Friday, November 22, 2013

Playlist for 11.22.13: Some Kinda Itch

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12:02PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
12:06PM The Dream Syndicate “Some Kinda Itch” from The Day Before Wine and Roses (1995) on Altavistic
12:12PM The Three O'Clock “Feel A Whole Lot Better” from The Hidden World Revealed (2013) on Omnivore (OMN)
12:15PM The Dream Syndicate “When You Smile” from The Days of Wine and Roses (2001) on Rhino
12:23PM Kelley Stoltz “Are You My Love” from Double Exposure (2013) on Third Man New
12:27PM Talulah Gosh “The Girl With the Strawberry Hair” from Was It Just a Dream? (2013) on Damaged Goods New
12:29PM The Fall “Touch Sensitive” from 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong (39 Golden Greats) (2004) on Beggars Group U.S.A
12:33PM The Future Primitives “Tried to Let Go” from Into the Primitive (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:36PM The Liminanas “My Black Sabbath” from Costa Blanca (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records New
12:39PM The Mantles “Raspberry Thighs” from Long Enough to Leave (2013) on Slumberland Records
12:45PM Liquor Store “Keys to the Face” from In The Garden (2013) on Almost Ready Records New
12:50PM Lovesores “Formaldehyde” from Formaldehyde EP (2013) on Lovesores New
12:54PM Subsonics “I Want My Baby, Black” from A Lot to Forget (2002) on Slovenly Recordings
12:55PM Nightmare Boyzzz “My Body Breaks Down” from Bad Patterns (2013) on Slovenly New
12:58PM Personal and The Pizzas “I Don't Feel So Happy Now No More” from Raw Pie (2010) on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
01:04PM Animal Magnets “Tiny Toy Princess” from Step on Your Neck (2013) on Easter
01:07PM Midnight Reruns “TVZ” from Midnight Reruns (2013) on Good Land Records New
01:12PM Sugar Stems “Magic Act” from Can't Wait (2012) on Screaming Apple
01:16PM Midnight Reruns “Chewing Ice” from Midnight Reruns (2013) on Good Land Records New
01:23PM Young Fresh Fellows “Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars” from Rockin' Here Tonight: A Benefit Compilation For Slim Dunlap (2013) on New West Records New
01:26PM The Bottle Rockets “Farmer John” from Bottle Rockets and the Brooklyn Side (2013) on Bloodshot Records New
01:30PM Stupidity “Some Kinda Love” from King Midas - Single (2013) on GoFast Records New
01:34PM Helen Love “Television Generation” from New Boy In Town - Single (2013) on Damaged Goods New
01:37PM The Dahlmanns “Lonely Boys Brigade” from All Dahled Up (2011) on Pop Detective Records
01:40PM Spanking Charlene “Field Trip” from Dismissed With a Kiss (2007) on Slacker Music
01:46PM The Raybeats “Hoodlum Priest (feat. Michael Riesman & Philip Glass)” from The Lost Philip Glass Sessions (feat. Philip Glass & Michael Riesman) (2013) on Orange Mountain Music New
01:50PM La Luz “Phantom Feelings” from It's Alive (2013) on Hardly Art New
01:52PM The Black Hollies “Benevolent Beacon” from Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere (2013) on Ernest Jenning Record Co. New
01:56PM Fastbacks “Time Passes” from Monkeybusiness: Green Monkey Records 1986 Compilation (1986) on Green Monkey
02:03PM The Woggles “Mule-Liped” from Get Tough (1997) on The Woggles/Swank Tones Music BMI
02:07PM The Outta Sites “Little Girl” from Shake All Night With the Outta Sites (2013) on Spinout Records
02:09PM The Neatbeats “The Garage” from Dance Room Racket (2013) on Soundflat New
02:12PM The Hi Class-Joes “Do the Tram” from That Supersonic Beat (2013) on Soundflat Records New
02:15PM Harla Horror “Roaming Storm” from Roamng Storm single (2013) on KOTJ New
02:23PM Nobunny “The Birthday Girl” from Secret Songs: Reflections From the Ear Mirror (2013) on Goner New
02:25PM The Herms “Kalypso” from Drop Out Vol. 1 (2013) on Castleface New
02:29PM The Blind Shake “Flying Rabbit” from Key To a False Door (2013) on Castle Face Records New
02:31PM The Birthday Party “Zoo Music Girl” from Live 1981-82 (1999) on 4AD Request
02:37PM Lydia Loveless “The Water” from Boy Crazy - EP (2013) on Bloodshot Records
02:40PM San Dusky & Brijitte West “Green on the Vine (feat. Brijitte West)” from The Americana Dream (feat. Brijitte West) (2013) on San Dusky
02:45PM Becky Lee & Drunkfoot “Take Me Out” from One Take Session (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm New
02:51PM Hickoids “Say So Long” from We're in It for The Corn (1985) on Makako Mazuir Records
02:54PM The Senders “Homework” from Outrageous & Contagious (2010) on DEVILS JUKEBOX RECORDS
02:58PM The Church Keys “You Can Think What You Want” from Work With It! (1999) on Norton Records

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