Friday, August 24, 2012

Playlist for 8.24.12: Let's Get Dumb

Stream or download the Aug. 24 show right here.

Let’s Get Dumb – Muscle Beach
Young & Dumb – The Bobbyteens
I Don’t Mind – Teengenerate
It’s Easier to Be Dumb – Thee Marvin Gays
Dirty & Dumb – Labretta Suede
Dumb Love – The Paybacks
She’s a Dumb – Teengenerate

Snatch it Back – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
She’s the One That’s Got It – Allen Page
I’m Gonna Put a Watch on You – The Ruby Lee
I Can’t Control Myself – Wild Evel & Los Infierno
Betty & Johnny – The Liminanas
Simona La Ramona – Spider Bags

I’m Your Man – The Hangmen
Psycho ’84 – T. Tex Edwards & Out on Parole
Keep on Walking – Hank Haint
Sundown – El Pathos
Shake It – Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg
Good Night, Sleep Tight – The Bloody Hollies

Local Lunchbox
Born Leader Boogie – Muddy Udders
Murphy Brown – Muddy Udders
Mouth Breathin’ Man – Muddy Udders
Butterknife – Muddy Udders

I’m Gonna Love You Back to Life – Missing Monuments
Waiting Around – The Cry
She’s Gone Hollywood – All Night Newsboys
See the Other Guy – Mother’s Children
Uglier – Redd Kross

Left Over Right – The Sights
Another Day Without You – Jeff Hershey & the Heartbeats
All Grown Up – The Exciters
Baby’s in a Bad Mood – Michael Shelley
I’ve Got Something – The Buckle
That’s How Strong My Love Is – The Attention
Fresh Out of Tears – Joe Tex
The Troubled Kind – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Chuck’s Blues – The Above
You’re Not Gonna – Thee Outlets
I’ll Say Hello – The Thunderbeats
El Plan – Los Chicos Problema
Luv Me True – New Kind of Mambo

Modern Storm – Chimiks
No Luck Nightmare – The Flip-Tops
All Night Fever – The Dicks
My Head is Sick – Pangea
Plastic Factory – The Pow Wows
Toi Toi – Regal

Where Will You Go – Jacco Gardner
Faces of Death – Natural Child
The Gutter – Nobunny
Piledriver – Dennis the Fox
Love Bug – Lena Horne
I’m a Cool Teenager – El Pauling & the Royalton

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