Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playlist for 2.1.13: The Devil Thumbs a Ride

Stream or download the entire Feb. 1 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

12:07PM Russell Byrd “Hitch Hike (Part One)” from The Sue Records Story (1994) on Sue

12:08PM The Coasters “Thumbin' A Ride” from 50 Coastin' Classics (1961) on Rhino

12:09PM Those Lil' Ole Music Makers “Hitchhike” from Psychedelic States: Wisconsin In The 60s (1966) on Gear Fab

12:11PM Ike Gordon “Don't Let The Devil Ride” from Fire in My Bones (2009) on Tompkins Square

12:13PM Creedence Clearwater Revival “Sweet Hitch Hiker” from Mardi Gras (1972) on Fantasy

12:23PM Electric Frankenstein “Ain't Nothing to Do” from single (2012) on Ghost Highway

12:23PM Great Dismal Swamis “Painting With the Missing Eyes” from Great Dismal Swamis (2013) on Self New

12:25PM The Untamed Youth “Mailbox Jamboree” from An Invitation to Planet Mace (1997) on Estrus

12:28PM Surf Punks “I'm A Valley” from Locals Only (1982) on Restless

12:30PM The Raunch Hands “What's The Matter Now” from F#@k Me Stupid (1992) on Crypt Records

12:34PM Midnight Woolf “Natural Man” from I'll Be a Dog (2012) on Off The Hip

12:38PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Yosemite Sam” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Dirty Water New

12:40PM Bloodshot Bill “Bounce Baby Bounce” from So Blue (2012) on Transdigital 66 New

12:43PM The Cramps “Burn, She Devil Burn” from Big Beat From Badsville (1997) on Epitaph

12:45PM The Stags “Told You So” from 7" (2012) on Drug Front

12:47PM The Piggies “Stephanie” from Single (2013) on self-released New

12:49PM The Real Kids “Got It Made” from Grown Up Wrong (1993) on Norton Records

12:53PM Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes “Out Of My Mind” from Eric Burdon & the Greenhornes - EP (2012) on Readymade Records

12:56PM Nathaniel Mayer “You Gotta Work” from I Just Want to Be Held (2004) on Fat Possum Records

01:05PM The Prosecutors “TV Generation” from The Prosecutors (2012) on Splunge Local

01:07PM The Prosecutors “Sound Room” from The Prosecutors (2012) on Splunge Local

01:11PM The Prosecutors “Everything Looks Better in the Dark” from The Prosecutors (2012) on Splunge Local

01:12PM The Prosecutors “Red White and Black” from The Prosecutors (2012) on Splunge Local

01:20PM T. Valentine with Daddy Long Legs “Young Girls, Young Girls” from The Vampire (2012) on Norton Records New

01:22PM The Bollywood Argyles “Ali Oop” from 7: (2012) on Norton Records New

01:25PM The Monacles “I Can't Win” from 7" on Norton Records

01:27PM The New Surfsiders “Smile Medley” from Smile Medley (2012) on Norton Records New

01:30PM The Del-Aires “Just Wigglin' n' Wobblin'” from Zombie Stomp (2012) on Norton Records Inc. New

01:32PM The Uptones “No More” from Kim Fowley - King Of The Creeps (2012) on Norton Records New

01:36PM Bobby Fuller “Eastwood High Dance Radio Spot” from El Paso Rock, Vol. 6 (2012) on Norton Records New

01:37PM Bobby Fuller “Guess We'll Fall In Love” from El Paso Rock, Vol. 6 (2012) on Norton Records New

01:44PM The Meltdowns “Find Out For Yourself” from Critical Mass (2011) on Neurotic Bop

01:45PM The Trashed Romeos “Gotta Find A New Love” from Where Dreamers Never Go (2012) on Trashy Creatures New

01:49PM The Insomniacs “Tomorrow is” from Get Something Going (2000) on Estrus

01:52PM The Sunsets “Hot Generation” from Down Under Nuggets (2012) on Festival New

01:57PM The Slaves “Shut Up” from Little Hits on Little Hits

02:00PM Stiv Bators “Not That Way Anymore” from L.A. Confidential (1994) on Bomp! Records

02:06PM The Preacher's Kids “Crooked Road” from Devil's Hitlist (2007) on The Preacher's Kids

02:09PM Alejandro Escovedo “Guilty” from Bourbonitis Blues (1999) on Bloodshot Records

02:13PM The Midwest Beat “Not To Worry” from Singles (2005-2011) (2012) on Wild Honey Local

02:16PM Cardboard Villians “Gotta Let Go” from Lost Sunday (2012) on Ghost Highway

02:20PM The Singing Loins “Try” from Here on Earth (2012) on Damaged Goods

02:25PM Andre Williams “Hey Country Girl” from Bait & Switch (2001) on Norton Records

02:28PM Fortune and Maltese “My Baby's Hearse” from Konquer Kampus (1996) on Hillsdale

02:28PM Creatures of the Golden Dawn “You Know How I Feel” from 1000 Shadows (1994) on Dionysus Records / Bacchus Archives / Orange Sky / Hell Yeah

02:31PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “The Monkey Beat” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Dirty Water New

02:33PM The Mansfields “Roxy” from Cramp Your Style (2008) on Gearhead Records

02:36PM "Blind" Rage and Violence “Blind Fought the Po-Lice” from The End of Rock and Roll (2012)

02:40PM Wheels On Fire “Bad Lie” from 7" on Trouble in Mind

02:42PM The Wobbly Lamps “Neon Teepee” from Wobbly Lamps - Single (2013) on Polyvinyl Craftsmen

02:44PM The Makers “Mr. Blood” from Howl! (1997) on Estrus

02:46PM The Barbacans “CippiCiappi” from No Hits for the Kids (2012) on Boss Hoss

02:49PM Peach Kelli Pop “True Blue” from 2nd Album (2013) on Byurger New

02:49PM Bananamou “Quarter to One” from S/T (2012) on Burger

02:51PM The Real Numbers “Tear it in Two” from Single (2010) on Florida's Dying

02:54PM The Peepshows “Ten Dogs” from single (2012) on Ghost Highway

02:57PM Spanking Charlene “Stupid Me” from Where Are the Freaks? (2012) on Slacker Music


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing the Great Dismal Swamis on the Zero Hour! CD comin' your way in next 2 weeks! Thanks again for your support!

Andy said...

My pleasure, man. Cool song - can't wait to check out the whole album!


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