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Playlist for 3.30.12

Download or stream the entire March 30 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Brains & Eggs – Los Straitjackets
Rotten Egg – Gas Huffer
The Hunt – Bloodshot Bill
Scrambled Eggs – Live Wires
End of the Hunt – Bozo Darnell

I’m a Ding Dong Daddy From A Rock & Roll City – Jerry McCain
Frieda, Frieda – The Valiants
The Cool Bird – Fuad & the Feztones
Sailor Girl – Curlee Wurlee
I Idolize You – Python Lee Jackson
Put it Where I Can Get It – Jerry McCain
Steady – Jerry McCain
My Next Door Neighbor – Jerry McCain

I Wanna Rock and Roll – Angus MacMannus
Tom Waits for No One – Charger Street Gang
You – Stupidity
Perpetual Happening – Thee Exciters
Gremlins on My Wings – Los Tentakills

Local Lunchbox
Ode to a Young Girl – Holly & the Nice Lions
More Sheep Than Yellow – Head on Electric
On the Cover – The Hussy
Big Street Time – Ramma Lamma

Join Us Now – Mind Spiders
Long Way to Go – The Guilty Pleasures
Panic Attack – Paint Fumes
Monkey Town – Bazooka
Amanda – Los Vigilantes

Alone Now (Live) – Mid…

Playlist for 3.23.12

Download or stream the entire March 23 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Black Train – Mighty Fine
Chicago Breakdown – John Schooley & His One Man Band
Jaguar & Thunderbird – Chuck Berry
Tennessee – Reigning Sound
Indianapolis – Brian Henneman
C’mon Back to Bowling Green – Government Cheese

Lovin’ Up a Storm – Jerry Lee Lewis
Fever – Marie Queenie Lyons
Mo’ Taters – The Earthworms
Girl – The Spinns
Doing the Crawdaddy – Bo Diddley
Never Knew I Had it So Bad – Thee Midniters

Get in Line – The Mockers
She Don’t Know Why I’m Here – The Last
Cameage – The Descendents
Pretty Little Girl – All

Local Lunchbox
Sister Mary Katherine – The Midwest Beat
Bethany – The Midwest Beat
Mercy Blues – Trapper Schoepp & the Shades
Too Tall – Midnight Reruns

Zero Hour – The Plimsouls
Price of Love – The Plimsouls
You Can’t Judge a Book – The Plimsouls
Time Won’t Let Me – The Plimsouls
I Want What You Got – The Plimsouls

Truth Drug – Steve Wynn
Gratitude (For Curt Flood) – The Baseball Project
Willie Mays …

Playlist for 3.16.12

Download or stream the entire March 16 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Jungle Madness – Gene Krupa
Night Time Madness – B. Bumble & the Stingers
Mascara, Miniskirts & Madness – The Neanderthals
Madness in the Streets – Man … or Astroman
Streak of Madness – Bob Helgerson
Madness – The Rhythm Rockers

Cry Now, Smile Later – Vicky & the Vengents
Maybe Tonight – The Go-Wows
Shakedown – The Moto-Gators
Don’t Stop Partying – Mean Jeans
Only Wanted You to Know – Steve Adamyk Band
Seven Nights to Rock – The Connection

She is Above Me – The Paperhead
How to Keep a Straight Face – The Wrong Words
Long, Long Thoughts – The Resonars
Useless Games – The Night Beats
Sister Burnout – Apache Dropout
Pictures of Her Demise – The Paperhead
Moses & Me – Jack Oblivian

Local Lunchbox
Greatest Pretender – The Sugar Stems
That Me Wanting You – Trolley
Train Kept a Rollin’ – Lonesome Savages
Did You Ever – The Sugar Stems

Rock & Roll Machine – Atomic Suplex
Enslaved & Outraged – The Flip-Tops

Zero Hour playlist for 3.9.12

Download or stream the entire March 9 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Who Are the Mystery Girls? – New York Dolls
She’s My Baby Doll – Terry Clements & the Tune Tones
Baby Doll – The Connection
Darlin’ – The Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls – The Nerves

You Gotta Be Loose – Wailin’ Bill Deal
You’re Telling Me Lies - ? & the Mysterians
I Feel Good – Greg Anderson
You Got the Gamma Goochee – The Kingsmen
The Chase – Bobby Fuller & the Fanatics
Ann – Johnny Throttle

The Drummer Owns the Name – The Bad Detectives
Break My Fall – Beat Seeking Missiles
Outta My Mind – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Sooner or Later – Hot Knives

They Say – The Zeros
Jumpin’ in the Night (live) – The Plimsouls
Let’s Eat – Nick Lowe’s Last Chicken in the Shop

Local Lunchbox
Molly, Molly – The Hussy
I Don’t Really Want to – The Hussy
The Moon Rules #1 – The Hussy
Stab Me – The Hussy

Koo Koo With You – The Jacuzzi Boys
Don’t Look for Her – Games
I Remember – Ambulance
Forget It – The Cry
It Isn’t That Easy (demo) – Alex C…

Playlist for 3/2/12

Download or stream the entire March 2 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Uncle Jonah’s Place – Harold Dorman
Uncle Henry’s Basement – The Jesters
Come Back, Uncle John – Big John Greer
The Good Lord Giveth & Uncle Sam Taketh Away – Webb Pierce
Monkey’s Uncle – The Kongsmen
Uncle John – Wild Child Gipson
Uncle John’s Bongos – Houston Turner & the Dixielanders

Problem Child – The Four-More
Doing the Best I Can – John Fred & the Playboys
Paint it Black – Die Zorros
What Ya Gonna Do – Baby Woodrose
(She’s Gonna Give Tom Jones Her) Room Key – The Bad Detectives
Lollipop – South Bay Surfers

Miniskirt Blues – Simon Stokes & the Heathen Angels
Cumin’ N’ Goin’ – Thee Cormans
Say Mama – Chy Guys
Hot, Hot Mama – Bloodshot Bill
Stop – Bloodshot Bill
Party Time – Bob Norris
Hey, Mama, Look at Sis – The Oblivians
Loosely – Ike Turner

Local Lunchbox
Bobby – The Midnight Reruns
Long Way to Go – The Midnight Reruns
Blue Ridge Girl – The Midnight Reruns
Central Time – The Midnight Reruns

Nothin’ L…