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Playlist for 7.26.13: Piledriver

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12:01PM Dennis Brennan “Brokenhearted I Will Wander” from Engagement (2006) on HI-N-DRY
12:06PM Dennis Diken & Bell Sound “Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long” from Late Music (2009) on Cryptovision Records
12:08PM Dennis The Fox “Piledriver” from Yee-Haw! The Other Side of Country on Normal Records
12:14PM Dennis Wilson “Dreamer” from Pacific Ocean Blue / Bambu (Deluxe Legacy Edition) (2008) on Epic
12:18PM The Dennisons “You Don't Know What Love Is” from Underground '60s British Invasion (2009) on Goldenlane Records
12:26PM The Hickoids “If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me, Kill Me” from Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit (2013) on Saustex New
12:29PM Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Carry'n A Torch” from 14th & Nowhere (2013) on Rank Outsider New
12:32PM The Booze “Wild One” from At Maximum Volume (2011) on Underrated Records
12:37PM Dwight Twilley “Darlin'” from XXI (19…

Playlist for 7.19.13: Done Got Old

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Junior Kimbrough “Done Got Old” from Meet Me in the City (1999) on Fat Possum 12:06PM Jack Oblivian “Honey, I'm Too Old For You” from A History of Memphis Garage Rock: The '90s (2003) on Shangri-La
12:08PM The Carlisles “Too Old to Cut the Mustard” from Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: 1951 (2011) on Bear Family
12:10PM Dirty Looks “You're Too Old” from Dirty Looks (1980) on Stiff Records
12:13PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Thirty Nine and Holding” from Anthology: All Killer No Filler (1993) on Rhino
12:20PM The Bamboo Kids “Dumb for Life” from Safe City Blues (2012) on Drug Front Records New
12:22PM Wyldlife “Saturday Night” from The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll (2013) on Self
12:26PM The Rich Hands “Bad Girl” from Dreamers (2013) on Fountain Records New
12:28PM Dirty Fences “Rose in a Vice” from Too High to Kross (2013) on Volcom Entertainment
12:30PM The Woggles “Do…

Playlist for 7.12.13: Total Destruction To Your Mind

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12:04PM Swamp Dogg “Total Destruction To Your Mind” from Total Destruction to Your Mind (2013) on Alive Naturalsound

12:05PM Gary U.S. Bonds “I'm Glad Your Back” from Blame it on the Dogg: The Swamp Dogg Anthology (2008) on Kent Soul

12:07PM Raw Spitt “I Dig Black Girls” from Raw Spitt (Remastered) (2013) on Alive Naturalsound New

12:11PM Irma Thomas “She'll Never Be Your Wife” from In Between Tears (Remastered) (2013) on Alive Naturalsound

12:14PM Lightnin' Slim “Good Morning Heartaches” from High & Low Down (2013) on Alive Naturalsound New

12:17PM Swamp Dogg “Predicament 2 (Remastered)” from Rat On! (Remastered) (2013) on Alive Naturalsound

12:20PM Swamp Dogg “Wife Sitter” from Gag a Maggot (Remastered) (2013) on Alive Naturalsound

12:30PM The Penetrators “Rock'n'Roll Face” from Kings of Basement Rock (2013) on Slovenly

12:32PM IVBidden “Sick and Lonely” from You Tore…

Playlist for 7.5.13: Red, Whites & Blues

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12:00PM The Pyramids “Hot Dog Dooly Wah” from Memories of Time Square, Vol. 1 (1993) on Collectables Records
12:03PM James Luther Dickinson “Red Neck, Blue Collar” from Jungle Jim and The Voodoo Tiger (2006) on Memphis International Records
12:06PM Tyler Keith And The Preacher's Kids “White Boy Blues Blues” from Romeo Hood (2001) on Black Dog Records
12:09PM Feeding People “Red Whites & Blues” from S/T (2012) on Burger
12:12PM Corky Jones “Hot Dog” from Tattle Tale (2000) on Buffalo Bop
12:15PM Link Wray “Friday Night Dance Party” from Streets of Chicago - Missing Links, Vol 4 (2006) on Norton
12:18PM Paul Revere & The Raiders “Louie, Louie” from The Essential: Paul Revere & the Raiders (2011) on Columbia/Legacy
12:21PM Downbeat 5 “Dum, Dum Ditty” from Victory Motel (2006) on Abbey Lounge Records
12:24PM The Fleshtones “B.Y.O.B.” from Blast Off! (1981) on ROIR
12:27PM New …