Friday, May 25, 2012

Playlist for 5.25.12: I'm Just Too Lazy

Download or stream the entire May 25 show right here.

Satisfied &Lazy – Mark Sultan
I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter – Lazy Lester
I’m Just Too Lazy – Farmer Boys
Lazy Guy – Slobberbone

Crazy Date – T. Tex Edwards
Work that Sucker – The Bo-Keys
I Thank God – Andre Williams & the Sadies
Cinderblocks – catl

Hall of Mirrors – Cheap Time
Our Strange Powers of Speech – The Spartan Dregs
Blue Angel – Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle
Eyes – El Pathos
Dung Beetle Rolls Again – Billy Childish & Sexton Ming

Crocodile Chomp – Thee Vicars
J’ai Toujours Raison – Les Playboys
Sugar Shake Shimmy – The Meltdowns
What You Deserve – Thee Witch Hazel Martinis

Local Lunchbox
Interview with Die Kreuzen 

Looking at You – The Last
This Strange Effect – The Bon
As Nightmares Turn to Dreams – Paul Messis & Jessica Winter
Things That Shine & Glow – Trolley
Nice Guys Finish Last – The Electric Mess

Come Toobin – Mean Jeans
We Got to Get Out of Here – Gentleman Jesse
V is for Vulture – Hollows
Sit Right Down – The Resonars

My Last Mistake – The Phantom Keys
I Hate the Way You Make Me Feel – Vicky & The Vengents
Slow Down – Dave & the Stonehearts
Pictures of Her Demise – The Paperhead
Naughty Girl – The Showmen

I Will Change Your Mind – The Wrong Words
Born to Lose – Baby Woodrose
Always Looking for Something – Sonic Avenues
Chest Crawl – Guantanamo Baywatch
Black Rainbow – King Louie’s Missing Monuments

Dakota – Million Sellers
Too Tall – Midnight Reruns
That Girl – The Go Wows
Yeah, Yeah – The Connection
My Danger – Shake Appeal
Mine All the Time – Brat Farrar

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