Playlist for 5.24.13: Sleepless Nights

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12:02PM The Everly Bothers “Sleepless Nights” from A Date With the Everly Brothers (1961) on Warner Brothers
12:05PM Belton Richard “Another Sleepless Night” from Another Saturday Night (1968) on Ace
12:07PM The Ravens “Sleepless Nights” from Garage Punk Unknows Part 1 (1999) on Crypt
12:10PM The Originals “Sleepless Hours” from Las Vegas Grind, Vol. 3 on Crypt
12:12PM The Slickee Boys “Sleepless Nights” from Somewhat of an Anthology (2002) on Dacoit
12:16PM The Singles “Sleepless Nights” from Use it for Yourself (2012) on Off The Hip
12:23PM The Hangmen “I'm Your Man” from East Of Western (2012) on Cargo
12:27PM Hollywood Brats “Then He Kissed Me” from Hollywood Brats (1994) on Cherry Red Records
12:31PM Los Chicos “On My Face” from In the Age of Stupidity (2012) on Dirty Water
12:33PM The Dukes of Hamburg “I Gotta Move” from I Gotta Move - I Need You - Single (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm New
12:35PM Hammered Satin “Foxy Dude” from S/T (2013) on Burger
12:38PM Cyanide Pills “Sit Tight” from Still Bored (2013) on Damaged Goods New
12:41PM Thee Spivs “Lets Talk About the Weather” from The Crowds and the Sounds (2013) on Damaged Goods New
12:44PM Giuda “Here Comes Saturday Night” from Racey Roller (2012) on Damaged Goods
12:47PM Cowbell “Every Dog Has Its Day” from Hanging By a Thread - Single (2013) on Damaged Goods Records
12:52PM South Filthy “Surfin' In Death Valley” from You Can Name It Yo' Mammy If You Wanna ... (2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:57PM Travis Pendarvis “Southbound Line” from Sun Rockabilly Meltdown (2009) on Charly Records
01:02PM Certain Stars “Off The Mark” from The Great Destroyer (2012) on Cuba Libre Records Local
01:05PM Holly and the Nice Lions “Break Your Teeth” from Let's Get Wild! (2011) on Memorized Dictionary Local
01:08PM Tim Schweiger & The Middlemen “Waitin' On Allison” from The Big Let Down (2010) on Duck on Monkey Records Local
01:11PM Crappy Dracula “Earth Sucks” from Fantastic Dracula (2011) on s/r Local
01:15PM Ramma Lamma “True Life Stories” from Big Street Time - Single (2011) on FDH records Local
01:17PM Sacred Order “International House of Death” from Lest We Forget: Our Night to Remember (2013) on Milwaukee Rock Posters Local, New
01:21PM Green Circles “Semaphore Girl” from Mr. Cocking's Descent (2013) on Off The Hip New
01:24PM Donovan's Brain “Restless Nights, Many Dreams” from Turned Up Later (2013) on Career Records/Cobraside New
01:28PM The Plastic Pals “The Final Remedy” from Turn the Tide (2013) on Polythene Records
01:32PM The Three O'Clock “I Go Wild” from Live at the Old Waldorf 2-9-1983 (2013) on Burger
01:36PM The Three O'Clock “Upside Down” from Live at the Old Waldorf 2-9-1983 (2013) on Burger
01:40PM The Minus 5 “The Disembowelers” from Killingsworth (2009) on Yep Roc
01:43PM Robyn Hitchcock “Devil On a String” from Love From London (2013) on Yep Roc Records
01:46PM Vic Chesnutt “Big Huge Valley” from west of rome (1991) on texas hotel
01:49PM Billy Bragg “Love Gets Dangerous” from The Peel Sessions (1991) on Strange Fruit
01:53PM R. Stevie Moore “I Missed July” from Single (2013) on Sweaters & Pearls
01:56PM Summer Twins “Forget Me” from Single (2013) on Burger
01:58PM Games “Pictures of Your Mind” from Games (2012) on Hozac
02:04PM Baby Woodrose “BubbleGum” from Light up Your Mind - Single (2013) on Bad Afro Records
02:07PM The Monsters “Crawling Back to You No More” from Pop Up Yours (2011) on Voodoo Rhythm
02:09PM The Routes “I'm Spent” from Alligator (2011) on Dirty Water Records
02:12PM 60 Second Swingers “City of People” from Better With Fuzz, Babe (2013) on Soundflat New
02:15PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “The Dilly Bop” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Dirty Water
02:18PM Telstar Sound Drone “Lost Our Love” from Comedown (2013) on Bad Afro Records New
02:23PM The Popdudes “Your Own Soundtrack” from Starry Eyed: The Records Tribute (2013) on Zero Hour
02:26PM Kurt Baker “Partied Out” from Brand New Beat (2012) on Collector's Club Records
02:30PM Peach Kelli Pop “Julie Oulie” from 2nd Album (2013) on Burger
02:32PM Colleen Green “You're So Cool” from Sock it to Me (2013) on Hardly Art
02:35PM The Mergers “We'll All Be Stars” from Monkey See, Monkey Do! (2013) on Soundflat Records
02:38PM Shannon And The Clams “The Rabbit's Nose” from Dreams in the Rat House (2013) on Hardly Art New
02:43PM Salty Pajamas “Meat Country” from Salty Pajamas (2012) on Off Label Records
02:46PM The Wobbly Lamps “Never Ever Bloody” from Drella EP (2013) on Polyvinyl Craftsmen
02:51PM Paint Fumes “999” from Uck Life (2012) on Slovenly
02:53PM The Goodbye Johnnys “Savage” from Single (2013) on Self
02:56PM Purling Hiss “Lolita” from Water On Mars (2013) on Drag City


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