Friday, March 1, 2013

Playlist for 3.1.13: Welcome to Wisconsin

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12:04PM Sir Douglas Quintet “Texas Me (Single Version) [Mono]” from The Mono Singles '68-'72 (2011) on Sundazed

12:05PM Robin & the Hoods “Slow Down” from Lost Souls: Volume 3 (2011) on Psych of the South

12:08PM The Revelators “Hillbilly Wolf” from We Told You Not To Cross Us... (1997) on Crypt Records

12:12PM Band Jocks “At Practice” from Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago (2012) on The Numero Group

12:14PM Trent Fox and The Tenants “Mess Around (radio edit)” from Mess Around (radio edit) (2011) on Kind Turkey Local

12:22PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Whiskey Twitch” from S/T (2013) on RZO New

12:24PM Lovesores “Bubblegum Riot” from Bubblegum Riot EP (2013) on No Front Teeth/Rapid Pulse New

12:27PM The Vice Principals “Splitsville U.S.A.” from After School With the Vice Principals (2000) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

12:30PM The Humpers “19th Nervous Breakdown” from Single on Devil's Jukebox

12:33PM Andy G. and The Roller Kings “Party Shoes” from Let's Have Some God Damn Fun: New York City 2005 (2005) on Rapid Pulse

12:36PM Born Loose “Step Up to the Plate (Be a Runaway)” from Born Loose (2012) on Drug Front Records

12:40PM Stinky Lou and the Goon mat with Lord Benardo “Looking For A Girl” from 12 Roots N' Boogie Blues Hits (With Lord Bernado) (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm New

12:43PM The Cramps “Muleskinner Blues” from Stay Sick (1993) on Enigma Request

12:46PM Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds “Conjure Man” from Single (2013) on In the Red New

12:50PM Warren Smith “Ubangi Stomp” from The Sun Records Collection (1994) on Rhino (USA)

12:51PM ? And The Mysterians “"8" Teen” from Single (1968) on Cameo Parkway

12:53PM Quintron “Jamskate” from Jamskate - EP (2007) on Rhinestone Records

01:03PM Bored Games “Winter Blues” from Party 'Til You Puke (2013) on Repulsion Local, New

01:05PM Bored Games “Best Has Already Come” from Party 'Til You Puke (2013) on Repulsion Local, New

01:08PM The Hussy “The Moon Rules #1” from Weed Seizure (2012) on Tic Tac Totally Local

01:10PM Static Eyes “Waves” from 7" (2013) on Windian Local, New

01:16PM The Goodbye Johnnys “Love Terminator” from Single (2013)

01:18PM The Singles “Stay” from Use it for Yourself (2012) on Off The Hip

01:22PM Penetration “Don't Dictate” from No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion (1978) on Rhino (USA)

01:25PM The Saints “Grain Of Sand” from Big Hits on the Underground (1999) on Last Call

01:28PM The Plastic Pals “The Sweet Spot” from Turn the Tide (2013) on Polythene Records New

01:35PM The Above “Georgia Peach” from Single (2013) on Boppa do Down Records New

01:38PM The Mergers “We'll All Be Stars” from Monkey See, Monkey Do! (2013) on Soundflat Records New

01:43PM The Breakup Society “Here Comes Floyd” from So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time… (2012) on Get Hip New

01:44PM The Resonars “The World is Wrong” from Crummy Desert Sound (2013) on Burger New

01:46PM Los Chicos “In The Age Of Stupidity” from In the Age of Stupidity (2012) on Dirty Water

01:49PM Scott Morgan & Miss Georgia Peach “All Talk No Action” from Scott Morgan & Miss Georgia Peach (2007) on Ramo Records

01:53PM The Teenage Burritos “Charlie” from S/T (2012) on Burger

01:54PM Boris the Sprinkler “Purple Vulcan Hot Rod” from Suck (1998) on Go Kart Local

01:56PM The Cool Jerks “Boozy Man” from Bunkerparty on Soundflat

02:05PM Larry Green & the Rhythmnaires “Watch Your Step” from Kim Fowley - King Of The Creeps (2012) on Norton (USA)

02:07PM Alvin Cash & The Crawlers “Bump” from Single (1965) on Mar V Lus

02:11PM Swamp Dogg “Total Destruction to Your Mind” from Total Destruction to Your Mind (2013) on Alive Naturalsound

02:15PM Knaughty Knights “Connection” from Single on Norton (USA)

02:18PM Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and His C.C. Riders “Train Kept A Rollin'” from S/T (2013) on Spacecase

02:18PM The Traditional Fools “MilkMan” from The Traditional Fools (2013) on In the Red New

02:22PM The Ribeye Brothers “Damaged Goods” from Call of the Scrapheap (2013) on Main Man Records

02:25PM The Alarm Clocks “When I'm With You” from Single (2011) on Self

02:28PM Big Bobby & His Nightcaps “Ride” from Single (2009) on Black Lung

02:30PM The Moods “Rum Drunk” from Down Under Nuggets (2012) on Festival

02:32PM Ramma Lamma “Big Street Time” from 7" (2010) on FDH Local

02:37PM The Stags “Told You So” from Single (2012) on Drug Front

02:39PM The Paybacks “Scotch Love” from Harder and Harder (2004) on Get Hip

02:40PM The Rippers “I Knocked On That Door” from Better the Devil You Know (2012) on Slovenly Recordings

02:42PM The Mad Doctors “Black Magic” from One Chord Progression Stuffs Your Stocking, Vol. 1 (2012) on One Chord Progression

02:44PM Thee Spivs “Voodoo Island” from Single (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm

02:47PM Hipbone Slim and The Knee-Tremblers “Restin' On My Laurels” from Snake Pit (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm

02:52PM Churchwood “Weedeye” from 2 (2013) on Saustex Media New

02:58PM The Copper Gamins “All Hid” from Los Ninos de Cobre (2013) on Saustex Media New

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