Friday, August 23, 2013

Playlist for 8.23.13: When We Were Young

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12:31PM Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle “When We Were Young” from Because of Women (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:36PM Doo Rag “Bam” from What We Do (1996) on Dependability
12:40PM The Neckbones “Dead End Kids” from Souls On Fire (1997) on Fat Possum Records
12:45PM Demolition Doll Rods “U Look Good” from Tasty (1999) on Matador
12:49PM The Dictators “Teengenerate” from Go Girl Crazy (1975) on Epic
12:53PM The Wheel Men “School is a Gas” from Pebbles, Volume 4 Surf N Tunes! (1992) on AIP
12:55PM The Torquetts “Who's Got the Tortillas” from El Vampiro (2013) on Norton
12:57PM Los Chicos “Sportman's Paradise” from In the Age of Stupidity (2012) on Off The Hip
12:59PM Thee Midniters “Empty Heart” from In Thee Midnight Hour (2006) on Norton
01:00PM The Outsiders “Oh! How It Hurts” from Capitol Collectors Series (1991) on Capitol Records
01:05PM Tim Schweiger “Walk Away” from 4 Song Sampler (2013) on self-released
01:12PM Pete Donnelly “Hunger Like” from Face the Bird (2013) on Pete Donnelly
01:25PM The Waco Brothers “Baba O'Reilly” from Down To The Promised Land - 5 Years of Bloodshot Records (2000) on Bloodshot
01:28PM Hickoids “Fruit Fly” from Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit (2013) on Saustex
01:34PM Green Circles “I Can't See the Day” from Mr. Cocking's Descent (2013) on Off The Hip
01:36PM Bed Wettin' Bad Boys “DEVOtion” from Ready For Boredom (2013) on R.I.P Society
01:40PM Living Eyes “Up and At Them” from Living Eyes (2013) on Anti-Fade
01:44PM The Bottle Kids “Yes You Can” from Such a Thrill (2013) on Kool Kat Musik New
01:47PM The Undecided by Default “I'll Write Your Number in My Book” from The Records Tribute: Starry Eyed (2013) on Zero Hour
01:50PM Any Trouble “Foolish Pride” from Where Are All the Nice Girls? (1980) on Stiff Records
01:54PM The Connection “Girls in This Town” from Let It Rock (2013) on Collectors Club Records / King Yum
01:58PM Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp “Gin And Tonic” from Turn Up the Sun (2013) on Head Records New
02:14PM Waxing Poetics “Needle in the Camel's Eye” from Manakin Moon (1988) on Roadrunner
02:17PM Big Star “Thirteen” from #1 Record/Radio City (1992) on Stax
02:20PM Talbot Adams “Red Diamonds” from 7" (2013) on Spacecase
02:23PM Reigning Sound “If You Can't Give Me Everything” from Too Much Guitar (2004) on In the Red
02:28PM Ramma Lamma “We All Know” from Gang 7" (2012) on Dusty Medical
02:31PM Th' Losin Streaks “The End” from Sounds of Violence (2004) on Slovenly Recordings
02:34PM Mal Thursday and the Cheetahs “Get Outta Dallas!” from It's All Going By Too Fast (2013) on Chunk Archives
02:37PM Thee Headcoats “Thoughts of a Hangman” from Elementary Headcoats (2000) on Damaged Goods
02:39PM The Saints “Just Like Fire Would” from Big Hits on the Underground (1999) on Last Call
02:42PM The Senders “Devil Shootin' Dice” from Do the Sender Thing (1989) on Midnight
02:45PM The Lost Crusaders “There Used to Be a River” from Have You Heard About the World? (2008) on Everlasting
02:49PM Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Didn't Have Ta Die” from 14th & Nowhere (2013) on Rank Outsider
02:56PM Cal Peck and the Tramps “Letting it Go” from Cal Peck and the Tramps (2013) on Off The Hip
02:56PM The Bamboo Kids “Exile (Bonus Track)” from Safe City Blues (2012) on Drug Front Records

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