Sunday, July 29, 2012

Playlist for 7.27.12: Let's Make a Fair Deal

Stream or download the July 27 show right here.

Deadline – The Challengers
Straw that Stirs the Drink – The Baseball Project
I Sell Soul – Rocket from the Tombs
Final Stretch – The Oblivians
You Can’t Buy My Love – Barbara Lynn
Ichiro Goes to the Moon – The Baseball Project
Let’s Make a Fair Trade – Bob King

Hijack the Radio – The Nervebreakers
Strange Movies – The Troggs
If Looks Could Kill – Loafin' Hyenas
Crazy Date – The Senders
My Girlfriend is a Rock – The Nervebreakers

Rich Daddy – The Dicks
Do the Beege – 10 Cent Fuck Flicks
Tube Top – Jam Messengers
Burn My Eyes – The Mess Around
Groovy Intuitions – Adam Widener
You Shot Me – River City Tanlines

Local Lunchbox
Mr. Supportive – Fatty Acids
Of Metal – Certain Stars

Constant Waves – The Ripe
I’m Gonna Break Her Heart – The Ugly Beats
Every Summer Day – The Last
The Rack – The Last
Don’t Drag No More – Susan Lynn
I’m OK, You’re OK – The Dickies

This Love is For Real – Stupidity
Llevo Un Tigre En Mi Guitar – Los Fleshtones
Jump Inside – The Smoggers
Royal We – MFC Chicken
Daddy Walk – The Felines

Papa Oom Mow Mow – Hi-Fi Twins & The Kings
Going All the Way – The Squires
It’s Karate Time – Travis Wammack

Lookin’ For a 7-11 – Ben Vaughn Combo
Get Out of My Car – Hasil Adkins
Love Don’t Love Nobody – James Brown
Hot Weather Blues – Mr. Sad Head
Not the Only Girl in Town – The Cool Jerks
Bad Man – The Sights

Shame – Million Sellers
Lost Highway – Midnight Wolf
Golden – Kelly Hogan
When I Fall Down – Chris Mars
Grow Your Own – Red Jacket Mine

I Didn’t Miss You at All – The Electric Mess
I’ll Make You Sorry – Shadows of Knight
Monkey Swing – New Kind of Mambo
Moonstars – Laughing Sky
Summertime – Strange Hands
Speed of Sound – Beat Mark

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playlist for 7.13.12: Beach Party

Download or stream the July 13 show right here.

Memphis – Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger – Bo Diddley
Hey Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
Old Smokey – Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley’s Dog – Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley is Dead – The Jam Messengers
Lucky Day – The Ding Dongs
Ding Dong Twist – The Quests
Shake That Thing – Hasil Adkins
Baptize Me in Wine – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Chicken, Baby, Chicken – MFC Chicken
Psycho Daises – Evil Eyes

Ain’t Gonna Stop – Natural Child
Crawlin’ Kingsnake – Roy Head
Sundown – El Pathos
Sympathy for the Devil – Chris Wilson

Local Lunchbox
Big Street Time – Ramma Lamma
Like I Do – Sugar Stems
Did You Ever – Sugar Stems
Mean Mary – Head on Electric

Call Me Trouble – Mighty Fine
Leave Me Alone #2 – Esquerita
I Was True (But I Won’t Be More) – The Phantom Keys
Never Take Me Back – The Jay Vons
Everything I Do is Wrong – Reigning Sound

California – The Golden Boys
I Will Change Your Mind – The Wrong Words
Blind – Two Bit Dezperados

I’ll Give You Everything – The White Wires
You’re Gonna Kill That Girl (live) – The Ramones
Hangin’ Tuff – Mean Jeans
Late Summer Goner – Sonic Avenues
Cheater, Cheater – The Vacant Lot

Cigarette – The Shirley MacLaines
Derby Crush – The Gay Sportscasters
Answer Me Tonight – The Mess Around
Baby Please – Guantanamo Baywatch
Rock’n’Roll Must Die – Atomic Suplex
Brad Cruise – Dusty Mush

Monkey Grip – The Meltdowns
Elevator to Later – The Electric Mess
When I’m With You – The Alarm Clocks
Goblins I – Cyclops
Bad Luck – The Primates

Gang War – Gene Maltais
Love Me – The Phantom
In the Hands of a Madman – Thee Fine Lines
Music City USA – Million Sellers
Don’t Need Your Lovin’ – Jake Starr & the Delicious Fullness
If 6 Was 9 – James Leg & Left Lane Cruiser
Fire Up – Dynamite Pussy Club
Lookin’ For Someone – The Go Wows

Friday, July 6, 2012

Playlist for 7.6.12: Sweet Breeze

Sorry - no archive of this week's show. Dang.

Cool Breeze – Bloodshot Bill
Sweet Breeze – Vernon Green And The Phantoms
Cheesy Breeze – Milton Brown & The Musical Brownies
The Breeze and I – The 4 Most
Cool Breeze – The Daylighters

Jungle RockChimes Of Freedom
Surfer’s MoodGene Gray & The Stingrays
The HunchMad Mike & The Maniacs
Sugar Cookie Evan Johns And The H-Bombs
Shake It On DownThe Mess Around
Daddy IssuesCudzoo & The Faggettes

Striptease GirlMFC Chicken
That's My Beer - The Branded
Rock N Roll Party - The Creeping Ivies
Ain’t That a DillyMarlon Grisham
CervezaBoots Brown
Have You Ever Shot SomebodyMichael Shelley

TipsyThe Jam Messengers
Watch Your Step – The Beasts Of Bourbon
Dope Sniffin' DogJack.O and the Tear Jerkers

Local Lunchbox
Under the WeatherHead on Electric
BobbyMidnight Reruns
Dirty GirlCertain Stars
One Way StreetNick Pipitone

Friday Night Dance PartyLink Wray
Drums A Go-GoThe Titty Twisters Orchestra
Tornado LoveBlacktop
Boyfriend StreetThe Flip-Tops
Pretty PleaseRiver City Tanlines

Blind ManTav Falco’s Panther Burns
Go to HimRay Brown & The Whispers
DianaGuantanamo Baywatch
RainaNick Waterhouse
Young And FoolishWendy Rene

Rock The UniverseThe Neanderthals
Thirty DaysChuck Berry
Dig Myself a HoleCharlie Feathers

Watching My BabyReigning Sound
Wild RomanceLos Straitjackets featuring Sarah Borges
I Thought About YouThe Electric Mess
I'm Only LonelyGentleman Jesse
Don't Go Too FarMother's Children

50s French Movie –  The Chrome Cranks
Flower Punk GirlThee Exciters
Don't Care About YouThe Pygmies
StrychnineThe Anabolics

Untitled – Hank Haint
ShameMillion Sellers
But I Didn’tCharlie Pickett
Not As PrettyThe Sights
LakesideBlue Mountain
CentrevilleLee Bains III & the Glory Fires

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playlist for 6.29.12: Live from Summerfest

Download or stream the entire June 29 show right here.

Here Comes the Summer – The Undertones
Silly Girl – The Descendents
Hot Dog – Dale Hawkins
Feel a Drunk Comin’ On – Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team
It’s the Music that Makes Me – Southern Culture on the Skids

Weird Hot Nights – Wild Thing
Laundramatic – MFC Chicken
Hang Up – The Wailers
Tell Me Why – The Electric Mess
Where Are The Freaks? – Spanking Charlene

Yellow Bubbles – Pure Country Gold
Branded – Listen – The Branded
When I Became You – River City Tanlines
I'll Remember You – The White Wires

Velvet Monkeys Theme – The Velvet Monkeys
C+W Metal – The Eastern Dark
Explode – Sweet Eagle
Get Up and Move – The Live Ones
Bruiser – Wax Museums

Local Lunchbox
Ocean Sounds – Trolley
What Love Is For – Plexi 3
Midnight in the City –            The Reckless Hearts
Dog Said Yeah – The Hussy

Could Not Call it Love – The Sights
I've Been Waiting – Freddy & the Four-Gone Conclusions
It´s Better Girl – The Phantom Keys
Alone In the Dark – The Cry
I Feel Alright – Thee Vicars

Julie – Michael Shelley
Favorite Shorts – The Breakup Society
A New Romance (Demo) – The Booze
Nothing Left Behind –  The Chains
Big Decisions (Country Song) – Hollows

Joyride – The Moto-Gators
Surf Buggy – Dick Dale & The Del-Tones
Wolfman – Bobby Fuller

Hit You with a Kiss – Wheels On Fire
Never Could Say No – John Paul Keith
Booger Rag – Million Sellers
Silver Moon – Rev. Tom Frost
Chevrolet – Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg

Pinyata Sonata – Hellshovel
Pina Colada – Guantanamo Baywatch
I Can't Believe You Want To Leave – The Lonesome Savages
Boots On Fire – Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle
Without You – Hank Haint

Electric Circus – Laughing Sky
Waiting for the War – Baby Woodrose
Honey Please – The Evil Eyes
True Love-Heartaches – Bobby Runnel's Faux Pas
La Vie Rêvée – Les Playboys

I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza – Personal and The Pizzas
Out of My Head, Into My Bed – The Reatards
Rock City, U.S.A. – The Devil Dogs


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