Midniters
Dragnet – Jesse Allen
Let a Woman Through – Morine & the Zercons
Anyway You Wanna – Harvey

Local Lunchbox
I Can’t Cry No More – Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds
Little Latin Lupe Lu – Joey Gee & The Come-Ons
Hot Tamales – Bobby Hatfield
Come on Everybody – Suns of Mourning

Showdown – Tony Cassanova
Cooler Weather (is Comin’) – Eddie Weldon
Her Love Rubbed Off – Carl Perkins
Shaften – The Corvettes
Egyptian Shumba – Tammys
Twist & Shout – The Nocturnes

Why Don’t You Tell Him? – Del Shannon
Don’t Wait Up – Laura Lee Perkins
Fool I Am – Pat Ferguson
She Said Yeah – The Tracers
Wild Hog Hop – Bennie Hess
Irving – David Wilkins
Oop Shank – Billy Boyd
Watch Dog – Jimmy Good
Mary Lou – Young Jessie
Trying to Please – Jerry McCain & His Upstarts

Are You Ready for This? – The Blue Eyed Soul
Suffocate – Johnny Wright
If You Wanna Be Happy – The Keys
A Night With Daddy G – The Church Street Five
Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
Function on Broadway – Mae Parrish
Broadway – Hank Ballard & the Midnighters

Dirty Old Man – The Sonics
Gila Monster (alt.) – Joe Johnson
Ju Ju Hand – Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
Spellbound – The Vandellas
Hip Pocket – The Pac-Keys
I’m Glad to Do It – C.L. Blast

The Girl With the Long Black Hair – The Other Half
Homicide – Myron Lee & The Caddies
Top Notch Grade A – Al Reed
Hey-Sah-Lo-Ney – Mickey Lee Lane
She Comes to See Me Sometimes (alt.) – Joe Hill Louis
Grandmother Got Grandfather Told – Walter Horton
Big City – The Pretty Things
Run, Mister Rabbit, Run – Smiling Smokey Lynn

Friday, December 16, 2011

Playlist for 12-16-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 16 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

UPDATE: Looks like the archives for Dec. 16 are not available.

Santa Had a Wreck – Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team
Mr. Santa Claus – The Fleshtones
Dancin’ With Santa – The Trashmen
Christmas Stocking – Roger LaVern & The Microns
Christmas Lights – Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire

Lyin’ Girl – Reigning Sound
No Greater Love – The Flat Duo Jets
Cut it Out – Joe Tex
Let’s Do the Ubangi Stomp – The Outcasts
Run, Run, Run/Who Do You Love – The Plimsouls

Watch This – The Havox
Like Long Hair – Paul Revere & the Raiders
Keep Me Posted – The Norvins
Make Me Tremble – Joey Ramone & Andy Shernoff
Cake on My Pants, Baby – Gary “Pig” Gold

I’ll Always Be Around – The Higher State
Needles in the Camel’s Eye – The Hickoids
En Attendant La Fin Du Monde – Curlee Wurlee

Local Lunchbox
Old Lady – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Sounds Fine to Me – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Drinking Song – The Hussy
Social Critique of Madison – The Hussy

Numbers – The Barreracudas
Middle Way – The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey
Touch Sensitive – The Fall
Forensic R& B – The Spartan Dreggs
Back in the U.S.A. – Bloodshot Bill

Martha Berner live in the studio

Little Miss Keith Richards – John Wesley Coleman
Black Train – Mighty Fine
Monkey Man – Lonnie Youngblood & His Bloodhounds
Late, Late Party – The Martinis

Long Way Down – The Booze
Cold Deck – Trapper Schoepp & The Shades
Zero to Stupid – Tommy Stinson
Jesus Was a Wino – Lydia Loveless

Goodbye – The Cobras
Gunnin’ For Peter – The Wailers
Rockin’ at the Hop – The Red Counts
Worry, Worry, Worry – Tommy Knackin & the Four Jets
Red Hot – Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

Little Runaway – Ramma Lamma
She Got Soul – The Live Ones
Hitman – Wax Idols
She’s Dancing Around – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Skull Hair – Heavy Times
Terrapin – King Khan & The BBQ Show
Demon the Whiskey Down – The Naked Heroes

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Playlist for 12-9-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 9 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Holiday Cheer – The Martinis
Don’t Believe in Christmas – The Sonics
Will the Coffin Be Your Santa Claus – Rev. J.M. Gates
Christmas Eve Can Kill You – The Everly Brothers
We Got the Eggnog If You Got the Whiskey – The Hickoids

Jealous Heart – Jack Oblivian
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Timmy Thomas
Gimme That Wine – The Rats
Take Up the Slack Daddy-O – The Sabres
Showman Twang Tiki Gods – The Dustaphonics
It May be The Last Time (live) – James Brown

Bad Girl – South Filthy
Surrender Road – Wheels on Fire
Teenage Girls – The Bad Sports
Vendidi Fumar – Churchwood
I Hear Somebody Cry – The Tandoori Knights
Milk Intrigue – Curlee Wurlee
Spazztastic – Johnny Throttle
Choc Ice – Janey & The Ravemen

Local Lunchbox
Ryan King interview
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme – Ramma Lamma
Rock ‘n Roll Lady – Ramma Lamma
Cheatin’ Blues – Rabble Rabble

Meltdown – The Shotglass Killers
Indiana Girls – The Happy Thoughts
You’re So Strange – The Zippers
Hold on Me – Mikal Cronin
Let’s Do a Slow Dance – Dave “Baby” Cortez

Another Man’s Eyes – Delaney Davidson
Scout-A-Boo – The Spartan Dreggs
Cowboys & Indians – Thee Spivs
Too Many Docile Minds – Sir Douglas Quintet
Everything You Took – Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires
Bottom to Top – Henry’s Funeral Shoe
Yearn 'n Burn 'n Heart – DM Bob & the Deficits
Ain’t Got a Thing – Sonny Burgess

I Walked All Night – The Embers
Far, Far Away – The Dukes of Hamburg
Phantom Dragster – The Neanderthals
Serve the Man – The Revelators
Let There Be Drums – Thee Gravemen
Don’t Start Crying Now – Hasil Adkins

We Had Love – The Scientists
A+ - Figures of Light
River Knows Me – Vernon Selavy
Ramona – The Alarm Clocks
That Time of Day – Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Blow Um Mau Mau – The Monsters
That’s All She Wrote – The Hollywood Sinners
I Don’t Love You – The Montesas
Crawl – The Cynics
Saturday Let Me Down Again – Muck & the Mires
Gambled & Lost – Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team
Comedianne – The Tripwires

Friday, December 2, 2011

Playlist for 12-2-11

Download or stream the entire Dec. 2 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Mrs. Santa Claus – Nathaniel Mayer
Who Likes Christmas Anyway? – Luis & the Wildfires
Christmas at Montsegur – Knights of the New Crusade
It’s Christmas Time – The Qualities
Poor Mr. Santa – Andre Williams

The Girl Can’t Dance/Look Away – Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Down Home Girl – The Mummies
My Box Rocks – Figures of Light
Get Your Feet Off Of Me – Kavalier
Karate Monkey – The Kongsmen

Handgrenade Heart – The Zeros
Long Island Lolita – Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls
Brain Damage – Personal & the Pizzas
Red Headed Girl (partial) – The Movements
Girl – The Barreracudas

Local Lunchbox
Trolley interview

I Woke Up – Trolley
Till I’m Gone – Trolley

Mom Won’t You Teach Me to Monkey – Little Emmet Sutton
That’s It Man – The Valentines
We’re the One – The Live Ones
Psycho – Nick Curran
Boogaloser – Fuad & the Feztones
I Can’t Believe My Eyes – Del Shannon
Do You Wanna Dance – Del Shannon

Ready to Roar - Mighty Fine
Keep ‘Em Satisfied Pt. 2 – Mark Sultan
We Are the Ocean – The King Khan & BBQ Show
Satellite of Love – DM Bob & The Deficits

Floor – Dynamite Pussy Club
Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Dave “Baby” Cortez
Eat My Dustaphonics – The Dustaphonics
Keep You Around – The Party Lights
Big Street Time – Ramma Lamma
Double Chin – The Naked Heroes

Waters live in the studio
Take Me Out to the Coast – Waters

Throw Me a Bone – Boo Frog
Apple Seeds –Vernon Selavy
Pretty Girl – The Gaye Blades
Million Miles Away (live) – The Plimsouls
Mental Holiday – The Insomniacs


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