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Gearhead Fill-in 5.26.12

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Wake Up to Rock and Roll – Roky Erickson & the Aliens Justine – The Rangers Scream – Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors Thunderbird – The Nightcaps Let’s Truck Together – Kenny Price
Master Race Rock – The Dictators Ring Dang Doo – Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs Go Go Dancer – The Ventures I’m a Road Runner – The Fabulous Wanderers The Naughty Coo – Wayne Cochran Bloodhound – Larry Bright
Going Back to Miami – The Unchained Mynds Surf Bored – The Pit Men Hot Rod USA – The Neanderthals Out in the Streets – The Shangri-Las My Obsession – The Rolling Stones If It’s Meant to Be a Party – Python Lee Jackson Dynamite Woman – Sir Douglas Quintet Psychedelic Trip – Chocolate Watchband
Sizzling Hot – Dean Carter Fever Burns in My Brain – Allusions Baby Get Lost – The Barracudas Shake With Me – The Outlaws Boogie Children – John Fred & the Playboys Sermon Against Rock and Roll – Jimmy Snow Baldie Stomp – The Deacons Big Girls Don’t Cry – Edith Massey
California Sun (live)…

Playlist for 5.25.12: I'm Just Too Lazy

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Satisfied &Lazy – Mark Sultan I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter – Lazy Lester I’m Just Too Lazy – Farmer Boys Lazy Guy – Slobberbone
Crazy Date – T. Tex Edwards Work that Sucker – The Bo-Keys I Thank God – Andre Williams & the Sadies Cinderblocks – catl
Hall of Mirrors – Cheap Time Our Strange Powers of Speech – The Spartan Dregs Blue Angel – Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle Eyes – El Pathos Dung Beetle Rolls Again – Billy Childish & Sexton Ming
Crocodile Chomp – Thee Vicars J’ai Toujours Raison – Les Playboys Sugar Shake Shimmy – The Meltdowns What You Deserve – Thee Witch Hazel Martinis
Local Lunchbox Interview with Die Kreuzen 
Looking at You – The Last This Strange Effect – The Bon As Nightmares Turn to Dreams – Paul Messis & Jessica Winter Things That Shine & Glow – Trolley Nice Guys Finish Last – The Electric Mess
Come Toobin – Mean Jeans We Got to Get Out of Here – Gentleman Jesse V is for Vulture – Hollows Sit Right Down – The Resonars
My …

Playlist for 5.18.12: Uptight, Tonight

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Uptight, Tonight – Flash & the Memphis Casuals Uptight, Good Man – Laura Lee Kind of Uptight – Gentleman Jesse Uptight – Tyler Keith & the Preacher’s Kids
Pop-Eye-Stroll – The Mar-Keys Let’s Dance – The Excels Drowning in Whiskey – The Leg Hounds Stop – The Booby Traps Take it Off – The Genteels Wowsville, Pt. 1 – Big Bob Taylor
Girl With the Exploding Dress – The Electric Mess Shame on You – The Smoggers It’s Better Girl – The Phantom Keys All Night Long – The Frowning Clouds Shoes – Troll Controll
Cool Breeze – Bloodshot Bill My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died – Uncle Butcher Love is My Business - Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns Fire Engine – Thee Dirtybeats
Local Lunchbox Haunted Blues – Midwest Beat Guitarantula – The Exotics White Cap Sunrise – The Revomatics Turkatron – The Hussy
Chicken Voodoo Blues – The Creeping Ivies Bad She Gone Voodoo – Chief Fuzzer I Wanna Kill Your Man – Harmonica Lewinski Consumption Cowboy – La Bast…

Playlist for 5.11.12: Comp 101

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Get It – The Silvertones Save It – Mel Robbins Heartattack – Don & Dewey Hound Dog – Little Esther
Georgia Slop – Big Al Downing Wizard of Ah’s – Count Ferrell Thunderbird – Hal Paige Square Record – Bruce Culver
So What – Lyrics So Hard – The Cliques (Sock it to Me Baby) In the House of Shock – Animated Sounds Get it On – Night Beats
Workin’ For My Baby – Lenis Guess I Walk the Line – The Hot Dogs Honey, I’m Too Old – Jack Oblivian
Shake ‘Em Up – Slim Green Du De Squat – Lord Luther
Local Lunchbox Taking the City by Storm – The Haskels Helvetica – Couch Flambeau Kids All Sing – The Nice Outfit Invaders are Coming – The Young Savages
Members Only – Bobby “Blue” Bland Let it Ring – Rubin Russell Mama Ubangi Bangi – Four Sounds Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow – The Rivingtons
For What You Lack – Liberty Bell The Crunch – The Challenge Say Mama – Chy Guys Fouke Monster – Billy Cole & the Fouke Monsters
Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Yogami Horizontal …

Playlist for 5.4.12: All Around the World

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Rattle My Brain – Bloodshot Bill (Transistor 66) Primeavil – Dynamite Pussy Club (Motor Sounds) Teenage Werewolf – Chicken Diamond (Beast) When I’m a Grown Up – The Monsters (Voodoo Rhythm)
Freak Out – The Jackets (Soundflat) 60 Second Swinger – The 60 Second Swingers (Howlin Banana) The Thunder – Troll Controll (Tons of Stuff) Be My Jane – The Routes (Dirty Water)
Lost Again – Midnight Woolf (Off the Hip) Hold My Baby – Walter Daniels (Ghost Highway) They Call Me Country – DM Bob & the Deficits (Off Label) Right Here – Swampmeat (Cold Rice)
Don’t Tell Me Lies – The Phantom Keys (Screaming Apple) She Said – The Movements (Pariah) Satisfy You – Thee Vicars (Dirty Water)
Local Lunchbox Cry Baby – Sugar Stems (Bachelor) Sweet Clover – Goodnight Loving (Wild Honey) Do You Know What I’m Doin’ – Ramma Lamma (Goodbye Boozy) On the Cover – The Hussy (Goodbye Boozy)
Secrets & Lies – Fl…