Playlist for 7.27.12: Let's Make a Fair Deal

Stream or download the July 27 show right here.

Deadline – The Challengers
Straw that Stirs the Drink – The Baseball Project
I Sell Soul – Rocket from the Tombs
Final Stretch – The Oblivians
You Can’t Buy My Love – Barbara Lynn
Ichiro Goes to the Moon – The Baseball Project
Let’s Make a Fair Trade – Bob King

Hijack the Radio – The Nervebreakers
Strange Movies – The Troggs
If Looks Could Kill – Loafin' Hyenas
Crazy Date – The Senders
My Girlfriend is a Rock – The Nervebreakers

Rich Daddy – The Dicks
Do the Beege – 10 Cent Fuck Flicks
Tube Top – Jam Messengers
Burn My Eyes – The Mess Around
Groovy Intuitions – Adam Widener
You Shot Me – River City Tanlines

Local Lunchbox
Mr. Supportive – Fatty Acids
Of Metal – Certain Stars

Constant Waves – The Ripe
I’m Gonna Break Her Heart – The Ugly Beats
Every Summer Day – The Last
The Rack – The Last
Don’t Drag No More – Susan Lynn
I’m OK, You’re OK – The Dickies

This Love is For Real – Stupidity
Llevo Un Tigre En Mi Guitar – Los Fleshtones
Jump Inside – The Smoggers
Royal We – MFC Chicken
Daddy Walk – The Felines

Papa Oom Mow Mow – Hi-Fi Twins & The Kings
Going All the Way – The Squires
It’s Karate Time – Travis Wammack

Lookin’ For a 7-11 – Ben Vaughn Combo
Get Out of My Car – Hasil Adkins
Love Don’t Love Nobody – James Brown
Hot Weather Blues – Mr. Sad Head
Not the Only Girl in Town – The Cool Jerks
Bad Man – The Sights

Shame – Million Sellers
Lost Highway – Midnight Wolf
Golden – Kelly Hogan
When I Fall Down – Chris Mars
Grow Your Own – Red Jacket Mine

I Didn’t Miss You at All – The Electric Mess
I’ll Make You Sorry – Shadows of Knight
Monkey Swing – New Kind of Mambo
Moonstars – Laughing Sky
Summertime – Strange Hands
Speed of Sound – Beat Mark


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