Friday, September 27, 2013

Playlist for 9.27.13: Love-itis

Stream or download the entire Sept. 27 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.
12:30PM Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds “Love-Itis” from Love-Itis (2009) on Soul-Tay-Shus
12:33PM The Standells “Batman” from Riot on Sunset Strip (2009) on Big Beat
12:35PM The Gories “Charm Bag” from I Know You Be Houserockin' (1991) on Crypt Records
12:38PM The Reekers “Don't Call Me Flyface (1964)” from I Can't Believe 7" on Mo-Shee
12:44PM The Future Primitives “Never Wanted You” from Into the Primitives (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:47PM The Cavestompers “Shabby Clothes, Shabby Moves” from S/t (2009) on self-released
12:50PM Los Vampiranos “El Vampiro” from El Vampiro: Border Town Rock 'N' Roll 1963-64 (2013) on Norton
12:52PM Los Chicos “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, One Wine” from In the Age of Stupidity (2012) on Off The Hip
12:54PM Wau Y Los Arrrghs!! “Todo Lo Voy A Romper” from Todo Roto (2013) on Slovenly
12:56PM Mal Thursday and the Cheetahs “Ring Of Fire” from It's All Going By Too Fast (2013) on Chunk Archives
01:05PM The Midwest Beat “Pretty Lady (Darkly)” from At The Gates (2010) on Duck On Monkey Local
01:07PM The Midwest Beat “GET IT STARTED” from At The Gates (2010) on Duck On Monkey Local
01:10PM Tim Schweiger “Melted Waxx” from 4 Song Sampler (2013) on self-released Local
01:13PM Tim Schweiger “Let Me Roll It” from 4 Song Sampler (2013) on self-released Local
01:21PM Tyler Keith & the Apostles “Shadow of a Cross” from Black Highway (2012) on self-released
01:26PM Johnny Casino “You Still Got Nothing to Say” from Live at the Hanging Tree (2013) on Off The Hip
01:27PM John Paul Keith “Ninety Proof Kiss” from Memphis Circa 3AM (2013) on Big Legal Mess Records New
01:30PM Miss Chain & the Broken Heels/Kepi Ghoulie “LIVE IN THE STUDIO” from LIVE IN THE STUDIO
01:55PM Kookie Cook “Revenge” from The Midnite Sound of the Milky Way (2011) on Ace Records
01:58PM The Grapes Of Wrath “I'm Gonna Make You Mine” from The Midnite Sound of the Milky Way (2011) on Ace Records
02:05PM The People's Temple “Brand New Thing” from Single (2013) on Trouble in Mind
02:10PM Hunx And His Punx “Kill Elaine” from Street Punk (2013) on Hardly Art
02:12PM Brat Farrar “Make You Mine” from s/t on Off The Hip
02:11PM Bad Sports “Hypothetical Girl” from Bras (2013) on Dirtnap Records New
02:14PM The Mobbs “You Disapprove” from Stiff Upper Lip & Trousers to Match (2013) on The Mobbs
02:20PM The Ogres “Don't Tell Me No Lies” from The Acrid & Misanthropic Sounds Of ... (2013) on Hillsdale
02:25PM The Masonics “The Battle Between the Heart and Mind” from Outside Looking In (2004) on Vinyl Japan
02:27PM The Birds “No Good Without You Baby” from The Freakbeat Scene (1998) on deram
02:31PM Mark Bolan “The Third Degree” from The Freakbeat Scene (1998) on deram
02:30PM The Hi-Risers “You Made Me Look Like Keith” from Lost Weekend (2003) on Spinout Records
02:33PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “It's All Your Fault” from Cookin' Up a Party (2013) on Off The Hip
02:37PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee” from 18 Original Sun Greatest Hits (1984) on Rhino
02:39PM South Filthy “Bring it to Jerome” from Undertakin' Daddy on Beast
02:44PM The Bloody Hollies “Sad and Lonely” from Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love (2007) on Alive
02:46PM Left Lane Cruiser “Electrify” from Rock Them Back to Hell (2013) on Alive Naturalsound
02:52PM Johnny Dowd “Gargon Knocks” from Do the Gargon (2013) on Mother Jinx Records
02:56PM Animal Magnets “I Love Myself” from Step on Your Neck (2013) on Easter Local
02:58PM Human Trash “Trashville” from It's Not Human, It's Human Trash on Cold Rice
03:00PM Flat Duo Jets “Torpedo” from Introducing the Flat Duo Jets (1995) on Norton

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