Saturday, August 3, 2013

Playlist for 8.2.13: Hamburger Radio

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12:02PM The Wimps “Hamburger Radio” from Shake Some Action,Vol.8 (2003) on Shake Some Action

12:06PM Clarence Brewer “Fast Food Slow Death” from American Music: The Hightone Records Story (2006) on Hightone

12:08PM Blaze Foley “Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries” from Oval Room (2004) on Lost Art Records

12:11PM Nick Lowe “Drive-Thru Man” from The Impossible Bird (1994) on Upstart

12:15PM Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper “Jesus at McDonald's” from Frenzy (1991) on Enigma

12:20PM The Revillos “Yeah Yeah” from Rev Up! (1980) on Captain Oi!

12:24PM Larry & the Loafers “Let's Go to the Beach” from What a Way to Die!15 Forgotten Losers From the Mid 60's (1983) on Satan

12:29PM The St.Johns “She's So Fine” from Drink Beer! Yell! Dance! on Ecco Fonic

12:30PM The Easybeats “Falling Off the Edge of the World” from The Easybeats: The Definitive Anthology (1996) on Repertoire

12:33PM The Alarm Clocks “Marie” from The Time Has Come (2006) on Norton Records

12:35PM The Outta Sites “Outta Site” from Shake All Night With the Outta Sites (2013) on Spinout Records

12:40PM The Three O'Clock “In Love In Too” from The Hidden World Revealed (2013) on OMNIVORE RECORDINGS (OMN) New

12:43PM Jacco Gardner “Summer's Game” from Cabinet of Curiosities (2013) on Trouble in Mind

12:47PM The Hondells “Mean Streak” from Go Little Honda (1964) on Mercury

12:49PM The Rooks “A Girl Like You” from Pebbles Volume 10 (1996) on AIP

12:52PM The Barons “That's What I Need Love For” from Lost Souls Volume 4 (2013) on Psych of the South

12:56PM The Dickies “Gigantor” from Dawn of the Dickies (1979) on Captain Oi!

12:59PM The Muffs “New Love” from Hamburger (1999) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

01:04PM Trolley “Til I'm Gone” from Things That Shine and Glow (2011) on Sugarbush Records Local

01:07PM Trolley “I Can't Hide” from Things That Shine and Glow (2011) on Sugarbush Records Local

01:09PM Trolley “She's the Kind of Girl” from Things That Shine and Glow (2011) on Sugarbush Records Local

01:12PM Mike Perotto “Turin” from Demonstrations in Sound, Vol. 1 (2002) on self-released

01:19PM Andy G. and The Roller Kings “Party Shoes” from Let's Have Some God Damn Fun: New York City 2005 (2005) on Rapid Pulse

01:20PM The Mullens “Mover” from Tough to Tell (2001) on Get Hip

01:23PM The Ogres “Payday” from The Acrid & Misanthropic Sounds Of ... (2013) on Hillsdale

01:25PM The Phantom Keys “Land O Beat” from The Real Sounds Of (2011) on Screaming Apple

01:28PM The Stents “Rodeo” from Limbs - Single (2013) on Hidden Volume

01:31PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Yosemite Sam” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Off The Hip

01:36PM Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle “Johnny Be Good” from Because of Women (2006) on Voodoo Rhythm

01:41PM The Droogs “Long Dark Night” from Guerrilla Love-In (1991) on Music Maniac Records ‎

01:44PM Hickoids “The Talking Hot Pants Blues” from Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit (2013) on Saustex

01:47PM The Oblivians “Pinball Wizard” from Desperation (2013) on In the Red

01:49PM Ramma Lamma “Gang” from Gang 7" (2012) on Dusty Medical

01:52PM Hunx And His Punx “Egg Raid on Mojo” from Street Punk (2013) on Hardly Art

01:54PM The Penetrators “Baby Dontcha Tell Me” from Kings of Basement Rock (2013) on Slovenly

01:57PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Sickle Cell” from Dismal Downs (2013)

01:59PM The Mad Doctors “Superscience” from Fuzz Tonic (2013) on self-released

02:04PM The Stems “Jumping to Conclusions” from Terminal Cool (2005) on Get Hip

02:08PM The Smoggers “Little Girl” from Breaking Your Boots With ... (2013) on KOTJ/Ghost Highway

02:10PM Brood “Only Think of You” from Vendetta (1992) on Estrus

02:14PM Boris the Sprinkler “Jonestown Judy” from Suck (1998) on Go Kart Local, Request

02:16PM Gravedigger V “One Ugly Child” from All Black and Hairy/The Mirror Cracked (1984) on Voxx

02:19PM Chris Allen & the Good-Timers “Sorry Bout That” from Hang it Out to Dry on Satan

02:21PM Simon Stokes “Hey You” from Simon Stokes & The Heathen Angels (2010) on Simon Stokes

02:26PM Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “14th & Nowhwere” from 14th & Nowhere (2013) on Rank Outsider

02:29PM The Meltdowns “Get Outta' My Way” from Critical Mass (2011) on Neurotic Bop

02:32PM The Bamboo Kids “Ain't a Man” from Safe City Blues (2012) on Drug Front Records

02:34PM Missing Monuments “Answer The Call” from Missing Monuments (2013) on Dirtnap Records

02:37PM King Louie & the Loose Diamonds “Gypsy Switch” from Memphis Treet (2007) on Empty Records

02:42PM Redd Kross “Play My Song” from Neurotica (1987) on Big Time

02:45PM Goodnight Loving “Dead Fish On the Banks” from Cemetery Trails (2006) on Dusty Medical Records Local

02:50PM Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds “Dance Me Swamply” from Haunted Head (2013) on In the Red

02:53PM Midnight Woolf “Ooh My Soul” from I'll Be a Dog (2012) on Off The Hip

02:54PM Thee Gravemen “Graveman” from Thee Gravemen (2012) on Dirty Water Records

02:57PM The Nomads “Real Gone Lover” from Showdown! (1981-1993) (1994) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

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