Friday, January 13, 2012

Playlists for 1-6-12 and 1-13-12

Download or stream either show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

We Will Ride – Demolition Doll Rods
Ride of the Ruthless – Big Guitars From Texas
Ride With Me Baby – Long John Hunter
Ride on Josephine – Bo Diddley
Ticket to Ride – Wee Willie Walker

Hush Puppy – The Spyders
Walk Like a Man – South Bay Surfers
Camping on Acid – Government Cheese
War Pigs – Freakwater
Take a Trip – Gift of Love
A Sweet Bitter Winter – Vermillion Sands

Thunderbird ESQ – The Gories
The Socialite – Mighty Fine
World of Pain – Figures of Light
(Your Love is Like a) Ramblin’ Rose – Barrence Whitfield & the Savages
Anna – Rocket From the Tombs

Local Lunchbox
Ill Communication – Uh Oh
Third Degree – Uh Oh
Spit in Your Eye – Uh Oh
Pizza Weekend – Uh Oh

Telephone Love – Marky Ramone & the Intruders
Telephone Game – Bangs
Sunday You Need Love – The Oblivians
Miracle – Radar Eyes
Not Far Away – Reigning Sound

Got to Get Out of This Town – Thee Fine Lines (coming in for an interview next week!)
Nerves – Thee Fine Lines
Too Much of You Makes Me Go Out of My Mind – Thee Fine Lines
Corinne – Thee Fine Lines

Oh Baby – Andre Williams & the Goldstars
I’m In Love With Your Daughter – The GTV’s
RnBnD – The GTVs
Do My Thang – Dynamite Pussy Club
Palomino – The Moto-Gators
Right Time for Love – The Sprague Brothers
My Obsession – Trolley

Sat. Nite Duets live in the studio

Landslide – The Steve Adamyk Band
Steve Don’t Party No More –The Mean Jeans

I’ve Got a Dollar – The Baxx Sisi’s
Commes Des Betes – Magnetix
Je Suis Un Montre – Curlee Wurlee
Ce Soir – The Monsters
Why Ain’t Bo On My TV – Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers
Sammy Sue – Dave “Baby” Cortez
It Takes Two to Do Wrong – Bobby Patterson
Lost Incas – Big Guitars From Texas
Love Me Baby (Cherry July) – Question Mark & the Mysterians

1-6-12 (Good John stepped in to sub for me while I was on vacation - thanks!)
Introducing Drake Savage – Slackeye Slim
Live It Up – No Bunny
Friday’s Child – The Green Hornets
Self-Made Monster – Outrageous Cherry
Cool Vapors – Jacuzzi Boys
I’m In Trouble – The Replacements

Every Day – Thee Vicars
Teenage Heartbreak – The Sorrows
Please, Please, Please – The Masonics
The Pig – Mondo Topless
The Grass Ain’t Always Greener – The Electric Mess
Can’t Hold On – Reigning Sound

Fell In Love – Lover!
Happy Days – The Barbarellas
I May Be Cruel – Bad Sports
Places That Are Gone – Tommy Keene
Sitting By A Window – The Pebbles
Girl On A Beach – Jack Oblivian

Local Lunchbox with Derek Dunn

Camaro – Two Cow Garage
Valentine – I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House
D. Boon – Uncle Tupelo
Toys In The Attic – REM

Long Way Down – The Booze
This Damn Nation – The Godfathers
Zombie – The Dyes
Screws Get Loose – Those Darlins
Come On, Come On – The Barreracudas

The Pudding Club – The Insomniacs
Keep Your Big Mouth Shut – Thee Headcoatees
So Long I’m Gone – Flat Duo Jets
Don’t Look Down – The Declines Of Reptiles
We’ll Take You Higher – The Live Ones

My Obsession – Trolley
At First Sight – The Stems
Keep Hanging On – Husker Du

The Miracle Of Genuine Pyrex – Man or Astroman?
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry – The Milkshakes
Lazy Baby – John Wesley Coleman
White Riot – The Clash

Tomorrow You Feel Better - Kidnappers
Natural Blues – Natural Child
Working Too Hard – The Nerves
Dance Away – Smith Westerns
I’m On My Own – The Okmoniks
Broke Ass – Scott H. Biram

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