Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playlist for 2-24-12

Download or stream the entire Feb. 24 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Out of This World – Gino Washington
A Handful of Memories – Baby Washington
Rome – Gino Washington
Move On – Baby Washington
Do the Frog – Gino Washington
Knock Yourself Out – Baby Washington

To Die Alone – The Bush
Psycho Beach Party – Kill, Baby … Kill
Torture – Del Shannon
Beaver Patrol – The Wild Knights
There She Goes – The Banana
Bar-B-Q – Wendy Rene
That Girls Got a Big Mouth – Thee Fine Lines

Hey Grandma – Hot Knives
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby – The Hickoids
Why You Gotta Lie – Kurt Baker
It’s All Up to You - Ambulance
Little Lies – The Connection
Paint it Black – Los Vigilantes
Sera, Sera – Davila 666

Local Lunchbox
Teenage Monster – The Catholic Boys
I Told Ya – The Catholic Boys
Get Loose – The Catholic Boys

Boyfriend Street – The Flip-Tops
Jealous Friend – Thee Spivs
Givin’ Up on You – Sonic Avenues
77 – The Cute Lepers
Looking for Some Action – Bare Wires
Little Runaway – Ramma Lamma

Swamp Dogg’s Hot Spot – Andre Williams
Maze Time – Gardens

Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Alex Chilton
Zig Zag – The Bon
Artists Have No Friends – Troll Control
I Don’t’ Mind (live) – The Buzzcocks
Heart of Stone – Johnny Throttle

I Wanna Be Your Caveman – Wild Evel & the Trashbones
Hard to Believe – Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls
Booze & Pills – Spanking Charlene
Freakout – The Jackets
Read Your Mind – The Go-Wows

Shake Me Up Tonight – The Dalhmans
Time for You to Go – Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team
Spinout – The Neanderthals
What’d I Do – The Dyes
Swamp Thing – Southern Culture on the Skids
My Hamtramck Baby – Michael Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts

School Lunch Victim – Mean Jeans
Shortnin’ Bread – Johnny & the Uncalled Four
Right Track Now – Roky Erickson & Clementine Hall
So Strange – The Jesters
Teenage Love – The Booze
My Babe – Ricky Nelson

Friday, February 17, 2012

Playlist for 2-17-12

Download or stream the entire Feb. 17 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Guitar in Orbit Pt. 37 – Deke Dickerson & the Ecco-Fonics
I Go into Orbit – Johnny Acey
Orbit with Me – Sonny Sheather
Orbit Twist – Rufus Shoffner
Going into Orbit – Churchill & the Radars
Rockin’ in the Orbit – Jimmie Haskell & His Orchestra

Make the Rules – The Orbits
Until the Word Gets Out – The Orbits
Out of Love – Trolley
Free Again – Alex Chilton
Give You What I Got – Wendy Rene
You Got Me Singing – Eddie Hinton
Don’t Steal My Heart – Kurt Baker
Rock N Roll Girl – The Beat
In This Town (live) – The Plimsouls

Hot for Twinkies – Go Nuts
Stretch Marks – Guilty Pleasures
Crawling Back to You – The Monsters
Amanda – Los Vigilantes
Mam’Zelle Filou – Curlee Wurlee

Local Lunchbox
Bye, Bye, Bye – The Mistreaters
More Sheep than Yellow – Head on Electric
How Much for the Women – The Mistreaters
Mean Mary – Head on Electric

Rock-n-Roll is Never Going to Die – Atomic Suplex
Devil’s Makeup – Thee Exciters
My Box Rocks – Figures of Light
Head to Tail – The Creeping Ivies
Lazy Bones – The Pharmacy

Blood on My Hands – The Hussy
Meet Mr. Fork – The Night Beats
Shot Down – Apache Dropout
Ain’t it Strange – The Midwest Beat
Rocket Science – Organs

Never Be My Man – Dead Fingers
Call Me Trouble – Mighty Fine
Overheatin’ – Crankshaft & the Geargrinders

Little Barrie live in the studio/interview

I Want You – The Electric Stars
Tuesday Girl – GetSet
Let’s Do a Slow Dance – Dave “Baby” Cortez
I Did it All – Swamp Dogg
Valiente – The Moto-Gators

The Nazz are Blue – The Liberty Bell
Bald Headed Woman – The Pleazers
I Wanna Know – Larry Williams
Explosion – Cliff Nash
Last Time – The Alarm Clocks

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Playlist for 2-10-12: Third Anniversary

About 15 minutes late starting due to the snow … Download or stream the entire Feb. 10 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Cocktails for Three – Terry Allen
One, Two, Three & I Fell – Tommy James & the Shondells
Three Years – Harold L. & the Offbeats
Three Cheers for the Losers – Wynn Stewart
Three Times a Fool – Otis Rush
Three Long Years – Sugar Shack

Insane – Shoutless
Whatever – Troll Control
Tie Me Up – Spanking Charlene
Night Time – The Chayns
Baby Doll – The Connection
Anytime You Want Me – The Moto-Gators
Baby, I Love You – The Wild Ones

Local Lunchbox
Wild One/Tin Star – The Mystery Girls
Blue Tar – Head On Electric
Later Than You Think – Wanda Chrome

Who’s Gonna Break the Ice – The Plimsouls
Kiss Me – Kurt Baker
Do You Wanna Dance – Del Shannon
Right or Wrong – The Sprague Brothers
Dance on Your Problems – The Riots

Take Me Back – Hot Knives
Hung Over – The Martinis
Everything I Do is Wrong – Reigning Sound

Bhaji Blues – Tandoori Knights
Wild Wild East – Tandoori Knights
Devil in Me – Two Bit Dezperados
Back to You – Bazooka
You Will Always Bring Me Flowers – Shannon & the Clams

50’s French Move – The Chrome Cranks
I Kill Me – The Ills
Hang Loose – Thee Exciters
The Jinx – The Dustaphonics
Love Theme for a Twisted Mind – Kill, Baby … Kill

Lock Me Up – The Flip-Tops
Fadin’ Luv – Sonic Avenues
Upside Down – Mind Spiders
Diet, Crime & Delinquency – Personal & the Pizzas
Peint en Noir – Curlee Wurlee
Ballroom Disasters – The Barreracudas
Riot Girls – Bleed

It’s Cold Outside – Stiv Bators
That Girl – The Go-Wows
In the Street – Get-Set
Not Man Enough – The Electric Stars
I Woke Up – Trolley
I’m Gonna Try – The Purple Hearts

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Playlist for 2-3-12

Download or stream the entire Feb. 3 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Bathroom Party – Atomic Suplex
Bird Bath – The Trashmen
Take a Bath – Charles Sims
A Little Bit of Soap – The Jarmels
Soapy – Mickey & the Cleancuts

Happiness is Havin’ – Beaver & the Trappers
My World is Upside Down – The Telltale Hearts
I’ll Make You Cry Too – The Fabulous Blue Jays
Food, Sickles & Girls – The Mummies
Hot Pool of Womanneed – The Cramps
Scotora Mull – The Outcasts
Mr. Flying Saucer Man – Jimmy Ford & the Luzers

Flower Punk Girl – Thee Exciters
Stray Ahead – The Guilty Pleasures
Rubber Rat – The Chrome Cranks
Emergency Bible – Cousin Betty
Slave Girl – The Lime Spiders
Do the Wurst – King Salami & the Cumberland 3
Hitlist – Stupidity
Never See the Day – The Boss Mustangs

Local Lunchbox
Dead Fish on the Banks – The Goodnight Loving
Doesn’t Shake Me it All – The Goodnight Loving
You’ll Own My Heart – The Goodnight Loving
You Know Better – The Goodnight Loving

It’s All Right – The Connection
Don’t Go to the Party – The Prefab Messiahs
These Things Take Time – The Higher State
The Calico Cat – Trolley
CCMMYYKK – Adam Widener

Mojo Hannah – Andre Williams
Hot Coffee – Andre Williams & the Goldstars

Clamdiggin’ – The Moto-Gators
Suspicion – The South Bay Surfers
Two Hearts Are Better Than One – The Paragons
Fever – The Monsters
Prissy Missy – Dale McBride
Throwin’ Stones – The Mean Jeans

Sugar, Sugar/I Got the Feelin’ – Alex Chilton

Supersuckers live in the studio and interview
Carry Me Home (acoustic)
Road Worn & Weary (acoustic)
Born With a Tail (acoustic)
19th Most Powerful Woman in Rock

Hey Suzette – The Bon
Guess Things Happen That Way – Swampmeat
Me & My Dogs – Radar Eyes
Hallucinojenny – The Night Beats

Tina the Go Go Queen – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
Stick Around – Wheels on Fire
Safe & Sound – The Safes
Summer Melody – Vermillion Sands
Bo Bo Boogaloo – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds


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