Playlist for 12.14.12: Bummed Out Christmas

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12:04PM Sherwin Linton “Santa Got A DWI” from Bummed Out Christmas (1989) on Rhino

12:07PM Mike Ireland “Christmas From a Bar” from Single

12:09PM Helen Love & Ricardo Autobahn “And the Salvation Army Band Plays” from And the Salvation Army Band Plays - Single (2012) on Damaged Goods Records New

12:15PM Fred Flinstone “Christmas Is My Fav'rite Time of Year” from Flinstones: Modern Stone Age Family (1994)

12:16PM Lightnin' Hopkins “Merry Christmas” from Blue Yule: Christmas Blues and R&B Classics (1991) on Rhino

12:22PM The CRY! “Sleeping Alone” from Introducing: The CRY! (2011) on Top Shelf Records

12:25PM Wyldlife “SEVEN” from Wyldlife (2011) on Merrifield Records

12:28PM Vicky and the Vengents “The Time It Takes to Break a Heart” from Cry Now Smile Later (2011) on Vicky and the Vengents

12:31PM Adam Widener “Groovy Intuitions” from Make Out single (2012) on Fuzz City

12:33PM Gentleman Jesse “Kind of Uptight” from Leaving Atlanta (2012) on Douchemaster

12:37PM Johnny Moped “NO ONE” from The Chiswick Story: Adventures of an Independent Record Label 1975-1982 (2002) on Chiswick

12:40PM Born Loose “Step Up to the Plate (Be a Runaway)” from Born Loose (2012) on Drug Front Records New

12:43PM Romano Nervoso “One of Us” from Single (2012) on Ghost Highway New

12:44PM The Joe Herbert Band “I Don't Wanna Be a Preppy” from 7" (2012) on Last Laugh New

12:48PM Scott "Deluxe" Drake & the Gee Strings “Your Secret Face” from Single (2012) on Ghost Highway New

12:52PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Marabunta” from Can Your Monkey Do the Wurst? (2012) on Off The Hip New

12:55PM The Omens “All Night” from Fuzz Fades & Escapades (2012) on Soundflat New

12:57PM Kiss Kiss Bang Bang “Love Me Kill Me” from Kaboom (2012) on Purple Claw Records

01:10PM Certain Stars “Dirty Girl” from The Great Destroyer (2012) on Cuba Libre Records

01:15PM Certain Stars “Cake and Eat It Too Girls” from The Great Destroyer (2012) on Cuba Libre Records

01:23PM Hoodoo Gurus “Burnt Orange” from Purity of Essence (2009) on 100% Music

01:26PM Palmyra Delran “You're My Brian Jones” from You're My Brian Jones - Single (2012) on Apex East Recordings

01:30PM Dr. Explosion “Better Days” from Vindicated - A Tribute to Fleshtones (2007) on Dirty Water

01:33PM The Insomniacs “Mental Holiday” from Just Enjoy It! (2011) on Blood Red Vinyl & Discs

01:35PM The Bent Scepters “The Warning” from Blind Date With Destiny (1996) on Pravda/Prescription Records

01:40PM Hot Freak Nation “You Are the Best Kind Of Poison” from Lifetime to Lifetime (2012) on Burger/Trashy Creatures New

01:42PM Subsonics “Lime-Lime” from In the Black Spot (2012) on Slovenly Recordings New

01:46PM Billy Bragg “Jeane” from The Peel Sessions (1991) on Strange Fruit

01:48PM Young Fresh Fellows “So Many Electric Guitars” from Tiempo De Lujo (2012) on Yep Roc Records

01:51PM Wussy “Killer Trees” from Left For Dead (2009) on Shake It Records

01:54PM Tiger High “Cry, Crocodile!” from Catacombs After Party (2012) on Trashy Creatures New

01:56PM Detective “Trendspotter Acrobat” from However Strange (2012) on Burger New

01:58PM Royal Headache “NEVER AGAIN” from Royal Headache (2012) on What's Your Rupture

02:03PM The Shadows of Knight “Bad Little Woman” from Dark Sides: The Best of the Shadows of Knight (2005) on Rhino

02:07PM Danny Wheeler “Teenie Weenie Man” from Sin Alley, Vol 2 on Crypt

02:09PM Johnny Amelio “Jo Ann-Jo Ann” from Wild Streak, Vol. 1 (2011)

02:12PM Hipbone Slim and The Knee-Tremblers “The Twitch” from Hipbone Slim Vs. Sir Bald Diddley (2012) on Dirty Water

02:14PM Jimmy Ford & the Luzers “Mr. Flying Saucer Man” from Lost Souls, Vol. 3 (2011) on Psych of the South

02:16PM Dick Robinson “The Boppin Martian” from Desperate Rock 'n' Roll on Flame

02:18PM Etta James “Seven Day Fool” from Rocks the House (1987) on MCA

02:25PM Rev. Utah Smith “Two Wings” from The Oxford American Southern Music Issue No. 14 (2012) on Oxford American New

02:28PM Catl “HE'LL MAKE a WAY” from Soon This Will All Be Gone (2012) on Weewerk

02:32PM Catherine Irwin “Hoopskirt” from Little Heater (2012) on Thrill Jockey New

02:35PM House of Freaks “Big Houses” from Tantilla (1989) on Rhino

02:39PM The Bohannons “Two Riders” from Unaka Rising (2012) on self-released

02:45PM The Sights “PRAYER” from Left Over Right (2012) on HRM

02:48PM Cowbell “Love Got Me Down” from Beat Stampede (Deluxe Edition) (2012) on Damaged Goods Records New

02:50PM Waves of Fury “Businessman's Guide to Witchcraft” from Thirst (2012) on Alive Naturalsound New

02:54PM The Pink Fairies “Between the Lines” from The Big Stiff Box Set (2007) on Salvo

02:58PM Roy Loney “Cry Like The Wind” from The Scientific Bombs Away!!! (2007) on Aim Trading Group


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