Friday, September 20, 2013

Playlist for 9.20.13: You Really Oughta Be With Me

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12:05PM Hickoids “You Knee'd Me” from Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit (2013) on Saustex
12:08PM John Doe and The Sadies “Stop The World And Let Me Off” from Country Club (2009) on John Doe And The Sadies
12:13PM John Paul Keith “You Really Oughta Be With Me” from Memphis Circa 3AM (2013) on Big Legal Mess Records
12:16PM Cliff Nash & The Rockaways “Bandstand” from El Primitivo American Rock & Roll and Rockabilly (1993) on Ace
12:18PM The Church Keys “Who Drank My Beer” from Work With It! (1999) on Norton Records
12:23PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Less Bone More Meat” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Off The Hip
12:25PM Mysterians “Wildman” from Ho-Dad Hootenanny! on Crypt
12:27PM The Neanderthals “Draggin' Knuckles” from Shutdown 2002 B.C. (2002) on Spinout Records
12:30PM The Remains “You Got a Hard Time Coming” from The Remains (2007) on Epic
12:32PM 60 Second Swingers “I Got Something” from Better With Fuzz, Babe (2013) on Soundflat
12:36PM Wau Y Los Arrrghs!! “Cuervos” from Todo Roto (2013) on Slovenly New
12:43PM The Above “Flake Out” from Flake Out - single (2013) on Castile
12:45PM Thee Vicars “12) Everyday” from I Wanna Be Your Vicar (2012) on Dirty Water Records
12:50PM The Flies “I'm Not Your Stepping Stone” from Action! The Songs of Boyce & Hart (2012) on Ace
12:52PM Sur Royal Da Count The Parliaments “Scream Baby Scream” from Scream Baby Scream (2013) on Norton Records
12:56PM Randy Alvey/Green Fuz “Green Fuz” from Pebbles, Vol. 2 (1992) on AIP
12:58PM The Minnesota Voodoo Men “Sleepwalk” from S/T (2010) on Soundflat
01:05PM Ramma Lamma “Heartbeat” from Little Runaway - Single (2011) on Ramma Local
01:07PM Winter Bear “Should I Leave” from Jump in the Fire - Single (2013) on Hozac Local
01:10PM Sugar Stems “Love You To Pieces” from Can't Wait (2012) on Screaming Apple Local
01:13PM Animal Magnets “Jennifer” from Step on Your Neck (2013) on Easter Local, New
01:21PM Bad Sports “Let Me In” from Bras (2013) on Dirtnap Records New
01:24PM Descendents “Clean Sheets” from Somery (1981) on SST Records
01:27PM Smudge “Spoilt Brat” from This Smudge Is True (the best of Smudge 1991-98) (2010) on Half A Cow Records
01:31PM Flop “Ugly Girl Lover” from Flop and the Fall of the Mopsqueezer (1992) on Frontier
01:30PM Lisa Doll & the Rock n Roll Romance “Don't Wanna Break Up” from Neon Heat EP (2013) on Chucks Records New
01:35PM Protokids “Please” from Geometric Boy - EP (2013) on Alien Snatch Records New
01:38PM The Wrong Words “...And It's Not so Pretty” from Everything Is Free (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records New
01:42PM Miss Chain & the Broken Heels “There's a Ghost” from The Dawn (2013) on Bachelor
01:45PM The Groovie Ghoulies “My Car” from Born in the Basement (1994) on Green Door
01:47PM The Paybacks “Celebrate Summer” from Harder and Harder (2004) on Get Hip
01:50PM Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “A.C.D.C.” from Sinner (2006) on Blackheart Records
01:54PM Barrence Whitfield and The Savages “Turn Your Damper Down” from Dig Thy Savage Soul (2013) on Bloodshot
01:56PM The Gallows “Come To the Party” from Drink Beer Yell Dance on Ecco-Fonic
01:59PM The Milkshakes “Comes Along Midnight” from In Germany (2005) on Damaged Goods
02:07PM Rune Overman “The Beatnik Walk” from Welcome to the Beat Generation on self-released
02:13PM Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers “You Git All the Fun” from The Sheik Said Shake (2008) on Voodoo Rhythm
02:12PM Major Lance “Girls” from Greatest Hits on Okeh
02:12PM The Love Me Nots “Break My Heart” from In Black & White (2009) on Bad reputation
02:16PM The Fleshtones “I've Gotta Change My Life” from Roman Gods (1982) on IRS
02:18PM The Insomniacs “Nothing is Real” from Wake Up (1995) on Estrus
02:22PM Bloodshot Bill “I Love Her Just The Same” from The Lonesome Road (2013) on Norton Records
02:24PM Lew Williams “Gone Ape Man” from Essential Rockabilly - The Imperial Story (2012) on One Day Music
02:27PM Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels “Little Latin Lupe Lu” from Bob Crewe Presents the DynoVoice Story (2001) on westSide
02:32PM Doughboys “Yo-Yo” from Yo-Yo Single (2013) on Ram Records
02:35PM Dean & Jean “Turn It Off” from R&B Humdingers, Vol. 12 (2012) on Vee-Tone Records
02:37PM Heavy Trash “She Baby” from Going Way Out With... (2007) on Crunchy Frog
02:39PM The Stents “Limbs” from Limbs - Single (2013) on Hidden Volume
02:44PM The Neighbours “Streetlight Girl” from Prime Numbers (2013) on Get Hip New
02:48PM The Connection “Thinking About Leaving” from Let It Rock (2013) on Collectors Club Records / King Yum
02:51PM The Baseball Project “The Yankee Flipper” from Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails (2008) on Yep Roc Records
02:55PM The Ooga Boogas “Archie & Me” from Booga Box (2013) on self-released
02:58PM Bed Wettin' Bad Boys “Only Loneliness” from Ready For Boredom (2013) on R.I.P Society

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