Friday, September 21, 2012

Playlist for 9.21.12: Too Dumb to Think of a Good Theme

Download or stream the Sept. 21 show right here.

Too Tough to Die – Neneh Cherry & the Thing
Too Old to Think – Sonny Boy Williamson
Too Many Nights in the Gin Mill – The Neanderthals
Too Stubborn to Fold – Wheels on Fire
Too Late to Care – Midwest Beat
Too Late for Tears – The Brood

Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut – The Missing Links
Henrietta – Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats
That Crazy Little House on the Hill – Gene Lamar
Can’t Slow Down – Midnight Woolf
Strange Baby – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Drive-In – Nine Pound Hammer

Hanging On – Gallon Drunk
La Mort – Crystal Thomas
Monstro Del Mar – Mesa Cosa
Tell Me What’s On Your Mind – The Allah-Las

Local Lunchbox
Back to You Again – Chinese Telephones
Stay Around – Chinese Telephones
Rock Eating People – Tenement
Blammo – Tenement

I’m Too Square You’re Too Round – High Tension Wires
The Sad Tale of Mattie Lou Denton – High Tension Wires
Pina Colada – Guantanamo Baywatch
Nervous Breakdown – The Kramers
Trick Bag – The Gories
Leave Me Waiting – The Mess Around
We Are All Miserable Together – The Diesel Dogs

Red Alert – The Lovesores
Crybaby Cry in New York City – The Moneychangers
Move Along – Born Loose
Bleed Baby Bleed – 10 Cent Fuck Flicks
Dry Your Tears – Chimiks

If She Said Yeah – Minnesota Voodoo Men
Twisted Neck – The Phantom Keys
Carol – The Kaams
Shame on You – The Smoggers
Striptease Girl – MFC Chicken

It’s Not Your Heartbreak – Suzi Chunk
Hip Kids – Becky Lee & Drunkfoot
That Made Me Wanting You – Trolley
Terrible Town – The Setting Sun
Don’t Take Your Bad Trip Out on Me – The Electric Mess

Evil Eye – Daddy Long Legs
Wounded Knee – The Milkshakes
Monkey Swing – New Kind of Mambo
Chicken Voodoo Blues – Creeping Ivies
Primeavil – Dynamite Pussy Club

Train Crash – Molting Vultures
AF3458 – The Liminanas
Instrumental – Living Eyes
Hey Girl – Buffalo Killers
Nobody to Blame – Shoes
Another Girl – Missing Monuments
New Siberia – Los Straitjackets
Blame Obama – Andre Williams

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Playlist for 9.14.12: This Car Just Won't Stay Clean

Download or stream the Sept. 14 show right here.

Car Wash Hair – Mercury Rev
Malaysia – Mayflies USA
Nine Times out of Ten – The Undertones
He’s Coming Back – Hunk & His Punx
Prostitute – Chain Gang
Customer – The Replacements

Womp Womp – Freddie & the Heartaches
You Spin Me Round – Titty Twisters Orchestra  
Beach Girls & the Monster – Phantom Surfers
Juvenile Delinquent – Ronnie Allen
This Train – Flat Duo Jets
Jezabel – The Mummies

Graverobbers – The Hangmen
Door to Your Soul – Beasts of Bourbon
Let it Ring – The Chrome Cranks
Tube Top – Jam Messengers
Blackout – Hank Haint

Local Lunchbox
I Know Where You Live – Couch Flambeau
I’m a Man (Sort of) – Muddy Udders
I Can’t Reach You – The Blow Pops
Did You Ever – Sugar Stems

 You’ve Been Told – Born Loose
I Feel so Electric – Daddy Long Legs
Hell Hath No Fury – The M-80’s
I Can’t Wait Till Friday Comes – Big Bobby & the Nightcaps
Suburban Soul Man – The Master Plan

Back to School – The Fleshtones
Whatever Makes You Happy – The Fleshtones
Take a Walk With the Fleshtones –The Fleshtones

Pretty Please Me – Nobunny
Teenage Girls – Bad Sports
You Look Funny – Bad Sports
It’ll All Come Back to Haunt You – Nobunny
Fun Spot – Audacity
Hang Around – The Biters
The Magic – White Wires

Lies, Lies – Miracle Workers
Girl – Mono Men
Hot Rod Zombie – Wild Evel & the Trashbones
Love Me Kill Me – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
I Live for Cars & Girls – Untamed Youth
La Bamba – The Plugz

Love Like a Flower – Baby Woodrose
Never, Never Go – The Chills
Where I Stand – Rainy Day Saints
I Didn’t Miss You at All – The Electric Mess
Everyone’s Fast Asleep – The Concussions

It’s Love – Midnight Woolf
All Night Long – Frowning Clouds
My Love – The Above
She’s Long Gone – Thee Fine Lines
Daddy Walk – The Felines
Good Vibrations – The New Surfsiders

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playlist for 9.7.12: Don't Worry, Bea Arthur

Download or stream the entire Sept. 7 show right here.

I Want You Bad – NRBQ
I Want You – The Troggs
Turn on Your Love Light – Bobby “Blue” Bland
Nighttime is the Right Time – Carla & Rufus
A Man Needs a Woman – James Carr
Tired of Being Alone – Al Green

Baby, Won’t You Come Out Tonight – Buddy Holly
School is In – Gary U.S. Bonds
I’m Snowed – Joe South
Games People Play – The Pleasure Barons

Come on, Judy – Wheels on Fire
Paradise Heights – Natural Child
Your Mouth – Nobunny
Meet Frankenstein – Redd Kross
Careful What You Wish For – Gentleman Jesse
Salvation – The Liminanas
It’s a Lie – King Khan
Thirty Days – Daddy Long Legs
Make Love to Me – The Galaxies

Local Lunchbox
Enchanted Interrogation Room – The Exotics
Surf Burglar – The Exotics
Apache – The Exotics
Skimpy – The Exotics

Girl With the Exploding Dress – The Electric Mess
If At All – The Higher State
Electric Circus – Laughing Sky
Rolling Wheel – Buffalo Killers
Sylvester Greene – Rainy Day Saints

Hard Day’s Night – Los Primos
Shake it Wild – King Salami & the Cumberland 3
Satisfied – The Blackbelts
I Hate the Way You Make Me Feel – Vicky & the Vengents
No Sirve de Nada – Los Infierno
Gang – Ramma Lamma
Family Fun Night – Figures of Light
Cumin’ & Goin’ – Thee Cormans

Apprehending Zulu – The No Real Need
Disguised as Chairs – Certain Stars
Open Up Your Heart – The Magnolias
She’s Blind (But I Don’t Mind) – The Pushtwangers
The Socialite – The Mighty Fine
Dead City Fire – Jetbone

Nose Diving – The Living Eyes
Psychotic Episode – Royal Headache
Television Girls – Bare Wires
Black Glove/Rag – Ty Segall & White Fence

Betrayed – The Hangmen
Yesterday Mourning – El Pathos
Horse-Driven Ambulance – Million Sellers
Opelika – Lee Bains & the Glory Fires
Room for Rent – Dexter Romweber
Trying to Live My Life Without You – Otis Clay

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playlist for 8.31.12: Nobody Wants to Go to the Moon Anymore

Download or stream the Aug. 31 show right here.

Walking on the Surface of the Moon – Wreckless Eric
Mr. Moon – Bobby Charles
Mr. Astronaut – The Drivers
First Man on the Moon – The Scientists
Neil Armstrong – The Dexateens
Nobody Wants to Go to the Moon Anymore – Kelly Willis

Do the Do – T. Valentine
Love Man – Hal Hardy
Wigs, Wigs – King Salami & the Cumberland 3
Take it Off – Midnight Woolf
Trouble (Always Comes My Way) – Daddy Long Legs

Blue Heat – The Attention
You’ve Got Me Dizzy – Jimmy Reed
Money Talks – James Luther Dickinson
Let that Liar Pass On By – Rev. A Johnson
Richman, Richman – ’68 Comeback
Fire & Brimstone – Link Wray

Local Lunchbox
First Night Back in Milwaukee – Larry Lee Phillipson
Work that Skirt – Bo-Keys with Harvey Scales
Can’t Shake You – The Mistreaters
The Goon – Bleed

Beat Your Heart Out – Tweens
Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – The Zeros
Destroy All Music – The Weirdos
Kokomo – The New Surfsiders
Gonna Make it Alone – Ronnie Dio & the Prophets
Party Line – The Senders

Why Am I So Flipped – The Nervebreakers
It's All Over Now – The Prophets
That Girl's Got a Big Mouth – Thee Fine Lines
Garza Girls – Audacity
Groovy Intiutions – Adam Widener

Hot Mess – Shoes
Holiday – Nines
Dream Crusher Machine – The Shazam

Mutts in the studio

Come Back Home – The Kaams
Hurricane Rock – Hurricane Marty
Right Out the Door – Bloodshot Bill
How Much Do You Miss Me – Harold Montgomery
Wake Up in Make-Up – The Jam Messengers

No Tengo Dinero – The Fleshtones
You’re Going to Be My Girl – The Above
Agent from Osaka – The Exotics
Time Machine – The Go-Wows
Hitting on Nothing – Esquerita
Wrong Way Inn – Los Straitjackets
The Thing – Dirtbombs
You Can’t Make Me Doubt My Baby – Bunker Hill
Wowsville Pt. 1 – Bob Taylor


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