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Playlist for 8.30.13: Way Out Lover

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12:03PM The Fleshtones “Going Back To School” from Take a Good Look (2008) on Yep Roc Records
12:06PM The Gondoliers “Animal” from s/t on Earie Records
12:07PM The Sons Of Hercules “Surfin' in the Bars” from Surfin' in the Bars - Single (1997) on Get Hip
12:09PM The Outta Sites “Man Behind the Shadows” from Shake All Night With the Outta Sites (2013) on Spinout Records
12:11PM Ty Wagner “Soul Exercise” from 45 - Misery Train (2013) on Ugly Things
12:19PM The Chrome Cranks “Way out Lover” from Way Out Lover - Single on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:23PM The Long Gones “Earthquake Shake” from Prepare to Burn (1998) on Shake It Records
12:26PM The Zeros “Baby's Gotta Have Her Way” from Knockin' Me Dead (1994) on Rockville
12:28PM Tweens “Sweet Nothin'S” from Live at Mohawk (2012) on self-released
12:30PM TV Killers “Il Ne Se Passe Rien” from You Kill Me - Single

Playlist for 8.23.13: When We Were Young

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12:31PM Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle “When We Were Young” from Because of Women (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:36PM Doo Rag “Bam” from What We Do (1996) on Dependability
12:40PM The Neckbones “Dead End Kids” from Souls On Fire (1997) on Fat Possum Records
12:45PM Demolition Doll Rods “U Look Good” from Tasty (1999) on Matador
12:49PM The Dictators “Teengenerate” from Go Girl Crazy (1975) on Epic
12:53PM The Wheel Men “School is a Gas” from Pebbles, Volume 4 Surf N Tunes! (1992) on AIP
12:55PM The Torquetts “Who's Got the Tortillas” from El Vampiro (2013) on Norton
12:57PM Los Chicos “Sportman's Paradise” from In the Age of Stupidity (2012) on Off The Hip
12:59PM Thee Midniters “Empty Heart” from In Thee Midnight Hour (2006) on Norton
01:00PM The Outsiders “Oh! How It Hurts” from Capitol Collectors Series (1991) on Capitol Records
01:05PM Tim Schweiger “Walk Away” from 4 Son…

Playlist for 8.16.13: We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together

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12:04PM The Velvet Underground “We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” from Volume 1 (1988) on Mercury (USA)
12:07PM Wilbert Harrison “Let's Stick Together” from The Fire & Fury of Bobby Robinson (2000) on RPM 12:10PM The Troggs “Let's Pull Together” from The Singles A's & B's (2004) on Repertoire 12:13PM Outrageous Cherry “Togetherness” from Out There in the Dark (2000) on Del-Fi 12:15PM The Groovie Goolies “We Go So Good Together” from Groovie Goolies (1970) on RCA Victor (us) 12:19PM Buck Owens “Together Again” from Live at Carnegie Hall on CAPITOL (usa) 12:21PM Ritchie Valens “We Belong Together” from Rockin' All Night (1995) on Del-Fi Records 12:27PM Dwight Twilley “Invasion” from Dwight Twilley Don't Mind (1977) on Arista (USA) 12:30PM Pezband “Please Be Somewhere Tonight” from Pezband (1977) on Passport 12:34PM The Motors “You Beat the H…

Playlist for 8.9.13: All the Bugs are Growing

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12:02PM Wussy "All the Bugs Are Growing" from "Wussy" (2009) on Shake It Records
12:04PM Spitballs "Boris The Spider" from "Spitballs" (1978) on Beserkley
12:07PM That Petrol Emotion "Belly Bugs" from "Babble" (1987) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
12:08PM Hank Williams "Fly Trouble" from "The Complete Hank Williams" (1998) on Mercury
12:12PM Kenn Kweder "Two Little Bugs" from "Greasy Kid Stuff 2 - More Songs From Inside the Radio" (2004) on Confidential Recordings
12:15PM D.D.T. & the Repellants "The Fly Swatter" from "The Big Itch Vol 6" on Mr. Manicotti
12:23PM Los Shain's "Bule Bule" from "Los Nuggetz - 60's Punk, Pop and Psychedelic From Latin America" (2013) on Rockbeat Records New
12:25PM Los Salvajes "Soy Asi" from &qu…

Playlist for 8.2.13: Hamburger Radio

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12:02PM The Wimps “Hamburger Radio” from Shake Some Action,Vol.8 (2003) on Shake Some Action

12:06PM Clarence Brewer “Fast Food Slow Death” from American Music: The Hightone Records Story (2006) on Hightone

12:08PM Blaze Foley “Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries” from Oval Room (2004) on Lost Art Records

12:11PM Nick Lowe “Drive-Thru Man” from The Impossible Bird (1994) on Upstart

12:15PM Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper “Jesus at McDonald's” from Frenzy (1991) on Enigma

12:20PM The Revillos “Yeah Yeah” from Rev Up! (1980) on Captain Oi!

12:24PM Larry & the Loafers “Let's Go to the Beach” from What a Way to Die!15 Forgotten Losers From the Mid 60's (1983) on Satan

12:29PM The St.Johns “She's So Fine” from Drink Beer! Yell! Dance! on Ecco Fonic

12:30PM The Easybeats “Falling Off the Edge of the World” from The Easybeats: The Definitive Anthology (1996) on Repertoire

12:33PM The…