Friday, January 24, 2014

Playlist for 1.24.14: Baby, Let's Twist

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12:06PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:06PM The Dictators “Baby Let's Twist” from Blood Brothers (1978) on Elektra
12:11PM The Chocolate Watch Band “Gone and Passes By” from Melts in Your Brain ... Not On Your Wrist (2005) on Ace
12:13PM Jackie DeShannon “Trouble” from Rock-A-Billy Rave (2012) on Intense
12:15PM Neighborhood Brats “Lust To Love” from Total Dementia - EP (2014) on Dirtnap Records New
12:23PM Eddie Bo “Now Let's Popeye, Pt. 2” from Let's Soul Dance (2013) on History Of Soul
12:25PM The Norvins “Gunshy” from No Tyme For Tears (2014) on Soundflat New
12:27PM The Smoggers “I'll Let You Go” from Join the Riot (2013) on Clifford Records New
12:29PM Stiv Bators “Evil Boy” from DISCOnnected (2004) on Bomp! Records
12:33PM The Rebel Set “Back in Town” from How To Make A Monster! (2014) on Silver Hornet
12:36PM NY Loose “Broken” from Year of the Rat (1996) on Hollywood
12:43PM Sonic Chicken 4 “Girl From Rio” from Gril From Rio (2014) on Dusty Medical New
12:46PM Bipolaroid “Get Off My Fence” from Twin Language (2013) on Get Hip
12:48PM Sauna “Sugar Pie” from Cheap Date (2013) on Burger
12:51PM New Swears “Liquor Store” from Funny Isn't Real (2013) on Bachelor
12:53PM The Aquadolls “Cool Cat” from Stoked on You (2013) on Burger Records
12:56PM Makeouts “Creeps” from Back to Sleep (2013) on Bachelor
01:04PM Space Raft “Humbolt Reservoir Blues” from Space Raft (2014) on Dusty Medical Local
01:08PM The Directionals “Hero Theme” from Shapes and Colors (2012) on Ground Station Media Local
01:10PM Space Raft “Waves of Frustration” from Space Raft (2014) on Dusty Medical Local
01:16PM The Atomic Spins “Stomping Ground” from EP (2014) on self-released Local
01:23PM Doghouse Flowers “Puppet Strings” from Chasing the Sun (2014) on Doghouse Flowers Local
01:28PM Eric Brace & Karl Straub (featuring Kelly Willis) “Pike County Rose” from Hangtown Dancehall (2013) on Red Beet
01:30PM The Backsliders “The Lonely One” from Southern Lines (1999) on Mammoth
01:34PM Jason & The Scorchers “Lost Highway” from Lost & Found (1985) on EMI
01:37PM Johnny Paycheck “Don't Start Countin' On Me” from The Little Darlin' Sound of Johnny Paycheck: The Beginning (2004) on Koch
01:38PM Bob Gallion “You Take the Table and I'll Take the Chair” from Out of a Honky Tonk (2000) on Bear Family
01:41PM Buck Owens “Johnny B. Goode” from Live at the Nugget (1972) on Capitol Records
01:44PM The Beaumonts “Toby Keith (Is the Ugliest Woman That I've Ever Seen)” from Where Do You Want It? (2012) on Saustex Media
01:47PM The Moonhangers “Have Another Drink” from Home Grown (2006) on self-released
01:50PM Spider Bags “I Wish That I Never Had Fed You” from Singles (2013) on Churchkey Records
01:53PM Lonesome Bob “Do You Think About Me” from Things Fall Apart (1997) on Checkered Past
02:03PM Hank Thompson “A Six Pack To Go” from A Six Pack to Go (2004) on Sundazed
02:07PM Lovesores “Revolver” from Formaldehyde EP (2013) on Lovesores
02:11PM The Spastics “Gimmie Gimmie” from If Your Record Collection Still Sucks, it's REALLY Not My Fault (2013) on Real Punk Radio New
02:12PM Nox Boys “Military School” from s/t (2014) on Get Hip New
02:14PM The Moonstones “Disparo en la sien” from When Night Falls (2014) on Soundflat New
02:17PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Horror Moans” from TBD (2014) on self-released New
02:19PM The Atom Age “Bad Boy Problems” from EP (2013) on Ghost Highway
02:26PM The Ding-Dongs “Motorcycle Girl” from Rang Tang Ding Dong (2013) on Norton Records Inc.
02:28PM The Flight Reaction “Mourning Light” from Mourning Light single (2013) on 13 O'Clock
02:30PM The Frowning Clouds “Shoe Suede Blues” from Whereabouts (2013) on Anti Fade Records New
02:33PM Daddy Long Legs “All the Time” from Daddy Long Legs-Bloodshot Bill split (2013) on Norton Records Inc. New
02:35PM Scott H. Biram “Jack Of Diamonds” from Nothin' But Blood (2014) on Bloodshot Records New
02:39PM Mama Rosin w/Hipbone Slim and the Kneetemblers “London Zydeco” from Records to Run Any Party, Vol. 4 (2014) on Voodoo Rhythm New
02:41PM The Revelators “Take It Back” from Let a Poor Boy Ride... (2009) on Crypt Records
02:43PM Perrosky “Otro” from Lo que hemos dejado single (2014) on self-released
02:50PM The Len Bright Combo “Someone Must've Nailed Us Together” from Wreckless Eric Presents the Len Bright Combo (2013) on Fire Records
02:53PM The Sensibles “Stay With Me” from A Bunch of Animals (2013) on Rijapov
02:54PM The Buildings “I'm Alone” from I'm Alone single (2014) on Sunny Day
02:57PM Donovan's Brain “Hearts In Her Eyes” from The Records Tribute: Starry Eyed (2013) on Zero Hour

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