Saturday, March 16, 2013

Playlist for 3.15.13: Color Me Blood Red


Stream or download the entire March 15 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

12:04PM The Candy Snatchers “Color Me Blood Red” from Human Zoo (1998) on Go Kart

12:05PM The Replacements “Color Me Impressed” from Hootenanny (1983) on Twin/Tone

12:07PM George Jones “The Color of the Blues” from The Essential George Jones: The Spirit of the Country (1998) on Epic/Legacy

12:08PM Swamp Dogg “Dust Your Head Color Red” from Total Destruction to Your Mind (2013) on Alive Naturalsound

12:12PM The Royal Purple “Colors” from Transcendental Medication on Umbrella

12:11PM The Young Fresh Fellows “She Sees Color” from It's Low Beat Time (1992) on Frontier

12:18PM The Phantom Surfers “I Call My Baby D.D.T.” from The Great Surf Crash of '97 (1997) on Lookout

12:20PM Personal and The Pizzas “$7.99 For Love” from Raw Pie (2010) on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records

12:21PM Mean Jeans “Born On a Saturday Night” from Are You Serious (2009) on Dirtnap Records

12:23PM The Mummies “Zip a Dee Doo Dah/???” from Death by Unga Bunga on Estrus

12:25PM Les Sexareenos “Mojo Workout” from 28 Party Dancers from Montreal's Finest (2009) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

12:28PM Midnite Snaxxx “A Guy Like That” from 7" (2011) on Total Punk

12:30PM The Mr. T Experience “I Fell For You” from Love Is Dead (1996) on Lookout

12:35PM The Replacements “Busted Up” from Songs For Slim - EP (2013) on (RED) New West

12:39PM Slim Dunlap “The Ballad of the Opening Band” from The Old New Me (1993) on Medium Cool Records

12:43PM SHOES “Say It Like You Mean It” from IGNITION (2012) on Black Vinyl Records

12:47PM The Gaye Blades “Ruby Tuesday” from Norton Rolling Stones Series 7" on Norton Records

12:50PM The Beat “Walking Out On Love” from DIY! Shake it Up! American Power Pop II (1978-80) (1993) on Rhino (USA)

12:51PM SHOES “Too Late” from DIY! Shake it Up! American Power Pop II (1978-80) (1993) on Rhino (USA)

12:55PM Vacant Lot “Remembers Me” from Wrong (1993) on Can. Shake/Cargo

12:56PM The Magnolias “AMERICAN DREAM” from Pop the Lock (2011) on Veto Records

01:04PM Kill-A-Watts “Shock You Dead” from Electrorock (2001) on Rip Off Records Local

01:08PM Kill-A-Watts “LIVE WIRE” from Electrorock (2001) on Rip Off Records Local

01:09PM Rebel Waltz “Paper, Scissors, Rock” from 24 Titles (1995) on Topsoil Local

01:11PM Rebel Waltz “Subscript Sea” from 24 Titles (1995) on Topsoil Local

01:20PM Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost “John The Revelator” from Mississippi Murderer (2012) on Mean Disposition New

01:25PM Churchwood “You Be the Mountain (I'll Be Mohammad)” from 2 (2013) on Saustex Media New

01:30PM The Plastic Pals “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” from Turn the Tide (2013) on Polythene Records New

01:33PM Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds “Lose Your Mind” from Conjure Man (2013) on In the Red New

01:35PM The Phantom Keys “Evil Eye” from The Real Sounds Of (2011) on Screaming Apple

01:39PM The Above “Imprisoned” from Single (2013) on Boppa do Down Records New

01:45PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Way Down” from Great Dismal Swamis (2013) on RZO New

01:49PM The Wobbly Lamps “Haxan” from Drella EP (2013) on Polyvinyl Craftsmen New

01:52PM Tav Falco's Panther Burns “River of Love” from Behind the Magnolia Curtain (2012) on Fat Possum

01:55PM Catl. “Get Outta My Car” from Soon This Will All Be Gone (2012) on self-released (US)

01:58PM Bloodshot Bill “Don't Care Blues” from So Blue (2012) on Transdigital 66

02:04PM Terry Anderson “Man That Rocks” from What Else Can Go Right (1996) on ESD

02:06PM Terry Anderson “What in the Hell” from What Else Can Go Right (1996) on ESD

02:10PM Palmyra Delran “Shy Boy” from Shy Boy - Single (2013) on Apex East

02:14PM The Master Plan “Get Over Yourself” from Maximum Respect (2010) on Green Mist Records

02:16PM The Fleshtones “I Want The Answers” from Beachhead (2005) on Yep Roc Records

02:19PM The Smoggers “Little Girl” from Breaking Your Boots With ... (2013) on KOTJ/Ghost Highway New

02:25PM Lovesores “82nd Avenue Breakdown” from Bubblegum Riot EP (2013) on No Front Teeth/Rapid Pulse

02:27PM Adam Widener “Death Kontrol” from Gimmee Scientific Stuff EP (2013) on Sexy Baby Records

02:30PM The Stomachmouths “Don't Put Me Down” from A Real Cool Time Revisited (2010) on RPM

02:32PM Lords of Gravity “Poor Boy” from The Curse of Icarus (2012) on Rumble Skunk

02:37PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Less Bone More Meat” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Dirty Water

02:39PM The Five Du-Tones “Shake a Tail Feather” from 45 on One-der-ful

02:40PM The Attention! “Have A Drink” from Gettin' All the Attention! (2012) on Screaming Apple

02:41PM Mighty Fine “Something for Your Ass (feat. Mick Collins)” from Get Up to Get Down (2011) on Drug Front Records

02:45PM The Electric Mess “The Girl With the Exploding Dress” from Falling Off the Face of the Earth (2012) on The Electric Mess

02:48PM The Go “No More Stars” from Fiesta (2013) on Burger New

02:51PM Jacco Gardner “Help Me Out” from Cabinet of Curiosities (2013) on Trouble in Mind New

02:54PM The Chocolate Watchband “Since You Broke My Heart” from Melts in Your Brain ... Not On Your Wrist! (2005) on Big Beat

02:56PM The Ripe “Dr Strange” from Into Your Ears (2012) on Get Hip

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