Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playlist for 4.13.12

Download the entire April 13 show here. Find Zero Hour on Facebook here.

High School Confidential (live) – Jerry Lee Lewis
Boppin’ High School Baby – Don Willis
Where the Rio De Rosa Flows – Jimmy Lloyd
He’ll Have to Go – Charlie Feathers
Let’s Work Together, Pt. 1 – Wilbert Harrison
Tight Capris – Jody Reynolds

Memphis Chicken – Gibson Bros.
The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing – Jack O. & the Tennessee Tearjerkers
Dry County – John Paul Keith
FBI Top 10 – DM Bob & the Deficits
Lee Harvey – T. Tex Edwards
Emulsified – Gibson Bros.

Suffering Kind – El Pathos
Metanio – Churchwood
Bobby Fuller’s Drinking Gasoline – The Bad Detectives
Rock-n-Roll Party – The Creeping Ivies
Shot Down – Barrence Whitfield
I Like You as a Friend – Spanking Charlene

Local Lunchbox
Dog Yeah – The Hussy
Zombies – Trent Fox & the Tenants
My Baby – Trent Fox & the Tenants
Mind Alright – The Hussy

Back to the Start – Thee Spivs
Static Attraction – Sonic Avenues
Girl – The Barreracudas
She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore – Green
I’m Not the One You We’re Looking for – Hunx
Days of Denton – The Bad Sports
Basement Song – Lover!

Cry! – The Monsters
I’m the One for You – The Milkshakes
Roller Coaster – The Hollywood Sinners
Do it! – The Dynamite Pussy Club
Lovely Jubbly the Dung Bettle – Billy Childish & Sexton Ming
Eye for an Empty Heart – Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
Everybody Loves Somebody – Hasil Adkins

Born Bad – Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle
Got Love – The Lonesome Savages
Older Than You – The Golden Boys
If I Had a Polaroid – Mark Sultan
Lies – Hot Knives
Wait for My Love – 13th Floor Elevators
Blues Eyes (live) – The Midwest Beat

Bad to Worse – The Connection
Down in the City – The Cry
Don’t Believe Him – The Kasiers
My Obsession – Trolley
Where Are You Sleeping Tonight – Friends Inside

Penny Candy – The Bon
Strange Effect – The Hollows
I Don’t Need the Reasons – The Eastern Dark
It’s OK (live) – Dead Moon
I Know – The Stompers
Cumin’ & Goin’ – Thee Cormans

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