Friday, November 15, 2013

Playlist for 11.15.13: Take Up the Slack Daddy-O

Stream or download the entire Nov. 15 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.12:31PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:36PM Becky Lee & Drunkfoot “Cook that Sugar” from One Take Session (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm New
12:40PM Lydia Loveless “Boy Crazy” from Boy Crazy - EP (2013) on Bloodshot Records New
12:42PM JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers “Hidey Hole” from Wild Moon (2013) on Plowboy New
12:47PM Crankshaft and The Gear Grinders “Let Me Love You” from What You Gonna Do? (2013) on Crankshaft New
12:51PM Possessed By Paul James “38 Year Old Cocktail Waitress” from There Will Be Nights When I'm Lonely (2013) on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records New
12:57PM Rich Crook “I'm Going Home” from Black-Eyed Kid 7" (2013) on Ghost Highway
01:03PM Doghouse Flowers “Puppet Strings” from Chasing the Sun (2013) on Doghouse Flowers Local
01:08PM EIEIO “The Middle of November” from Land Of Opportunity (1985) on Demon Local
01:10PM The Spanic Boys “Undercover” from Spanic Boys (1990) on Rounder Local
01:13PM Doghouse Flowers “Meet Me in Milwaukee” from Chasing the Sun (2013) on Doghouse Flowers Local
01:24PM Jeffrey Novak “Now and Forever” from Lemon Kid (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records New
01:26PM Espectrostatic “Lost in the Catacombs” from Espectrostatic (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records New
01:28PM The Liminanas “La melancolie” from Costa Blanca (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records New
01:32PM Nobunny “Trouble In MInd” from Secret Songs: Reflections From the Ear Mirror (2013) on Goner New
01:43PM The Giant Robots “Something Else Kind of Woman” from Delightfully Refreshing (2013) on Soundflat Records New
01:46PM The Animals “Sky Pilot 1&2” from Absoulte Animals: 1964-1968 (2003) on Raven Request
01:52PM The Dirtbombs “Sunshine Girl” from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! (2013) on In the Red New
01:55PM The Dirtbombs “No More Rainy Days / Sun Sound Interlude” from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! (2013) on In the Red New
01:58PM The Dirtbombs “We Come In the Sunshine” from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! (2013) on In the Red
02:06PM The Flamin' Groovies “End of the World” from End of the World (2013)
02:10PM The Alarm Clocks “I Love You Baby” from The Time Has Come (2006) on Norton Records
02:13PM The A-Bones “Take Up the Slack Daddy-O” from Daddy Wants a Cold Beer and Other Million Sellers (2004) on Norton Records Inc.
02:16PM Johnny Powers “Someone's Gonna Hurt You” from Long Blond Hair (1992) on Norton
02:19PM The Four of Us “You're Gonna Be Mine” from Friday At The Hideout: Boss Detroit Garage 1964-67 (2001) on Norton
02:22PM Five of a Kind “I Don't Want to Find Another Girl” from Fort Worth Teen Scene, Vol. 1 (2004) on Norotn
02:21PM Link Wray “Honky Tonk” from Mr. Guitar (1995) on Norton
02:29PM La La Brooks “What's Mine Is Yours” from All or Nothing (2013) on Norton Records Inc. New
02:31PM The Piggies “Parachute Woman” from Rolling Stones Singles Series (2013) on Norton Records
02:34PM Daddy Long Legs “Comin' After Me” from Evil Eye On You (2012) on Norton Records Inc.
02:38PM Hong Kongs “Surfin' in the China Sea” from Mad Mike Monsters 3 (2008) on Norton Records
02:41PM The Rouges “Wanted: Dead or Alive” from Kim Fowley: King of the Creeps (2013) on Norton
02:42PM The Real Kids “Hot Dog” from Grown Up Wrong (1993) on Norton Records
02:46PM Counts “Chug-A-Lug” from El Vampiro: Border Town Rock 'N' Roll 1963-64 (2013) on Norton
02:50PM Charlie Feathers “Wild Side Of Life” from Wild Side Of Life (2008) on Norton
02:53PM Honorable Bob Peters “A Sunny Day in Dallas” from Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll (2013) on Norton
02:57PM Mick Collins & Danny Kroha “Blue” from Winter Blues and Greens (2013) on Norton Records

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