Friday, October 12, 2012

Playlist for 10.12.12: Dead Man Singing

Download or stream the Oct. 12 show right here

Sleepy Hollow – The Last Word
I’m The Wolfman – Round Robin
The Chooper – Haunted George
Got Me a Monster – Big Vinny & the Cattle Thieves
Lady Blood – Apache Dropout
Dead Man Singing – Angus MacMannus

One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show – Joe Tex
Midnight Express – The Fabulous Falcons
Knock You Down – Jeff Hershey & the Heartbeats
Breakout – Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Nightmare – Whyte Boots

Collen – Figures of Light
The Bag I’m In – Ty Segall Band
Los Perros – Mesa Cosa
Action Time – Atomic Suplex
Motorbike Driving – Wilmer X
Can’t Pay the Rent – The Long Gones

Local Lunchbox
Earwig – Tentement
Turkatron – The Hussy
Cinnamon Girl – Killdozer
We All Know – Ramma Lamma

My Boyfriend’s in Killdozer – Young Fresh Fellows
Another Ten Reasons – Young Fresh Fellows
E Too D – The 27 Various
My Way of Giving – The Small Faces
I Walk on Gilded Splinters - Johnny Jenkins

You’ll Be Mine – Daddy Long Legs
Have You Ever Spent the Night in Jail – Tex & the Saddletramps
Pond Fork River – Hasil Adkins

Let’s Dance – Midnight Woolf
Beat-Nik – J.M. Van Eaton
The Big Break – Walter Daniels
She’ll Be My Death – Bantam Rooster
Por Que Yo – Los Infierno

I Live For Buzz – The Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Don’t Give It Up Now – Lyres
Don’t Take Your Bad Trip Out On Me – The Electric Mess
Paye Ta Chatte – Combomatix
This is Not the Way Home – Rainy Day Saints
All That Candy – The Setting Son

Bird – Wlydlife
Music City USA – Million Sellers
Legless – The Legs
I Go to Pieces – Del Shannon
I Will Not Be Lonely – The Fanatics
Party Lights – South Bay Surfers

Hate My Guts – The Flip-Tops
Television Youth – Sonic Avenues
Alright With Me – The White Wires
Stay Away From Downtown – Redd Kross
We’ll Take You Higher – The Live Ones
Part of My Love – The Nervebreakers
Long Island Lolita – Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls

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