Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playlist for 1.18.13: Come Along and Dream

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12:05PM Poor Little Rich Kids “Come Along and Dream” from Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sound of Memphis (2012) on Big Beat New

12:06PM Mmoss “Another Dream” from Only Children (2012) on Trouble In Mind Records New

12:08PM The Trashed Romeos “Where Dreamers Never Go” from Where Dreamers Never Go (2012) on Trashy Creatures New

12:11PM Flat Duo Jets “Dreams They Don't Cost a Thing” from Flat Duo Jets (1990) on Dog Gone

12:14PM Percy Sledge “I'Ve Got Dreams to Remember” from Hard to Handle: Black America Sings Otis Redding (2012) on Ace

12:22PM The Zeros “She's Just a Girl on the Block” from Don't Push Me Around (1991) on Bomp!

12:25PM The Stems “Make You Mine” from Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side (2006) on Get Hip

12:33PM Muck & The Mires “You Better Write Your Number Down” from Garage Mayhem Live at Asbury Lanes (2007) on Headshop

12:34PM The Mergers “Caught Beneath” from Monkey See, Monkey Do! (2013) on Soundflat Records New

12:38PM Count Five “You Must Believe Me” from Psychotic Revelation (2003) on Big Beat

12:42PM The Resonars “John Stone Will be Christian” from Crummy Desert Sound (2013) on Burger New

12:45PM The Go “Voices Rant On” from Fiesta (2013) on Burger New

12:49PM Peach Kelli Pop “Dreamphone” from II (2013) on Burger New

12:51PM The Witches “Why Do You Make Me Feel Like That” from A Haunted Person's Guide To The Witches (2011) on Alive Records

12:55PM Babysitter “Prime Of My Life” from Eye (2012) on Psychic Handshake Recordings

12:58PM Dead Moon “Psychodelic Nightmare” from Nervous Sooner Changes (2003) on Music Maniac

01:04PM The Honey Slides “What You'll Do” from S/T (2009) on self-released

01:06PM White Faces “I'm Your Creep” from White Faces (2011) on Windian Records Local

01:09PM Holly and the Nice Lions “Two Way Street” from Let's Get Wild! (2011) on Memorized Dictionary

01:13PM Holly and the Nice Lions “Tight Tight Tight” from Let's Get Wild! (2011) on Memorized Dictionary

01:20PM Craig & Michael “Drifty” from It Came From the Garage! Nuggets From Southern California (2011) on Ace Records

01:24PM The Royal Purple “Cymbaline” from Spearmint Experience (2004) on Umbrella

01:26PM Allah-Las “Sacred Sands” from Allah-Las (2012) on Innovative Leisure

01:30PM The Vibrant “The Breeze & I” from Surf Age Nuggets (2012) on Rockbeat Records New

01:34PM Bloodshot Bill “You'Re No Good” from So Blue (2012) on Transdigital 66 New

01:36PM The Creeping Ivies “Mirror Mirror” from Stay Wild (2012) on Dead Beat

01:39PM The Revelators “Buzzard & the Hawk” from Let a Poor Boy Ride... (2009) on Crypt Records

01:41PM Demolition Doll Rods “Married for the Weekend” from TLA (1999) on Matador

01:44PM Mr. Airplane Man “How Long” from C'mon DJ (2003) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

01:50PM Chicken Diamond “Leaving in the Morning” from Chicken Diamond II (2012) on Beast

01:54PM The Toe Rags “Death Of A Clown” from Intexicated! (2012) on Saustex Media

01:57PM The Leather Boy “I'm a Leather Boy” from Pebbles Volume 10 (1996) on AIP

01:59PM Thee Icepicks “The Cooler King” from Hypothermiaddicts (2012) on Chickpea

02:05PM The Goodbye Johnnys “Savage” from Single (2012)

02:08PM The Spartan Dreggs “Punks Before Chips” from Coastal Command (2012) on Damaged Goods New

02:10PM Thee Oops “Egg Raid On Mojo” from Happy Charlie (2012) on Slovenly Recordings New

02:11PM Born Loose “Heart Attack” from Born Loose (2012) on Drug Front Records New

02:14PM Paint Fumes “Space Cadet” from Uck Life (2012) on Slovenly New

02:16PM Toy Love “Photographs of Naked Ladies” from Live at the Gluepot 1980 (2012) on Goner New

02:23PM The Singles “Love of Loves” from Use it for Yourself (2012) on Off The Hip New

02:25PM The Skunks “Can't Get Loose” from Single (2012) on Last Laugh

02:29PM Screamin' Targets “She Likes to Rock” from Single (2012) on KOTJ New

02:32PM Paul Collins Beat “There She Goes” from The Beat/ The Kids are the Same (2005) on Wounded Bird

02:35PM Stag “Sister Lee” from Stag (2012) on Fin Records New

02:37PM Red Jacket Mine “Ron Nasty” from Someone's Else Cake (2012) on Fin Records New

02:44PM Dean Carter “Run Rabbit Run” from Call of the Wild (2004) on Big Beat

02:45PM Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors “Buddy!” from One Chord Progression Stuffs Your Stocking, Vol. 1 (2012) on One Chord Progression

02:49PM The Granny Smiths “Boom Boom” from Mongrel Zine Vol. 9 comp (2011) on Mongrel

02:52PM Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs “Hand in Hand” from Sunday Run Me Over (2012) on (RED) Transdreamer

02:55PM The Kramers “Nervous Breakdown” from The Kramers (2012) on Self Released

02:59PM The Paybacks “Dumb Love” from Love, Not Reason (2006) on Savage Jams Records

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