Friday, May 23, 2014

Playlist for 5.23.14: Animal Instincts

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12:33PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:37PM Les Sexareenos “Everybody Sexareeno!” from 28 Party Dancers from Montreal's Finest (2005) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:39PM The Preacher's Kids “Animal Instincts” from Wild Emotions (2004) on Get Hip
12:42PM Wilson Pickett “A Man and a Half” from A Man a Half on Atlantic
12:48PM The Snowmen “Garbage Man” from Fort Worth Teen Scene, Vol. 2 (2004) on Norton
12:51PM Mickey & Sylvia “No Good Lover” from In the '50sL Hit, Git & Split (2007) on Rev-Ola
12:54PM Jerry Reed “Alabama Wild Man” from Alabama Wild Man/Take it Easy in Your Mind (1972) on RCA Victor
12:56PM South Filthy “Grounded” from You Can Name It Yo' Mammy If You Wanna ... (2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
01:01PM Catl. “Lamplight the Way” from This Shakin' House (2014) on self-released New
01:06PM Animal Magnets “My Friend Jim” from Step on Your Neck (2013) on Easter Local
01:10PM The Mike Benign Compulsion “Haley Daley” from Here's How It Works (2014) on self-released Local
01:13PM Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men “You Can't Loosen It (If It Ain't Tight)” from Selfie (2014) on Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men Local
01:18PM Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men “I Don't Mind” from Selfie (2014) on Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men Local
01:26PM Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires “The Kudzu and the Concrete” from Dereconstructed (2014) on Sub Pop Records New
01:29PM Jim Mize “I Won't Come Back Again” from Jim Mize (2014) on Big Legal Mess New
01:33PM Oblivians “Come A Little Closer” from Desperation (2013) on In the Red
01:36PM The Raunch Hands “Baby, Don't Tear My Clothes” from F**k Me Stupid (1992) on Crypt Records
01:39PM James Brown “The Scratch” from 5 Classic Albums Plus (2011) on 101 Distribution
01:41PM Dexterville “Rockin' The Joint” from S/t on self-released
01:43PM The Cramps “Like a Bad Girl Should” from Big Beat From Badsville (1997) on Epitaph
01:47PM The "5" Royales “I Ain't Getting Caught” from It's Hard But It's Fair (2005) on Ace
01:52PM The Electric Mess “Get Me Outta the Country” from House on Fire (2014) on Soundflat New
01:54PM Friggs “Cheatin' Song” from Rock Candy (1997) on E-Vil Records
01:58PM The Cynics “Close To Me” from Rock & Roll (1990) on Get Hip
02:05PM The Barracudas “The Reason Why” from It Came From the Garage! Nuggets From Southern California (2011) on Ace Records
02:08PM King Salami & the Cumberland 3 “Mickey Mouse Party” from Folc 2014 Sampler (2014) on Folc
02:10PM Thee Verduns “Quitten la ville (feat. Fred A)” from Les mers du nord - Single (2013) on Off Label Records
02:12PM Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs “King Lee” from All Her Fault (2014) on Transdreamer New
02:15PM T. Tex Edwards & The Swingin' Kornflake Killers “Gonna Love My Baby Now” from Up Against the Floor (2007) on Saustex Media
02:18PM Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals Starvation League “The Big Time” from Undefeated (2014) on Bloodshot Records New
02:21PM The Supersuckers “Never Let Me Down Again” from Get the Hell (2014) on Acetate New
02:28PM Figures of Light “Killers from Space” from Buy Before You Die (2014) on F O L Records New
02:30PM Kentucky Knife Fight “Bad Blood” from Hush Hush (2014) on Kentucky Knife Fight New
02:33PM Peralta “Eastern Wind” from Time, Purpose & Gold (2014) on Folc
02:36PM The Len Price 3 “Medway Sun” from NOBODY KNOWS (2014) on JLM Music New
02:39PM The Jay Vons “Days Undone” from Night (Was Stealing from the Sun) / Days Undone - Single (2013) on LA-TI-DA Records
02:42PM The Dynamite Pu**y Club “Under the Groove” from Greasy Soul - EP (2011) on KILLINGMOON
02:44PM Neighborhood Brats “Lust To Love” from Total Dementia - EP (2014) on Dirtnap Records New
02:47PM The Electric Eels “Splitterty Splat” from Jaguar Ride (2014) on Hozac New
02:50PM Mary Monday “I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie” from I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie - Single (2014) on Hozac New
02:53PM Nervous Eaters “Hot Steel and Acid” from Hot Steel and Acid (1987) on Ace of Hearts
02:55PM OFF! “Legion of Evil” from Wasted Years (2014) on Vice Music New
02:57PM The Damned “I FEEL ALRIGHT” from Damned Damned Damned (1977) on Stiff

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