Friday, December 30, 2011

Playlist for 12/30/11: Favorites of 2011

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Sweet Dirty Love – The Happy Thoughts
Rachel – The Booze
Step Right Up (Baby, I’m Your Man) – DM Bob & the Deficits
Anyone Can Do It – John Paul Keith
Kidnapper – Jack Oblivian

Bite the Bed – Glambilly
Something for Your Ass – Mighty Fine
Lost My Mind – Left Lane Cruiser
Our Other World – Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds
Home Alone – Lover!

Do What’s Right By You – The Routes
Pretty Boy – The Gaye Blades
Feet – The Barreracudas
Head Over Heels – The Cute Lepers
I Don’t Need a Reason – Muck & the Mires
Maximum Bumble – The Ugly Beats

Local Lunchbox
Mess Around – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Feel My Frustration – Beach Patrol
She’s the Kind of Girl – Trolley
All Nite Long – Midwest Beat
I-94 – Trapper Schoepp & The Shades
Still Cleaning That Same Old Grease Trap – Aluminum Knot Eye

Puppet on a String – The Night Beats
Sexi Ladi – The Hussy
Nothing to do with the ‘60s – Wax Museums
Sweet Sweet Mandi – The Bad Sports
Another Time – Cheap Time
Toxic Revenge – Shannon & the Clams
Primitiv – Jack of Heart

The Hunt – Bloodshot Bill
Calloused Hands – Mark Sultan
Surfer Hag – Thee Cormans
Tower Block – Spartan Dreggs
Pepper Spray – Light Bulb Alley

I Wanna – Stupidity
Zombie Walk – The Cynics
Eat My Dustaphonics – The Dustaphonics
A Ella – Los Vigilantes
In Another Life – Occult Detective Club

She’s Nothing Like Me – The Love Me Nots
Love by the Die – Shotglass Killers
She Brings – The Insomniacs
Dead Meat – Personal & the Pizzas
Out of My Head, Into My Bed – The Reatards
Girl of the Nite – King Louie & the Missing Monuments
Watching My Baby – Reigning Sound
Dead of Night – Wheels on Fire

When I’m a Grown Up – The Monsters
Another Man’s Eyes – Delaney Davidson
Do How You Wanna – James Leg
Steve Earle – Lydia Loveless
Too Much Information – Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team

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