Friday, March 8, 2013

Playlist for 3.8.13: What a Burger!

Stream or download the entire March 8 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

Zero Hour (Music) with Andy 03/08/2013 12:00PM to 03:00PM

12:02PM Feeding People “Red Whites & Blues” from S/T on Burger

12:06PM Seth Pettersen “Soul Arcade” from Natural Machine on Burger

12:10PM The Burnt Ones “Fountain of Youth” from You'll Never Walk Alone on Burger

12:12PM Nobunny “Your Mouth” from Raw Romance on Burger

12:15PM La Luz “Sure as Spring” from damp face ep on Burger New

12:17PM Bananamou “The Wahatever” from S/T on Burger

12:24PM Sam Flax “Fire Doesn't Burn Itself” from Age Waves on Burger

12:30PM Grape St. “Double Golds” from A Date With You on Burger

12:36PM C**mstain “SuckHer4U” from +7 on Burger

12:36PM Gap Dream “58th Street” from s/t on Burger

12:40PM The Pizazz “Ocean Liner” from Get Out of My House on Burger

12:46PM Cleaners from Venus “Song for Syd Barrett” from Under Wartime Conditions on Burger

12:49PM The Growlers “Mood Shades” from Beach Goth on Burger

12:54PM Infinity People “Put Your Other Eye In” from In Love with the Light on Burger

01:08PM Jail “Always Wrong” from There's No Sky (Oh My My) on Self Local

01:11PM Jail “Stuffed” from There's No Sky (Oh My My) on Self Local

01:13PM Tenement “Stupid World” from Napalm Dream on Hang Up Local

01:16PM Tenement “Simple Things (Can Seem So Involved)” from Napalm Dream on Mandible Records / Hang Up Records

01:24PM Schatzi & Hazeltine “Happy Birthday, Baby” from Single on Burger

01:28PM Audacity “Punk Confusion” from Mellow Cruisers on Burger

01:31PM Lust-Cats of the Gutters “Sherwood's Little Eskionmo” from Self-Titled on Burger

01:31PM Lust-Cats of the Gutters “Cemetery” from Self-Titled on Burger

01:36PM The Clorox Girls “Novcaine” from Demos, Rarities and Early 7"'s on Burger

01:37PM Apache “Bloody Knuckles” from Radical Sabattical on Burger

01:40PM The Underground Railroad To Candyland “Bitter” from Knows Your Sins on Burger

01:42PM The Underground Railroad To Candyland “Run Chicken Run” from Knows Your Sins on Burger

01:48PM Gravys Drop “Buddhist Guru” from For the Love of Gravy on Burger

01:51PM Tough Sh*s “Space Heater” from S/t on Burger

01:52PM Hot Freak Nation “Turn Up the Noise” from Lifetime to Lifetime on Burger/Trashy Creatures

01:56PM Pangea “No Feelin'” from Living Dummy on Burger

01:59PM The Memories “Wasted All The Time” from I Wanna Be That Guy on Burger

02:06PM Natural Child “Derek's Blues” from Hard In Heaven on Burger

02:11PM Ric Menck “Perfect Day” from The Ballad of Ric Menck on Burger

02:15PM The Resonars “Expectations” from Crummy Desert Sound on Burger

02:18PM The Sufis “Where Did She Go?” from The Sufis on Burger

02:24PM Fever B “Our Love” from The Lonely Sailor Sessions on Burger

02:27PM 1-2-6 “Mirror for Sale” from Grown So Ugly: An Ugly Things Sampler on Burger

02:29PM Conspiracy Of Owls “Tower Of Diamonds” from Conspiracy Of Owls on Burger

02:33PM Dwight Twilley “You Were Always There” from Green Blimp on Burger

02:36PM Fletcher C Johnson “Small Town” from Salutations on Burger

02:41PM The Teenage Burritos “Rachel” from S/T on Burger

02:43PM Pookie & the Poodlez “Tay Tay” from S/T on Burger

02:47PM Eating Out “In the Beginning” from s/t on Burger

02:52PM Detective “Man Near the Surface of the Earth” from However Strange on Burger

02:53PM Peach Kelli Pop “Red Leather” from 2nd Album on Burger

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