Saturday, May 18, 2013

Playlist for 5.17.13: On the Rampage

Stream or download the entire May 17 show right here. Features in-studio performance from Kristin Hersh (at around the 2 p.m. mark)! Find Zero Hour also on Facebook orTwitter.

12:06PM Linc Jeffries with the Missing Links “On the Rampage” from Rampage! 17 Full-Throttled Rockers! on Atomic Passion
12:08PM Jerry "Boogie" McCain “My Next Door Neighboor” from That's What They Want (1995) on Excello
12:08PM The Planet Rockers “Rampage” from 26 Classic Tracks (1997) on Spinout Records
12:09PM Too Much Joy “Crush Story” from Cereal Killers (1991) on Giant/Alias
12:12PM Drive-By Truckers “Bulldozers and Dirt” from 7" (1997) on Soul Dump
12:22PM The Love Me Nots “The Girl Lights Up” from The Demon and the Devotee (2011) on Atomic A Go Go
12:24PM The Insomniacs “Don't Turn Away” from Out of It (1996) on Estrus
12:27PM Visqueen “Crush On Radio” from Sunset On Dateland (2004) on Local 638 Records
12:30PM The Pontiac Brothers “Straight And Narrow” from Doll Hut / Fiesta en la biblioteca (1985) on Frontier
12:33PM Jenny and the Steady Go's! “Just a Walkin'” from 7" (2013) on Off Label New
12:38PM The Mokkers “Indians” from 7" (2013) on Off Label Records New
12:41PM Andre Williams “Bacon Fat” from Movin On on Vampisoul Request
12:44PM The Legs “(Let's) Do the Legs” from AAAA the New Memphis Legs (2012) on Goner
12:48PM Jerry Colburn “Tupelo” from Empty Boat People II (2013) on Thick Syrup Records New
12:50PM Talbot Adams “Red Diamonds” from 7" (2013) on Spacecase New
12:54PM John Wesley Coleman “Everything's Gone Grey” from 7" on Spacecase
12:57PM Lone Justice “Sweet Jane (Live)” from This World Is Not My Home (1999) on Geffen Records Request
01:05PM Beach Patrol “One More Cigarette” from Riding Dinosaurs (2008) on Duck on Monkey Records Local
01:07PM The Mystery Girls “Treatment Bound” from In the Meantime The In Between Time (2013) on Kind Turkey Local
01:10PM The Midwest Beat “Bring the Water” from Singles (2005-2011) (2012) on Wild Honey Local
01:13PM The 57S “3 of Swords” from 3 of Swords (2013) on self-released Local
01:19PM Bananamou “Sweet Lady Genevieve” from Bananamou (2012) on Burger Records
01:22PM Gravy's Drop “Velvety Suitor” from Gumball (2013) on Burger
01:25PM Gravy's Drop “Lookin' Out My Window” from Gumball (2013) on Burger
01:30PM Joel Jerome “Starting Five” from Babies On Acid (2013) on Burger Records
01:33PM Schlitzie “Foolish Little Girl” from S/T (2013) on Burger
01:36PM The Sufis “Wake Up” from Taste of Burger Records (2013) on Burger
01:40PM E. Zane Wood and the Dominion “Got Me Stupid” from Kim Fowley - King Of The Creeps (2013) on Norton
01:44PM Donovan's Brain “Hearts in Her Eyes” from The Records Tribute: Starry Eyed (2013) on Zero Hour New
01:47PM Chopper “White Summer” from Chopper (2011) on Zero Hour
01:50PM Big Dipper “The Insane Girl” from Supercluster - The Big Dipper Anthology (2008) on Merge Records / Hostess
01:53PM The Hussy “Firelung” from 7" (2013) on Certified PR Local, New
01:55PM A Giant Dog “Virgin Girl” from Bone (2013) on Tic Tac Totally New
01:57PM White Fence “Pink Gorilla” from Cyclops Reap (2013) on Castle Face New
02:03PM Kristin Hersh “Crooked” from Crooked (2010) on Throwing Music
02:23PM Kristin Hersh “Krait” from Crooked (2010) on Throwing Music
02:31PM Kristin Hersh “Day Glo” from Learn to Sing Like a Star (2007) on Yep Roc
02:36PM The Copper Gamins “Little Ron” from Los NiƱos de Cobre (2013) on Saustex Media/Cosmica Records
02:39PM Elder Richard Bryant’s Sanctified Singers with Bozie Sturdivant “Watch Thee Therefore You Know...” from The Devil is Busy in Knoxville (2013) on Mississippi
02:41PM The Gories “On the Run” from Garage Swim (2013) on Adult Swim
02:45PM Georgiana Starlington “Brave Wolf” from Paper Moon (2013) on Hozac New
02:47PM Iggy and the Stooges “Burn” from Ready To Die (2013) on Fat Possum New
02:51PM The Grannies “Cranked Up Really High” from 300 Years of Punk Rock (2013) on Saustex Media New
02:56PM The Eastern Dark “Johnny and Dee Dee” from Where Are All the Single Girls? (2000) on Half A Cow Records
02:58PM Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors “The Tears I Made You Cry” from Introducing Once Again (2011) on A Billion Records

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