Friday, October 26, 2012

Playlist for 10.26.12: Cool Ghoul

Download or stream the Oct. 26 show right here. And while you're at it, give WMSE a little love right here.

Bo Meets the Monster – Bo Diddley
Graveyard Girlfriend – Groovie Ghoulies
Cool Ghoul – The Gravediggers

The Whip – Ronnie Dawson
The Creep – The Primates
The Maniac – Thee Cormans
Frankenstein’s Party – Swingin’ Phillies

I’m Gonna Haunt You – Kaiser George & the Hi-Risers
Halloween Girl – Blue Ash
Werewolf – The Frantics

Jack the Ripper – Angus MacManus
Night of the Sadist – Larry & the Blue Notes
Killer Inside Me – Waves of Fury
Nightmare Hop – Earl Patterson

Local Lunchbox
Halloween – The Blow Pops
Guitarantula – The Exotics
Zombie Jesus From Hell – Lonesome Savages

The Ryan Horror Radio Show
Revenge – Others
Comin’ After Me – Flamin’ Groovies
Zombie Lover – Insults
Murder on Moors – Thee Headcoats
The Witch – The Rattles

Satan is Her Name – Steve King
My Girlfriend is a Witch – October Country
She’s Creepy – Boss Martians

Dracula’s Daughter – The Woggles
Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon – The Cramps
I Hear Voices – Luis & the Wildfires
Rockin’ in the Graveyard – Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers

The Devil’s Comin’ – Stud Cole
Haunted Beach Party – The Pandoras
Graveyard – The Blenders
Stray Cat Strut Halloween – Quintron

Land of Haunted Houses – Wheels on Fire
Halloween – Dream Syndicate
Spooky – Gravedigger 5

Haunted House – Johnny Fuller
Haunted House – Cris Kevin
Morgus the Magnificent – Morgus & the Ghouls
Zombie Hop – Cavemen 5

The Goon – Bleed
Fly Me to the Goon – Frankie Stein & His Ghouls
The Witch – Dexter Romweber

Haunted House Boogie – Happy Wilson
Devil’s Daughter – Dave S. Trio


Monday, October 22, 2012

Playlist for 10.19.12: Dracula's Deuce

Stream or download the Oct. 19 show right here

You Can‘t Get Him Frankenstein – The Fleshtones
Dracula’s Deuce – Freddy Fortune & the 4Gone Conclusions
Mortal Monster Man – The Savoys
Torture – Southern Culture on the Skids
Dreams of Poe – The 3D Invisibles
Psychotropic Nightmare – The Shook-Ups
Trick or Treat – Otis Redding

I Just Can’t Help But Stare – Gallon Drunk
Tipsy – Jam Messengers
Dead End America – The Pagans
Gary Glitter – Labretta Suede & the Motel 6
Are You Gonna Be There at the Love-In – Chocolate Watchband

Piece of My Heart – The Omens
57 Acres of Pain – MFC Chicken
Bloody Mary – King Salami & the Cumberland 3
Cars on Film – The Hentchmen
I’m a Man – Bobby Comstock
Pot Party – Teenage Rebellion

Local Lunchbox
Six-Feet Under – Sugar Stems
Love You to Pieces – Sugar Stems
Can’t Wait – Sugar Stems
Landline Static – Sugar Stems

Cul-de-Sac – Model Rockers
Brown Eyed Handsome Man – Chuck Berry
Baby Please Don’t Go – Mack Barracuda Paramo Fuzzy Blues
Maribel – Hula Baby
You’re My Brian Jones – Palmyra Delran
How Does it Feel to Feel – Chopper

Big Red Rooster – The Hangmen
Blood Beach – Go to Blazes
Scratch My Back – Cowbell
Man Like You – Becky Lee & Drunk Foot
Watch You Dance – The Original Sins  
Lyin’ Girl – Reigning Sound
Baby – Natural Child

Meet Mike Hate – The Stents
13 Forever – The Humpers
Hijack the Radio – The Nervebreakers
I’m Weak – New Bomb Turks

Strange Baby – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
2 Kindsa Love – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Cool Breeze – Bloodshot Bill
Rattle My Brain – Bloodshot Bill
Right Out the Door – Bloodshot Bill
Rachel – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Unclear – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Mincemeat – The Bon
No Voodoo – Allah-Las
Sortir Avec Toi – Thee Outlets
Hospital Boogie – The Liminanas
Field Fire on Jordan Street – Hollows
Treat Her Right – Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin

Friday, October 12, 2012

Playlist for 10.12.12: Dead Man Singing

Download or stream the Oct. 12 show right here

Sleepy Hollow – The Last Word
I’m The Wolfman – Round Robin
The Chooper – Haunted George
Got Me a Monster – Big Vinny & the Cattle Thieves
Lady Blood – Apache Dropout
Dead Man Singing – Angus MacMannus

One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show – Joe Tex
Midnight Express – The Fabulous Falcons
Knock You Down – Jeff Hershey & the Heartbeats
Breakout – Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Nightmare – Whyte Boots

Collen – Figures of Light
The Bag I’m In – Ty Segall Band
Los Perros – Mesa Cosa
Action Time – Atomic Suplex
Motorbike Driving – Wilmer X
Can’t Pay the Rent – The Long Gones

Local Lunchbox
Earwig – Tentement
Turkatron – The Hussy
Cinnamon Girl – Killdozer
We All Know – Ramma Lamma

My Boyfriend’s in Killdozer – Young Fresh Fellows
Another Ten Reasons – Young Fresh Fellows
E Too D – The 27 Various
My Way of Giving – The Small Faces
I Walk on Gilded Splinters - Johnny Jenkins

You’ll Be Mine – Daddy Long Legs
Have You Ever Spent the Night in Jail – Tex & the Saddletramps
Pond Fork River – Hasil Adkins

Let’s Dance – Midnight Woolf
Beat-Nik – J.M. Van Eaton
The Big Break – Walter Daniels
She’ll Be My Death – Bantam Rooster
Por Que Yo – Los Infierno

I Live For Buzz – The Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Don’t Give It Up Now – Lyres
Don’t Take Your Bad Trip Out On Me – The Electric Mess
Paye Ta Chatte – Combomatix
This is Not the Way Home – Rainy Day Saints
All That Candy – The Setting Son

Bird – Wlydlife
Music City USA – Million Sellers
Legless – The Legs
I Go to Pieces – Del Shannon
I Will Not Be Lonely – The Fanatics
Party Lights – South Bay Surfers

Hate My Guts – The Flip-Tops
Television Youth – Sonic Avenues
Alright With Me – The White Wires
Stay Away From Downtown – Redd Kross
We’ll Take You Higher – The Live Ones
Part of My Love – The Nervebreakers
Long Island Lolita – Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playlist for 10.5.12: Speak of the Devil

Stream or download the Oct. 5 show right here. Like Zero Hour on Facebook and life-long success is guaranteed!

The Vampire – Orvin Yoes
Psycho Beach Party 3000 – Kill, Baby … Kill
Dead Man Slide – Shouting Thomas & the Torments
It’s a Monster – Wild Evel & the Trashbones
Fouke Monster – Billy Cole & the Fouke Monsters
Speak of the Devil – Things to Come

Booze & Pills – Spanking Charlene
Never on a Friday – Shotglass Killers
Dig Your Attitude – The Booby Traps
You’re So Great – Wendy James
It’s My Life – Coba Seas
I Wish it Were Me – Homer Henderson
Ain’t That Lovin’ You Babe – Link Wray

Walking the Dog – Charlie Feathers
Red-Headed Woman – Wayne Worley
Let’s Make It – James Brown
Wigglin’ Room – Bob Log III
We’re Gonna Do it Naturally – Pure Country Gold
Oh Girl – Cowbell

Local Lunchbox
Doing Risky Things in Public Places – The Gothics
Sordid Borders – Goodnight Loving
Seeds & Stems – Goodnight Loving
Under the Weather – Head on Electric

Turn the Music Down – Python Lee Jackson
Head vs. Heart – Shoes

Victory & Associates interview
Wildly Plausible
Plausibly Wild

I Want You – Mack Barracuda Paroma
Black Cabin – Rev. Tom Frost
Know Her Name – The Pow Wows

Long Journey – Allah-Las
Outta Sight, Outta Mind – The Outta Place
Probably Normal – Suzi Chunk
Lost  Weekend – The Ripe
Above the Rest – The Setting Son

So Lifelike – The Jerks
School Yard – Northshore
Amy – Red Jacket Mine
Hazel Eyes – Redd Kross
Not as Pretty – The Sights
So Many Electric Guitars – Young Fresh Fellows
Diamonds in the Rough – The Vertebrats

Lies – Becky Lee & Drunkfoot
Ice Cream Killer – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Shake a Tale Feather – Andre Williams
Slooptime USA – Bobby & the Explosions
Whole Lotta Woman – Marvin Rainwater

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playlist for 9.28.12: Killer Joe

Download or stream the first half (not sure what happened!) of the Sept. 28 show right here.

Run Chicken Run – Link Wray
Hey Joe – Bob Hocko & the Swamp Rats
Sweetgina – Things to Come
Fried Chicken – Rufus Thomas
Greasy Chicken – Andre Williams
Texas Me – Sir Douglas Quintet

So You Want to Rock – Chick Carlton & the Majestics
The Frog – Sir Frog & the Toads
Phantom Mover – Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers
Yeah, Baby (It’s Because of You) – Outrageous Cherry
Daddy Was a Rolling Stone – The Knightsmen

Love Got Me Down – Cowbell
Shimmynizer – The Attention
There Ain’t No End in Sight – Louie & the Louies
Try on Something That’s Really You – The Future Primitives
It’s My Life – Wild Evel & Los Infierno

Strip Search – The Devil Dogs
Fast Friends – The Lovesores
Perversion – The Trashwomen
I Can Never Go Home Anymore – Shangri-Las

Local Lunchbox
I Like Girls – Muscle Beach
Goodbye, Goodbye – Muscle Beach
Dog Said Yeah – The Hussy
Baby Child – The Hussy

Sweatshop Blues – Monsieur Jeffrey Evans
What Rock-n-Roll is About – The Oblivians
Hog Back Road (Route 666) – Chicken Snake
When I Became You – River City Tanlines
Big Soft Punch – The Clean
On the Battlefield – Rev. John Wilkins

Whatever We Can Find – Crystal Thomas
Hit the Ground Running – Johnny Casino & the Secrets
Until I Die – Carrie Phillis & The Downtown 3

I Told No Lies – The Spectre’s Revenge
Electrophonic Tonic – Bored
Dr. Strange – The Ripe

She’s Mine – Strange Hands
I Lost Her Number – The Voodoo Dolls
Shake & Dance – The Minnesota Voodoo Men
Something for Yourself – The Mullens
Meltdown Stomp – The Meltdowns

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – The Tweens
Bad Lady Goes to Jail – The Liminanas
Jungle Cruise – Thee Makeout Party
I Don’t Want to Be Like This – The Parting Gifts
Think of the Good Times – The Stumps

Get Your Pants Off – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Greatest Lover in the World – Thee Headcoats
Candy Sue – Daddy Long Legs
Low Down Blues – Natural Child
Long Lanky Lena – Unknown
Next Door Neighbor – Jerry “Boogie” McCain
I’ll Leave – The Dyes
Night Out – John J. Moses


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