Friday, January 17, 2014

Playlist for 1.17.14: Mama Bear

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12:04PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:06PM The Tranzmitors “Broken Houses” from The Big Stiff Box Set (2007) on Salvo
12:08PM The Brats “Be A Man” from Be a Man / Quaalude Queen - Single (2013) on Hozac
12:11PM Sweet “The Six Teens” from Action: The Sweet Anthology (1973) on Shout Factory
12:19PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Fawn Liebowitz” from TBD (2014)
12:22PM Radioactivity “What You Want” from Radioactivity (2013) on Dirtnap Records
12:24PM First Base “She's Boy Crazy” from First Base (2013) on Hozac
12:27PM Neighborhood Brats “Total Dementia” from Total Dementia EP (2014) on Dirtnap Records New
12:29PM The Points “Beat In Hell” from Beat In Hell (2005) — RIP Travis Jackson
12:35PM Nox Boys “Susie Lee” from Get Hip (2014) on Get Hip New
12:37PM Missing Monuments “Covered In Ice” from Blast! - EP (2013) on Slovenly Recordings
12:40PM Kepi Ghoulie “Blame It On Mom” from I Bleed Rock N Roll (2011) on Asian Man Records
12:43PM The New Trocaderos “The Kids” from The New Trocaderos - Single (2013) on Uncle Mike's Rnr
12:46PM The Flamin' Groovies “First Plane Home” from This Band is Red Hot: 1969-1979 (2008) on Raven
12:53PM The Sensibles “Happy” from A Bunch of Animals (2013) on Rijapov
12:55PM The Gizmos “Rockin' For Tacos (Live)” from Go To Purdue Live 1979 (2013) on Gulcher
12:58PM The Revillos “Bobby Come Back to Me” from Rev Up! (1980) on Captain Oi!
01:04PM Mad Trucker Gone Mad “The Legend of Billy Gas” from Born to Be a Trucker (2009) on Crustacean Records
01:08PM The Lovelies “Tommy” from White Leather (2003) on Force MP Entertainment L.L.C. Local
01:10PM Bored Games “I DON'T CARE” from Party 'Til You Puke (2013) on Repulsion Local
01:15PM Winter Bear “Jump In The Fire” from Jump in the Fire - Single (2013) on Hozac Local
01:19PM The Buildings “Easy Girl” from I'm Alone single (2014) on Sunny Day New
01:21PM Living Eyes “Economy First” from Living Eyes (2013) on Anti-Fade
01:24PM Cheap Time “8:05” from Exit Smiles (2013) on In the Red
01:28PM Mind Spiders “City Stuff” from Inhumanistic (2013) on Dirtnap Records
01:32PM Bipolaroid “The Brass Tracks” from Twin Language (2013) on Get Hip
01:34PM The Frowning Clouds “Product of the Peanut Butter Company” from Whereabouts (2013) on Anti Fade Records New
01:38PM La La Brooks “What's Mine is Yours” from All or Nothing (2013) on Norton Records Inc.
01:40PM Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane “Rough Mix” from Rough Mix (1977) on MCA
01:46PM Doghouse Flowers “Slip Away” from Chasing the Sun (2014) on self-released
01:48PM Two Dollar Pistols “Lonely All Alone” from Hands Up! (2004) on Yep Roc Records
01:52PM Hobart Willis & The Back Forty “Me, My Baby and the All Night Radio” from Introducing ... (2001) on Back Forty
01:55PM Dwight Yoakam “Does It Show?” from Blame the Vain (2005) on New West Records
02:01PM Doghouse Flowers “Gone” from Chasing the Sun (2014) on self-released
02:05PM The Ding-Dongs “Mama Bear” from Rang Tang Ding Dong (2013) on Norton Records Inc. New
02:08PM Larry Bright “Bloodhound” from Shake That Thing! (1997) on Del-Fi
02:11PM The Ban-Lons “I Like It” from The Golden Groups Part 56: The Best of Norton Records Volume One (2013) on Norton New
02:13PM Die Zorros “Good Bye Baby” from Voodoo Rhythm Records 'Records to Ruin Any Party' Vol 4 (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
02:15PM Mark Lindsay “Like Nothing That You've Seen” from Like Nothing That You've Seen single (2013) on Bongo Boy
02:18PM Knyghts of Fuzz “Fleshtones Saved My Life” from Fleshtones Saved My Life - Single (2012) on Carlton Records
02:21PM Stupidity “Some Kinda Love” from King Midas - Single (2013) on GoFast Records
02:26PM Purple Majesty “In this Day and Age” from In This Day and Age single (2013) on Norton
02:30PM Allusions “Gypsy Woman” from Diggin' Up Down Under (2010) on Elastic Cat
02:32PM Quitty and the Don'ts “All of You” from All of You / No Damage Done 45 (2013) on self-released
02:35PM Demolition Doll Rods “The Thump” from ON (2004) on Swami
02:40PM Rickey And The Impressionables “Baco Walk, Part 1” from Ol' Virginia Soul, Part 2 (2004) on Arcania International
02:43PM The Oblivians “Woke Up In a Police Car” from Desperation (2013) on In the Red
02:45PM Epicycle “Residential Area” from You're Not Gonna Get It: 1978-81 (2013) on Hozac
02:48PM Lover! “Basement Song” from Reverse the Curse (2011) on Red Lounge
02:51PM The Ooga Boogas “Ectasy” from Booga Box (2013) on self-released
02:57PM Rawhypnols “I'm Proud to Be Me” from Rawhypnols (2013) on Ghost Highway

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