Friday, December 20, 2013

Playlist for 12.20.13: Down 2 the Last Santa Claus

Stream or download the entire Dec. 20 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

12:04PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:07PM The Woggles “Take It to the People” from The Big Beat (2013) on Wicked Cool Records,Inc.
12:12PM Wylde Mammoths “Help That Girl” from A Real Cool Time Revisted (2010) on RPM
12:14PM Wau Y Los Arrrghs!! “Casa, Trabajo, Coche Y Mujer” from Todo Roto (2013) on Slovenly New
12:17PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Good Golly Miss Molly” from Live at the Star Club (1989) on Bear Family
12:19PM Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle “Johnny Be Good” from Because of Women (2006) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:27PM The Flight Reaction “Take Me Away” from Take Me Away/Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (2010) on 13 O'Clock
12:29PM The Panthers “I'll Be Pleased” from Nothing Comes Easy on Psychic Circle
12:31PM Stupidity “Some Kinda Love” from King Midas-Some Kinda Love (2013) on Go Fast New
12:35PM Fleshtones w/Mary Huff “For a Smile” from For a Smile/Everywhere is Nowhere (2013) on Yep Roc New
12:37PM Lyres “Grounded” from Those Lyres (1995) on Norton
12:41PM Thee Mighty Caesars “Lie Detector” from Caesar's Pleasure/Veni Vedi Vici (1994) on Big Beat
12:46PM Pow Wows “Do the Splash” from Nightmare Soda (2012) on Get Hip
12:49PM The Swingin' Neckbreakers “Shake it Some More” from I Live for Buzz (1993) on Telstar
12:52PM Quitty and the Don'ts “No Damage Done” from All of You / No Damage Done 45 (2013) on self-released New
12:55PM The Staggers “Come on” from Teenage Trash Insanity (2006) on Soundflat
01:00PM The Booby Traps “Make It” from Makiin It' With the Booby Traps on Off The Hip
01:06PM The Midwest Beat “That's What Christmas Means to Me” from That's What Christmas Means to Me Local
01:07PM Trolley “I'll Be Home For Christmas” from Star Of Wonder (1997) on Easter Local
01:13PM Midnight Reruns “Basement Guy” from Midnight Reruns (2013) on Good Land Records Local
01:18PM Cheap Time “Country and City” from Exit Smiles (2013) on In the Red New
01:23PM Gap Dream “Fantastic Sam” from Shine Your Light (2013) on Burger Records New
01:28PM Thee Oh Sees “Wait, Let's Go” from Singles Collection Volume 3 (2013) on Castle Face
01:32PM Dean Wareham “The Deadlliest Day Since the Invasion Began” from Love Is Colder Than Death - Single (2013) on Double Feature New
01:37PM Jimmy Soul “Rock n Roll Santa” from Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
01:39PM Titus Turner “Christmas Morning” from Christmas Morning
01:42PM Marvin Rainwater “Get Off The Stool” from Get Off The Stool
01:45PM Nervous Norvus “I'm Waitin Up for Santa Claus” from Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds Of Nervous Norvus (2004) on Norton Records
01:49PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Sock It to Me Santa” from One Chord Progression Stuffs Your Stocking, Vol. 1 (2012) on One Chord Progression
01:52PM Troy Gregory w/ Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon “Down 2 the Last Santa Claus” from Sybil (2002) on Fall of Rome
01:55PM Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet “Faster Santa Claus, Ho Ho Ho (Medley)” from It Came From Canada, Vol. 4
01:57PM Thee Headcaotees “Santa Claus” from Sisters of Sauve (2000) on Damaged Goods
02:03PM Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors “It's Christmas Time” from Horny Holidays! (1992) on Triple X Records
02:07PM Luis and the Wildfires “Who Likes Christmas Anyway?” from Who Likes Christmas Anyway? (2011) on Norton
02:10PM Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats “Don't Believe In Christmas” from Santa Claus Is a Monster - Single (2013) on Soundflat Records
02:12PM Amy Gore “Dear Santa” from Dear Santa (2009)
02:14PM Bipolaroid “Merry Xmas” from Twin Language (2013) on Get Hip New
02:18PM Three Stooges “I Got A Cold For Christmas” from Christmas Time with The Three Stooges (1983) on Rhino
02:26PM Amy Allison “Drinkin' Through X-Mas” from Drinkin' Through X-Mas (2007)
02:29PM Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin Team “Eggnorant” from Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas, Vol. 3 (2008) on CD Baby
02:33PM Nick Lowe “Old Toy Trains” from Quality Street (2013) on Yep Roc New
02:37PM George Jones “A New Baby For Christmas” from Cup Of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury Years (1994) on Polygram Records
02:38PM Paul Revere and The Raiders “Introduction/Wear a Smile At Christmas” from A Christmas Present, and Past on Columbia
02:43PM The Quotations “(Have a) Merry Christmas” from (Have a) Merry Christmas
02:45PM Otis Redding “Merry Christmas, Baby” from The Original Soul Christmas (1997) on Rhino
02:49PM The Fleshtones “Mr. Santa Claus” from Stocking Stuffer (2008) on Yep Roc Records
02:51PM Rev. Tom Frost “Deck the Halls” from Deck the Halls
02:54PM Johnny Mercer “Jingle Bells” from Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails (1996) on CAPITOL
02:54PM Trolley “It'S Christmas” from Star Of Wonder (1997) on Easter Local

Friday, December 13, 2013

Playlist for 12.13.13: She Satisfies

Stream or download the entire Dec. 13 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

12:05PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:08PM Ray Price “Introduction and Theme/Night Life” from Night Life (1996) on Koch
12:14PM Ray Price “Lonely Street” from Night Life (1996) on Koch
12:22PM Ray Price “Wild Side of Life” from Night Life (1996) on Koch
12:23PM The Dirtbombs “Don'T Break My Heart” from Dangerous Magical Noise (2003) on In the Red
12:25PM The Gories “Leavin' Here” from Live in Detroit 5/27/88 (The Shaw Tapes) (2013) on Third Man Records New
12:27PM Mudhoney “She's Just 15” from March To Fuzz (2000) on Sub Pop
12:30PM Guitar Wolf “Jett Beer” from Golden Black (2005) on Narnack
12:33PM The St.Johns “She's So Fine” from Drink Beer! Yell! Dance! on Ecco Fonic
12:35PM Nathaniel Mayer and His Fabulous Twilights “Where Will You Be?” from I Want Love And Affection (2006) on Vampisoul
12:41PM The Neighbours “Streetlight Girl” from Prime Numbers (2013) on Get Hip
12:45PM John Paul Keith “Baby We're a Bad Idea” from Memphis Circa 3AM (2013) on Big Legal Mess Records
12:48PM Billy Lee Riley “Betty & Dupree” from Red Hot Riley on Charly
12:52PM The Giant Robots “Snuff Factory” from Delightfully Refreshing (2013) on Soundflat Records
12:54PM Bobby Charles “Laura Lee” from See You Later, Alligator (2010) on Bear Family
12:56PM Big Maybelle “One Monkey Don't Sto No Show” from Oxford Amercian Southern Music CD #15 (2013) on Oxford American New
12:58PM The A-Bones “The Claw” from Music Minus Five (1993) on Norton Records
01:06PM Ramma Lamma “Rock 'N' Roll Lady” from 7" (2011) on Ramma Records Local
01:09PM Leg Hounds “Too Late” from Leg Hounds (2003) on Bulge
01:12PM The Revomatics “Hot Rod Strut” from Rev It Up! (2013) on s/r Local
01:15PM The Revomatics “Out of Limits” from Rev It Up! (2013) on s/r Local
01:19PM Stupidity “King Midas” from King Midas-Some Kinda Love (2013) on Go Fast
01:22PM Los Chicos “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, One Wine” from In the Age of Stupidity (2012) on Off The Hip
01:24PM The Norvins “Need Somebody” from Yoga With Mona (2011) on Soundflat Records
01:25PM The Felines “Daddy Walk” from Daddy Walk - EP (2012) on Dirty Water Records
01:28PM Tearjerkers “Devil's Border” from Bad Mood Rising (2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
01:32PM Sugar Shack “Invisible Man” from Spinning Wheels (2002) on Estrus
01:35PM The Ribeye Brothers “Damaged Goods” from Call of the Scrapheap (2013) on Main Man Records
01:39PM Helen Love “New Boy In Town” from New Boy In Town - Single (2013) on Damaged Goods
01:41PM Wyldlife “The First Time's the Worst” from The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll (2013) on Self
01:45PM Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “Fragile” from Unvarnished (2013) on Blackheart
01:49PM New York Dolls “Looking For A Kiss” from A Hard Night's Day (2002) on Norton
01:53PM The Original Sins “Break the Chains” from Move (1992) on Psonik
01:56PM The Forty Fives “Trying To Get Next To You” from Fight Dirty (2002) on Yep Roc Records
01:59PM The Connection “Day By Day” from Let It Rock (2013) on Ghost Highway
02:05PM Chris Wilson “She Satisfies” from It's Flamin' Groovy! (2013) on Tsb
02:07PM Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Dancin' To a Pack of Lies” from 14th & Nowhere... (2013) on Rankoutsider Records
02:11PM The Sights “I Left My Muse” from Most of What Follows Is True (2010) on Alive Records
02:15PM La La Brooks “When My Baby Comes” from All or Nothing (2013) on Norton Records Inc.
02:20PM The Youngsters “Christmas In Jail” from Bummed Out Christmas (1989) on Rhino
02:22PM Hank Ballard And The Midniters “Santa Claus is Coming” from Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (2012) on Crimson
02:26PM George Jones “My Mom and Santa Claus” from Hillbilly Holiday on Rhino
02:29PM Louis Prima “What Will Santa Claus Say When He's Finds Everybody Swingin'?” from Christmas Party with Eddie G. (1990) on CBS Records
02:32PM Miles Davis “Blue XMas (TO Whom it May Concern)” from Hipsters' Holiday (1989) on Rhino
02:36PM Scissors & the Cuts “In My Car” from 3 July (2013) on Suicide Squeeze
02:39PM The Aquadolls “Wacky Surf Trip” from Stoked on You (2013) on Burger Records
02:40PM The Sensibles “Kitten Blues” from A Bunch of Animals (2013) on Rijapov
02:43PM The Herms “Drop Out” from Drop Out Vol. 1 (2013) on Castleface
02:45PM White Fence “Lizards First (Live)” from White Fence: Live in San Francisco (2013) on Castle Face Records New
02:47PM Night Beats “As You Want” from Sonic Bloom (2013) on The Reverberation Appreciation Society
02:50PM Audacity “Red Wine” from Butter Knife (2013) on Suicide Squeeze Records
02:54PM The Vaselines “Teenage Superstars” from Enter the Vaselines (Deluxe Edition) (2009) on Sub Pop
02:58PM The Black Hollies “Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere” from Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere (2013) on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Playlist for 12.6.13: Camel Hop

Stream or download the entire Dec. 6 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.

12:04PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:05PM The Leather Boy “i'm a leather boy” from Pebbles Volume 10 (1996) on AIP
12:08PM The Jesters “So Strange” from The Paragons Meet the Jesters (2011) on Winley
12:11PM King Salami And The Cumberland 3 “Camel Hop” from Camel Hop EP (2013) on Soundflat New
12:14PM Jimmy Lloyd “I Got A Rocket In My Pocket” from Rockin' Bones (2006) on Rhino
12:21PM Makeouts “Hamburger Hill” from Back to Sleep (2013) on Bachelor New
12:23PM The Sensibles “I Want Your Blood” from A Bunch of Animals (2013) on Rijapov New
12:25PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Painting With the Missing Eyes” from Great Dismal Swamis (2013) on RZO
12:27PM The Blues Against Youth “Three Headed Demon” from Trapped In The Country (2013) on Off Label Records
12:33PM Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds “Su Su” from Haunted Head (2013) on In the Red
12:39PM The Aquadolls “Sinus Infection” from Stoked on You (2013) on Burger Records New
12:41PM The Gories “I Think I've Had It” from The Shaw Tapes Live In Detroit 5/27/88 (2013) on Third Man New
12:44PM The Sparkles “Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help)” from Hipsville 29 B.C. on Kramden
12:46PM John Wesley Coleman “Wish the Night Could Be a Little Longer” from Burger Records 2014 Peep Show (2014) on Burger Records
12:51PM The Sir Finks “Heads Up” from (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur De Texas (2009) on Get Hip
12:54PM The Neumans “Fuzz Filled Dreams” from Fuzz Filled Dreams (2013)
12:57PM The Night Riders “Pretty Plaid Skirt” from Bo Did It! on Satan
01:02PM Sugar Stems “Beat Beat Beat” from Sweet Sounds of (2010) on Dusty Medical Records Local
01:05PM Thriftones “Anywhere, USA” from Thriftones (2013) on Fox Cry Local
01:08PM Doghouse Flowers “Too Old to Learn” from Chasing the Sun (2013) on Doghouse Flowers Local
01:11PM Beach Patrol “One More Cigarette” from Riding Dinosaurs (2008) on Duck on Monkey Records Local
01:18PM The Black Hollies “Forwards and Backwards” from Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere (2013) on Ernest Jenning Record Co. New
01:20PM Tee and Thee Crumpets “Out of Time” from Introducing Today's Young Hitmakers (2000) on Dionysus Records
01:22PM Royal Headache “Psychotic Episode” from Royal Headache (2012) on What's Your Rupture?
01:25PM The Resonars “Whatever You Want” from Nonetheless Blue (2007) on Get Hip
01:28PM Donovan's Brain “Take Me With You When You Go” from Turned Up Later (2013) on Career Records/Cobraside
01:32PM Becky Lee & Drunkfoot “Old Fashioned Man” from One Take Session (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
01:37PM The Dunhill Blues “It's Gotta Look Like a Murder/Suicide” from Hulacide (2013) on Off The Hip
01:38PM Chicken Snake “Fortune Teller Blues” from Trouble On My Doorstep (2012) on Thick Syrup Records
01:42PM The Chrome Cranks “Rubber Rat” from Ain't No Lies In Blood (2012) on Thick Syrup Records
01:44PM Bassholes “Afrodite” from Long Way Blues 1996-1998 (1998) on Matador Records
01:47PM Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Rocketship” from Now I Got Worry (1996) on Matador
01:53PM DM Bob and The Deficits “FBI Top 10” from They Call Me Country (2011) on Off Label
01:55PM Hickoids “Cool Arrow” from Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit (2013) on Saustex
01:59PM Dot Wiggin Band “If I Could Be Your Hero” from Ready! Get! Go! (2013) on Alternative Tentacles
02:06PM Bipolaroid “Paperless Sun” from Twin Language (2013) on Get Hip
02:07PM The Above “Georgia Peach” from Single (2013) on Boppa Do Down
02:11PM Baby Woodrose “BubbleGum” from Light up Your Mind - Single (2013) on Bad Afro Records
02:13PM L7 “'Till the Wheels Fall Off” from Smell the Magic (1991) on Sub Pop Request
02:17PM Silvertones “Get It” from Mondo Frat Dance Bash a Go Go (1995) on Arf! Arf!
02:18PM The Rich Hands “Bad Girl” from Dreamers (2013) on Fountain Records
02:21PM Smokey Robinson & The Miracles “Bad Girl” from Doo Wop Box II (1996) on Rhino
02:23PM Nightmare Boyzzz “Problem Child” from Bad Patterns (2013) on Slovenly New
02:29PM The Shy Guys “We Gotta Go” from Michigan Punk, Vol. 7 on EVR
02:31PM The Dustaphonics “The Jinx” from Party Girl (2011) on Dirty Water
02:34PM The Electric Mess “The Grass Ain't Always Greener” from The Electric Mess (2009) on The Electric Mess
02:37PM The Bamboo Kids “Money (Worry All the Time)” from Safe City Blues (2012) on Drug Front Records
02:40PM The Midwest Beat “Outlaw Blues” from Unreleased and Live (2012) on Kind Turkey Local
02:45PM Miss Chain & the Broken Heels “Don't Look Back” from The Dawn (2013) on Dusty Medical Records
02:48PM ZZ HILL “Ha Ha (Laughing Song)” from The Brand New ZZ Hill (Remastered) (2013) on Alive Naturalsound New
02:53PM The Standells “All Fall Down” from The Best Of The Standells (1989) on Rhino
02:56PM Bobby James Syndicate “Hey, Hey, Hey” from Down Under Nuggets: Original Artyfacts 1965-1967 (2012) on Festival
02:58PM The Easybeats “I'm a Madman” from The Easybeats: The Definitive Anthology (1996) on Repertoire


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