Friday, April 18, 2014

Playlist for 4.18.14: Curtains for You

Stream or download the entire April 18 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook or Twitter.
12:02PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
12:06PM 1-800-Band “Make a Comeback” from Diver Blue - EP (2014) on Almost Ready Records New
12:11PM The Only Ones “Curtains for You” from Special View (2004) on Sony Music UK
12:15PM The New Mendicants “Lifelike Hair” from Into the Lime (2014) on Ashmont New
12:18PM Warm Soda “Postcards” from Young Reckless Hearts (2014) on Castle Face Records New
12:24PM The People's Temple “Smooth Moves” from Musical Garden (2014) on Hozac New
12:27PM The Fuzz “Somebody Like You” from The Fuzz (2013) on Munster New
12:30PM Jeffrey Novak “String Around the Waistband” from Lemon Kid (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records
12:34PM Sultan Bathery “Spring of Youth” from Sultan Bathery (2014) on Slovenly Recordings New
12:37PM Dead Ghosts “Black Kat” from Rarities (2014) on Bachelor New
12:43PM Ross Johnson & Jeffrey Evans “He'll Have To Go” from Vanity Session (2014) on Spacecase Records New
12:48PM The Chrome Cranks “We're Going Down” from Love In Exile (1996) on PCP
12:51PM The Waldos “Busted” from Rent Party (1994) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:55PM Cosmic Psychos “Alright Tonite” from Go The Hack (2013) on Goner
12:58PM Supersuckers “High Tonight” from Get the Hell (2014) on Steamhammer New
01:05PM The Frogs “Buried Me Alive” from The Frogs (1988) on self-released
01:06PM The Mistreaters “Who Wants Knives” from The Mistreaters LP (2012) on Dusty Medical
01:08PM The Lonesome Savages “Got Love If You Want It” from 7" (2011) on Kind Turkey
01:11PM Crappy Dracula “The Clinking of Glasses, the Smiles of Men” from Fantastic Dracula (2011) on s/r
01:16PM Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals Starvation League “North of Alabama By Mornin'” from Undefeated (2014) on Bloodshot Records New
01:20PM The Baseball Project “The Day Dock Went Hunting Heads” from 3rd (Bonus Track Version) (2014) on Yep Roc Records New
01:25PM Sad Bastards of Brooklyn “Thirteen” from Volume 1 (2014) on Slacker Music New
01:28PM Chuck Mead “On a Slow Train Through Arkansas” from Free State Serenade (2014) on Plowboy Records, Llc
01:32PM Phil Lee “I Like Everything” from The Fall and Further Decline of the Mighty King of Love (2013) on Palookaville Records
01:35PM Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires “Reba” from There Is a Bomb in Gilead (2012) on Alive Naturalsound
01:41PM The Resonars “If He's So Great” from The Greatest Songs of (2013) on Trouble in Mind
01:43PM Outrageous Cherry “Nothing's Changed” from Retrospective: 1993-2010 (2014) on Burger
01:47PM Theatre Royal “Doubt” from Doubt - Single (2014) on Vacilando '68 New
01:50PM Peralta “Don't Turn Off The Lights” from Time, Purpose & Gold (2014) on Folc New
01:53PM Doug Gillard “Ready for Death” from Parade On (2014) on Nine Mile Records New
01:56PM The Breakup Society “She Doesn't Cross Against the Light” from So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time… (2012) on Get Hip
02:05PM The Afghan Whigs “I Am Fire” from Do to the Beast (2014) on Sub Pop New
02:08PM Atomic Bride “We Got Muscle” from Electric Order - EP (2013) on Atomic Bride New
02:12PM Black Lips “Dog Years” from Underneath The Rainbow (2014) on vice New
02:15PM Tacocat “Alien Girl” from NVM (2014) on Hardly Art New
02:17PM Radioactivity “Sickness” from Radioactivity (2013) on Dirtnap Records
02:18PM Tweens “Rattle + Rollin'” from Tweens (2014) on French Kiss New
02:24PM The Ding-Dongs “Only Just Begun” from Rang Tang Ding Dong (2013) on Norton Records Inc.
02:26PM The Revellions “Somewhere in Between” from Give it Time (2014) on Dirty Water New
02:32PM The Smoggers “No Estaré” from Join the Riot (2013) on Clifford Records
02:34PM The Nomads “Fire and Brimstone” from Showdown! (1981-1993) (2011) on Sympathy For The Record Industry Request
02:39PM The Youth “Fancy You” from Fancy You/Your Love (2014) on Dirty Water New
02:41PM The Flight Reaction “Citadel” from Mourning Light single (2013) on 13 O'Clock
02:48PM THE NEATBEATS “Until the Very End” from Dance Room Racket (2013) on Soundflat New
02:49PM Las Aspiradoras “Amor Canalla” from Hacienda Amigos (2014) on Soundflat New
02:53PM The Len Price 3 “Preying Mantis” from NOBODY KNOWS (2014) on JLM Music New
02:55PM The Safes “K.O.” from Record Heat (2014) on Wee Rock
02:58PM The Singles “Inamorata” from Look How Fast a Heart Can Break (2014) on Sound Artifacts Music New

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