Monday, July 22, 2013

Playlist for 7.19.13: Done Got Old

Stream or download the entire July 19 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

Junior Kimbrough “Done Got Old” from Meet Me in the City (1999) on Fat Possum 12:06PM Jack Oblivian “Honey, I'm Too Old For You” from A History of Memphis Garage Rock: The '90s (2003) on Shangri-La
12:08PM The Carlisles “Too Old to Cut the Mustard” from Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: 1951 (2011) on Bear Family
12:10PM Dirty Looks “You're Too Old” from Dirty Looks (1980) on Stiff Records
12:13PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Thirty Nine and Holding” from Anthology: All Killer No Filler (1993) on Rhino
12:20PM The Bamboo Kids “Dumb for Life” from Safe City Blues (2012) on Drug Front Records New
12:22PM Wyldlife “Saturday Night” from The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll (2013) on Self
12:26PM The Rich Hands “Bad Girl” from Dreamers (2013) on Fountain Records New
12:28PM Dirty Fences “Rose in a Vice” from Too High to Kross (2013) on Volcom Entertainment
12:30PM The Woggles “Do the Git Get Down” from The Big Beat (2013) on Wicked Cool Records,Inc.
12:34PM The Stents “Limbs” from Limbs - Single (2013) on Hidden Volume New
12:38PM The Larchmont Trash “Cougar” from I Spent the Summer With (2013) on self-released
12:41PM Rocket 455 “Scabby” from Go to Hell (2001) on Get Hip
12:44PM Livids “(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts” from (Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts - EP (2013) on Oops Baby Records
12:46PM The Swingin' Neckbreakers “Mighty Mack” from Shake Break! (1999) on Telstar
12:48PM Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 “Thickened Sludge” from Dirty and Dumb (2011) on Labretta Suede and The Motel 6
12:54PM The Cowslingers “Saltine” from Cowslinger Deluxe (2005) on Kulture Music Unlimited
12:59PM The Crack Pipes “Cottonpickin'” from Every Night Saturday Night (2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:58PM Reverend Beat-Man & The Un-Believers “Show Me How” from Get on your knees (2001) on Voodoo Rhythm
01:05PM Wanda Chrome “Pill Party” from Dangerous Times (2007) on Beer City Digital Local
01:07PM The Prosecutors “Did You Know?” from The Prosecutors (2012) on Splunge Local
01:11PM Bleed “Doctor Speed” from Tales of the Handsome creep (1997) on Fireman Local
01:13PM Static Eyes “Trouble” from Trouble (2013) on Windian Local
01:18PM Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle “Dark Sunday Evening” from Because of Women (2006) on Voodoo Rhythm
01:22PM Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “Haunted Head” from Haunted Head (2013) on In the Red New
01:25PM The Mad Doctors “Alive and Well (and living in Leningrad)” from Fuzz Tonic (2013) on self-released
01:28PM Brother JT “T. Rex Blues” from The Svelteness of Boogietude (2013) on Thrill Jockey New
01:32PM Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires “The Red Red Dirt Of Home” from Live on WMSE, Vol.13 (2013) on WMSE New
01:37PM SHOES “In My Arms Again” from Present Tense (1979) on Elektra
01:42PM Sugar Stems “6 Feet Under” from Can't Wait (2012) on Screaming Apple Local
01:45PM Hot Freak Nation “12th of Never” from Lifetime to Lifetime (2012) on Burger/Trashy Creatures
01:47PM The Undertones “I Gotta Getta” from The Undertones (1979) on Rykodisc
01:50PM The Seeds “Girl I Want You” from The Seeds (1966) on GNP Crescendo
01:53PM The Nerves “I Need Your Love” from One Way Ticket (2008) on Alive Records
01:55PM Green Circles “Where's Charlie” from Mr. Cocking's Descent (2013) on Off The Hip
01:58PM Mike Dees “Rumour Sets the Woods Alight” from Starry Eyes: The Records Tribute (2013) on Zero Hour
02:03PM The Lovesores “Bubblegum Riot” from Bubblegum Riot (2013) on Rapid Pulse
02:07PM The Zeros “Beat Your Heart Out” from Don't Push Me Around (1991) on Bomp!
02:09PM Hunx And His Punx “You Think You're Tough” from Street Punk (2013) on Hardly Art New
02:11PM Tina & The Total Babes “All About Makin' Out” from She's So Tuff (2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
02:14PM The Zeros “Getting Nowhere Fast” from Don't Push Me Around (1991) on Bomp!
02:16PM Shannon And The Clams “Into A Dream” from Dreams in the Rat House (2013) on Hardly Art New
02:18PM The Happy Thoughts “Sweet Dirty Love” from The Happy Thoughts (2011) on Hozac
02:24PM The Outta Sites “Everybody Shake” from Shake All Night With the Outta Sites (2013) on Spinout Records
02:27PM The Monarcs “Sour Grapes” from Sour Grapes (2013) on Norton Records
02:28PM The Hentchmen “All About Girls” from Form Follows Function (2004) on Times Beach Records
02:31PM Rocket to Memphis “Hatchet Man” from Do the Crawl (2013) on Off The Hip New
02:35PM The Ogres “Isabella” from The Acrid & Misanthropic Sounds Of ... (2013) on Hillsdale New
02:37PM High Learys “You've Got What I Need” from Here Come the High Learys (2013) on Soundflat Records
02:39PM Chuck Berry “Viva Viva Rock And Roll” from Golden Decade, Vol. 3 on Chess
02:41PM Link Wray And His Wray Men “Hang On” from Rumble! The Best of Link Wray (1965) on Rhino
02:44PM The Shadows of Knight “Gospel Zone” from Dark Sides: The Best of the Shadows of Knight (2005) on Rhino
02:46PM Ty Wagner “Soul Exercise” from 45 (2013) on Ugly Things
02:50PM Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost “Get Myself Home” from Mississippi Murderer (2012) on Mean Disposition
02:53PM Piñata Protest “Volver, Volver” from El Valiente (2013) on Saustex
02:58PM Tyler Keith & the Apostles “Party Line” from Black Highway (2012) on self-released

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