Playlist for 12.7.12: Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie

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12:04PM Los Staitjackets “Christmas in Vegas” from Tis the Season for Los Straitjackets (2002) on Yep Roc

12:06PM El Vez “Pancho Claus” from Merry MeX-mas (1994) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

12:07PM Hasil Adkins “Santa Claus Boogie” from tannenBOMB2008 (2008) on self-released

12:10PM The Dyes “Don't Believe in Christmas” from Don't Believe in Christmas (2010) on The Dyes

12:12PM The Brood “One Winter's Night” from Midnight Christmas XMess (1987) on Midnight

12:15PM Ramma Lamma “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” from 7" (2011) on Certified PR Local

12:22PM Pointed Sticks “Part Of The Noise” from Perfect Youth (1977) on Sudden Death Records

12:24PM The Black Hollies “Paisley Pattern Ground” from Casting Shadows (2007) on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

12:27PM Baby Woodrose “CHRISTINE” from Love Comes Down (2011) on Bad Afro

12:30PM The Doughboys “Shakin' My Soul” from Shakin' Our Souls (2012) on Ram Records

12:34PM Andy Shernoff “Let's Get the Band Back Together” from Don't Fade Away - EP (2012) on Yazoo Squelch Audio Society New

12:40PM Organs “Mainline Woman” from We Come Out At Night (2012) on Chickpea New

12:41PM Organs “She Said” from We Come Out At Night (2012) on Chickpea New

12:43PM The Stags “Told You So” from The Stags (2012) on Drug Front Records New

12:46PM The Stags “Rock Hotel” from The Stags (2012) on Drug Front Records New

12:48PM The Joe Herbert Band “First Date” from 7" (2012) on Last Laugh New

12:53PM Diamond Rugs “I Took Note” from Diamond Rugs (2012) on (RED) Partisan Records

12:56PM Pop Zeus “Memory Hangs” from Pop Zeus (2012) on Burger

12:59PM Box Elders “Ronald Dean” from Alice and Friends (2009) on Goner

01:05PM The Mystery Girls? “Standing in the Rain” from Self-Titled (2002) on Trick Knee Local

01:07PM The Mystery Girls? “Children in the Sun” from Self-Titled (2002) on Trick Knee Local

01:10PM Psycho Bunnies “Hey Big Daddy” from Vampire Mistress (1993) on Rage

01:13PM Psycho Bunnies “Blood & Roses” from Vampire Mistress (1993) on Rage

01:19PM Mudhoney “Paperback Life” from March To Fuzz (2000) on Sub Pop

01:21PM The Untamed Youth “I'm More Punk Than You!” from An Invitation to Planet Mace (1997) on Estrus

01:24PM Thee Headcoats “Whatcha Gonna Do About It” from Brother is Dead ... But Fly is Gone! (2003) on Vinyl Japan

01:26PM The Shook-Ups “Don't Be Wasting My Time” from Bad Reception (2012) on Soundflat New

01:29PM Thee Icepicks “Monkeyfist” from Hypothermiaddicts (2012) on Chickpea

01:35PM The Creeping Ivies “Buzzbomb” from Stay Wild (2012) on Dead Beat New

01:38PM Chicken Diamond “The Thrill is Gone” from Chicken Diamond II (2012) on Beast New

01:42PM Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg “SWAY” from Painkillers (2012) on Alive Naturalsound

01:48PM The Boonaraaas !!! “Little Red Shoes” from More Knick-A-Knacks for Your Bric-A-Brac Shelf (2012) on Soundflat New

01:51PM The Minnesota Voodoo Men “Shake and Dance” from Shake Your Mind (2012) on Soundflat New

01:55PM Jesse Pipkin & Band “Work With It” from Stompiin' 22

01:57PM Varetta Dillard “Scorched” from Girls Gone Rockin' on Fantastic Voyage

01:59PM The Mad Hatters “Peter Gunn” from Battle of Rat Fink Hill (2012) on Norton

02:04PM Tweens “Sweet Nothin's” from Live at Mohawk (2012) on self-released

02:06PM The Stents “J.P.F.” from Meet Mike Hate - Single (2012) on Hidden Volume New

02:10PM The Nerves “Paper Dolls” from One Way Ticket (2008) on Alive Records

02:12PM Beach Patrol “Feel My Frustration” from Daytime Highs (2010) on Duck On Monkey

02:14PM The Mice “Rescue You Too” from For Almost Ever / Scooter (2004) on Scat

02:17PM Toy Love “The Crunch” from Live at the Gluepot 1980 (2012) on Goner New

02:23PM Chris Knox “Vol Au Vent” from Song of You &Me (1995)

02:26PM Woollen Kits “Susannah” from Four Girls (2012) on Trouble In Mind Records New

02:29PM Visqueen “Fight For Love” from Message to Garcia (2009) on Local 638 Records

02:32PM SHOES “The Joke's On You” from IGNITION (2012) on Black Vinyl Records

02:36PM Seth Pettersen “Breaking Points” from Natural Machine (2012) on Burger New

02:44PM The Pontiac Brothers “Brown Eyed Women” from Doll Hut / Fiesta en la biblioteca (1985) on Frontier

02:45PM 6 String Drag “Cold Steel Brace” from High Hat (1997) on E-Squared

02:50PM Frank Brown “The Greatest Love” from Out of the Blue (2005) on Record Cellar

02:55PM Kurt Baker “I Don't Wanna Cry” from Brand New Beat (2012) on Collector's Club Records New

02:58PM Swag “I'Ll Get By” from Catch-All (2001) on Yep Roc Records


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