Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playlist for 3.22.13: Coming Soon

Stream or download (looks like the MP3 version is down this week) the entire March 22 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

12:05PM Dwight Yoakam “Late Great Golden State” from Population Me (2003) on Koch

12:04PM The Real Numbers “Perils of Pauline” from Only Two Can Play (2013) on Three Dimensional Records

12:06PM Occult Detective Club “C'mon Levi” from Crimes (2011) on Alive Records

12:10PM Los Vigilantes “Me Siento Azul” from Me Siento Azul EP (2013) on Slovenly New

12:12PM Peach Kelli Pop “Julie Oulie” from 2nd Album (2013) on Burger

12:15PM Redd Kross “Ballad of a Love Doll” from Neurotica (1987) on Big Time

12:23PM The Woggles “Say Goodbye to a Dream” from The Big Beat (2013) on Wicked Cool Records,Inc.

12:25PM The Subsonics “Headlights” from In The Black Spot (2012) on Slovenly

12:28PM The Doughboys “Keep Your Dog Off Me” from Shakin' Our Souls (2012) on Ram Records

12:33PM The Dynotones “ZZR” from The Kustom Kings (2012) on Sundazed

12:35PM The Bootmen “Ain't it the Truth Babe” from Required Etiquette (2003) on Big Beat

12:36PM The Branded “Thats My Beer” from Evil Gone Wrong (2012) on Soundflat Records

12:39PM Grains of Sand “Goin' Away Baby” from Kim Fowley - King Of The Creeps (2012) on Norton

12:43PM DMZ “Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight” from Radio Demos (2011) on Munster

12:45PM The Nomads “MilkCow Blues” from Where the Wolf Bane Blooms (1983) on Closer

12:49PM The Drags “Amplifier Blues” from Set Right Fit To Blow Clean Up (1999) on Estrus

12:52PM The Countdowns “Love Her So” from 45 (1997) on Scooch Pooch

12:54PM The Rippers “A Gun in His Hand” from Better the Devil You Know (2012) on Slovenly Recordings

12:57PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Loch Ness Lightning” from Great Dismal Swamis (2013) on RZO New

01:03PM Bored Games “I Don't Care” from Party 'Til You Puke (2013) on Repulsion Local

01:06PM Bored Games “Do What You Do” from Party 'Til You Puke (2013) on Repulsion Local

01:08PM The Mystery Girls? “Sorry Little Girl” from Self-Titled (2002) on Trick Knee Local

01:11PM The Mystery Girls? “Green Machine” from Self-Titled (2002) on Trick Knee Local

01:19PM Twin Guns “The Eternal War Between Good and Evil” from Sweet Dreams (2013) on self-released

01:20PM Jack Of Heart “Marry Me” from In Yer Mouth (2011) on Born bad records

01:21PM The Skeptics “Searching” from File Under Fuzz Punk (2012) on Moody Monkey Records

01:24PM Wheels On Fire “Like a Curse” from Get Famous! (2008) on Fat Possum Records

01:26PM Static Eyes “Trouble” from 7" (2013) on Windian Local

01:29PM The King Khan & BBQ Show “Love You So” from The King Khan & BBQ Show (2005) on In the Red

01:32PM Thee Rain Cats “OJ Krush” from EP (2013) on Burger

01:38PM The Steve Adamyk Band “Wait For Your Number” from Third (2013) on Dirtnap Records New

01:40PM The Sugar Stems “Did You Ever” from Greatest Pretender (2012) on Certified PR Records Local

01:43PM The Whims “Rest Stop” from The Whims (2013) on Lovely Linda Records

01:46PM The Breakup Society “The Way We Weren't” from So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time… (2012) on Get Hip

01:49PM The Mockers “Sunflowers” from Living In the Holland Tunnel (2001) on One Eye Open

01:52PM Shake Appeal “1976” from You're Too Rich (1996) on Go Kart

01:56PM The Joe Herbert Band “First Date” from 7" (2012) on Last Laugh

02:03PM The Watzloves “You're On My Mind” from Catch Me a Possum (2006) on Voodoo Rhythm

02:06PM The Midwest Beat “Cryin´ Over You” from Singles (2005-2011) (2012) on Wild Honey Local

02:09PM Doug Sahm & the Pharoahs “If You Ever Need Me” from Sir Doug Way Back When He Was Just Doug Sahm (1979) on Harlem

02:10PM Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers “Bottom of My Heart” from Square Guitar (2011) on Dirty Water Records

02:13PM Lee Hazelwood (Mark Robinson) “Pretty Jane” from Trouble is a Lonesome Town (2013) on Light In The Attic

02:15PM The Chiffons “Oh My Lover” from 45 on Laurie

02:16PM Tweens “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” from Live at Mohawk (2012) on self-released

02:20PM The Exciters “All Grown Up” from Da Doo Ron Ron: More From the Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry (2012) on Ace

02:28PM Armitage Shanks “You're Here I'm Hooked You're Gone” from 25 Golden Showers (1999) on Damaged Goods

02:27PM The Ribeye Brothers “Dissapointment Punch” from Call of the Scrapheap (2013) on Main Man Records

02:31PM T. Valentine with Daddy Long Legs “The Vampire” from The Vampire (2012) on Norton Records

02:36PM Los Straitjackets “The Casbah” from !Viva! Los Straitjackets (1996) on Upstart Records

02:39PM JImbo Mathus “Hatchie Bottom” from White Buffalo (2013) on Fat Possum Records

02:44PM John Schooley & His One Man Band “Somebody In My Home” from One Man Against the World (2007) on Voodoo Rhythm

02:48PM Churchwood “New Moon” from 2 (2013) on Saustex Media New

02:53PM The Plastic Pals “All the Way” from Turn the Tide (2013) on Polythene Records

02:58PM Terry Allen “Emergency Human Blood Courier” from Bottom of the World (2013) on self-released

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