Saturday, April 28, 2012

Playlist for 4.27.12

Download or stream the entire April 27 show here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Bobby Blueheart – Hollows
On the Move – Pierced Arrows
Great Chicago Fire – Waco Brothers & Paul Burch
Cotton Crop Blues – James Cotton
Union Pac – Molly Gene OneWhoaManBand
Ride That Train – The Oblivians

In the Midnight Hour – Chocolate Watch Band
Ain’t No Stranger – Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires
Catwalk – Tiny Fuller
Land of a 1,000 Dances – Thee Midniters
She’s Mine – Strange Hands

Adeline – The Nevermores
Personne N’est Parfait – Les Playboys
Lonely & Blue – 60 Second Swingers
You – Swingin’ Neckbreakers

Local Lunchbox
‘Til I’m Gone – Trolley
Certain Gurls – Certain Stars
That Made Me Wanting You – Trolley
Great Destroyer – Trolley

Commes Des Betes – The Magnetix
I Want You – The Monsters
Sally – The Highspeed V
Hang Up – Lyres
Mud Brown Mistress – Something Men
Flypaper – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds

Stoney Baloney – Harmonica Lewinski
He’ll Make a Way – catl
River Know Me – Vernon Selavy
Geechie Gomie – Marga Benitez
Texas Pastureground – Roy & the Devil’s Motorcyle
Brand New Cadillac – The Milkshakes

The People Had No Faces – Bloos Magoos
Black Plague Blues – Figures of Light
DTV – Natural Child
Black Garage Door – Chrome Cranks

Jackee – Piñata Protest
Gypsy Minor – El Pathos
Don’t Need Your Lovin’ – Jake Starr & the Delicious Fullness
Snake Drive – Tav Falco
Rockin’ With the Devil – The Lonesome Savages
Jack the Ripper – The Mad Hatters

Are You Really My Girl – The Music Shoppe
Doggone It Baby – The Rock-A-Teens
Shakedown – The Moto-Gators
Lend Me Your Comb – Bambi Kino
Time it Takes to Break a Heart – Vicky & The Vengents
Tired of Losin’ Sleep – Muck & the Mires
Stick it to the Man – The DeRellas

Friday, April 20, 2012

Playlist for 4.20.12

Download or stream the entire 4/20 show here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

Turn that TV Off – Boris the Sprinkler
Cigarette – The Shirley MacLaines
Gone for Good – Haywire
Feel so Lame – The Del Lames
Pepper Spray – Light Bulb Alley

Bourgeois Blues – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
Wet Bar – Ross Johnson
Teenage Jump – T. Valentine
Night Out – John J. Moses
Stop Kicking My Dog Around – Rufus Thomas
Country Boy – Big Tiny Kennedy
Pantherman – Tav Falco & the Panther Burns

Do You Remember What You Did – Danny Kroha & the Del Torros
Psycho – Margaret Doll Rod
Move It- T. Tex Edwards
My Blue Sin – Walter Daniels
Devil in Me – Two Bit Dezperados

Local Lunchbox
Kiss You – Ramma Lamma
If I Did It – Uh-Oh
Did You Ever – Sugar Stems
Ice Fishing – Cake People

Hot Class – King Louie's Missing Monuments
Word Gets Around – Gentleman Jesse
Run Away – The Golden Boys
Rather See Me Dead – Hollows
I Wanna Be Tall – Estrogen Highs
Always in My Head – Outer Minds
Panchito Blues – Peach Kelli Pop

Dreaming – The Go Wows
Munster Rock-N-Roller – The Bam Balams
Candyman Blues – Copper Gamins
Rocket – Piñata Protest
Thin-Armed Hairless Man – Python Lee Jackson
Some Kinda Fun – The Missing Links
Breathless – DM Bob & the Deficits
Six Pink Cadillacs – Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle

Semi Twang live in the studio

Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – Waco Brothers & Paul Burch
We Had it All – Green on Red

Cry Wolf – Snatches of Pink
Top of the Charts – The Magnolias
Why You Hang Up on Me – The Accelerators
Attleboro Surf – The Surf Piranhas
Let There Be Drums – Thee Gravemen
Acid Vision – Strange Hands
Wild Man – Thee Dirty Beats
Lights – Thee Vicars
Good Times – Beasts of Bourbon
The Wringer – JJ & the Real Jerks 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playlist for 4.13.12

Download the entire April 13 show here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

High School Confidential (live) – Jerry Lee Lewis
Boppin’ High School Baby – Don Willis
Where the Rio De Rosa Flows – Jimmy Lloyd
He’ll Have to Go – Charlie Feathers
Let’s Work Together, Pt. 1 – Wilbert Harrison
Tight Capris – Jody Reynolds

Memphis Chicken – Gibson Bros.
The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing – Jack O. & the Tennessee Tearjerkers
Dry County – John Paul Keith
FBI Top 10 – DM Bob & the Deficits
Lee Harvey – T. Tex Edwards
Emulsified – Gibson Bros.

Suffering Kind – El Pathos
Metanio – Churchwood
Bobby Fuller’s Drinking Gasoline – The Bad Detectives
Rock-n-Roll Party – The Creeping Ivies
Shot Down – Barrence Whitfield
I Like You as a Friend – Spanking Charlene

Local Lunchbox
Dog Yeah – The Hussy
Zombies – Trent Fox & the Tenants
My Baby – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Mind Alright – The Hussy

Back to the Start – Thee Spivs
Static Attraction – Sonic Avenues
Girl – The Barreracudas
She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore – Green
I’m Not the One You We’re Looking for – Hunx
Days of Denton – The Bad Sports
Basement Song – Lover!

Cry! – The Monsters
I’m the One for You – The Milkshakes
Roller Coaster – The Hollywood Sinners
Do it! – The Dynamite Pussy Club
Lovely Jubbly the Dung Bettle – Billy Childish & Sexton Ming
Eye for an Empty Heart – Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
Everybody Loves Somebody – Hasil Adkins

Born Bad – Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle
Got Love – The Lonesome Savages
Older Than You – The Golden Boys
If I Had a Polaroid – Mark Sultan
Lies – Hot Knives
Wait for My Love – 13th Floor Elevators
Blues Eyes (live) – The Midwest Beat

Bad to Worse – The Connection
Down in the City – The Cry
Don’t Believe Him – The Kasiers
My Obsession – Trolley
Where Are You Sleeping Tonight – Friends Inside

Penny Candy – The Bon
Strange Effect – The Hollows
I Don’t Need the Reasons – The Eastern Dark
It’s OK (live) – Dead Moon
I Know – The Stompers
Cumin’ & Goin’ – Thee Cormans

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Playlist for 4.6.12

Download or stream the entire April 6 show right here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

The Attic or the Underground – Waxing Poetics
Dead – The Poets
Like Poets Often Do – The Vermin Poets
That’s the Way It’s Got to Be – The Poets
She Blew a Good Thing – The Poets

Party Girl – The Dustaphonics
Born to Be Your Fool – Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers
No Ending – Stacy Lane
Crime of Love – Jack Oblivian
Sweet 94 – Buster Benton

Terrapin – King Khan & BBQ Show
Misery Again – John Wesley Coleman
That’s How I Got to Memphis – Natural Child
I’m Only Lonely – Gentleman Jesse
Gonna Die – Steve Adamyk

Local Lunchbox
Dirty Girl – Certain Stars
Greatest Pretender – The Sugar Stems
Red Light – Sticks & Stones
All I Can Say – Holly & the Nice Lions

California Blonde – The Booze
I Can Dig It – Alex Chilton
No More Moanin’ – Tony Barber
Rooftop Blues – Thee Vicars
Almost There – Vicky & the Vegents
I Want You – The Go Wows

Through the Cobwebs – Head on Electric
Rocket Science – Organs
Girl I’m Thinking Of – Organs
Devil’s Whore – Dynamite Pussy Club
Black Hair Woman – The Lonesome Savages
Through the Night – Trojans of Evol
It’s a Monster – Wild Evel & the Trashbones

Bottom of My Heart – Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers
You Can Do No Wrong – Carl Perkins
Won’t Do it Again – The Bad Detectives
Baja Beat – The Surf Piranhas
Vaquero Beat – The Vaqueros

When I’m With You – The Alarm Clocks
Put Me Down – The Movements
What We Gonna Do – The Jackets
Anything – De Keefmen
Passing You By – The Rebels

Wouldn’t Last – The Cry
Now (live) – The Plimsouls
Days After Tomorrow – The Playmates
Neighborhood Patrol – The Magnolias
Sad Girl – The Plunderers
Whatever – Troll Control
Can’t Escape – Thee Fine Lines
Hip – No- Tyzed – The Gruesomes


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